Video: Geoff Gulevich's Fastest Run Down the North Shore's Iconic 'Ladies Only'

Jul 30, 2020
by Geoff Gulevich  

"Ladies Only" is one of Vancouver's most iconic trails and still has a ton of technical lines. Riding it at speed is always tricky and to tie it all together at speed is another beast all together.
Here's a solid top to bottom run with a few cool lines to check out for yourself.

Riding my Focus Bikes SAM²
Filmed on my GoPro Max

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 Kudos to any e-bike rider with skills, but I still don't want to hear about any "speed" or "fastest" or other time-related claims when a motor is involved. Especially when the rider cuts trail at 4:24 to achieve their "fastest time".

Seriously though, never ridden in BC and I'm sure I would poop my pants approaching some of these features for the first time. Geoff is clearly a skilled rider and I enjoyed the video.
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 Sounds like he's challenging himself. Whats wrong with that?
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 Effn keyboard cowards.... Gully stayed Ladies only, that train is no joke....E-bike, runner bike, penny farthing, who cares! Keep it coming Gulevich the vids are sick!
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 I know I'm not the only one who has fallen into the water at 2:09, who's with me?
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 Fantastic riding but I must admit I was waiting to if he would fall in the flamingo/heron pond!
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 Never fallen in. Might have something to do with the fact that I walk that section lol.
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 Ladies is a challenging ride in all conditions on any kind of bike... enjoy your content as always Geoff
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 His bike sounds like my old RC Car from the 80ties.....
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 Go pro doesn't do justice to this gnarly old school trail! Probably of the best ones ... pretty challenging especially with wet Raincouver conditions
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 Ladies Only isn't a trail to be raced. It's a trail to be ridden and savored for its unique characteristics.
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 Awesome to see these kinds of trails and ridden with such talent...... and mad props to whom ever are the builders and maintainers of such amazing trails????????
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 The spaghetti arms due to the camera was really bothersome. Neat trail, though.
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 just here for the Ebike hater comments. nom nom nom ( eating popcorn. )
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flag cirque4 (Jul 30, 2020 at 12:45) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe you should think about "getting a life" as your next priority.
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 PRO LADIES ONLY!!! hope I will live the day, when I will taste the BC experience!!!
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 Heard it’s gonna be a stage in the 2021 Vancouver EWS stop.
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 Land of short janky trails...a bigger version of cusc which is overrated too..but yeah keep shredding bro,s ebike..ahahah
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 It wouldn't make more sense showing him climbing to the the trail head, considering he was on a electric bike?
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 To be fair there is a short climb in the middle. It's actually challenging on a real bike.
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 Skinny bars, Ebike, spelling Jeff with a G. Gulevich gives no F@&$s
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 On an Ebike - it doesnt count.
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 Counts as an ebike ride - not a mountain bike ride.
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 Of course it counts. It's HIS fastest run. He has ridden the track on his e-bike before.
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