Video: Geoff Kabush, Catharine Pendrel & More Showcase the 2021 BC Bike Route - Chilliwack

Nov 23, 2020
by BC Bike Race  

North Vancouver BC - THE SHOWCASE 2020
Episode 1 of 5
Presented by CLIF BAR
Location: Fraser Valley, Chilliwack, Vedder Mountain, Cultus Lake

If you didn't catch The SHOWCASE Intro Video watch it here.

This is The SHOWCASE Episode 1 of a five(5) part mini-series. We hope you enjoy the visuals, the dialogue and the small feeling of human interactions as much as we did. Even though the future still remains a bit grey we believe there is so much positivity and optimism in even the smallest of gestures. We hope this series keeps you inspired and motivated.

In March, 2020 the world as we know it slowed to a grinding halt. BC Bike Race and many other events around the world were forced to delay and or cancel. BC Bike Race chose to delay until September, by the time that date rolled around things were once again different, maybe more hopeful, but the world was still in a flux and this event was not going to happen for 2020.

BC Bike Race as an events company needs to practice its vocation – logistics, organization and capture - so BCBR decided to conduct a rehearsal of the 2021 course, and call it The SHOWCASE.

The SHOWCASE is a five(5) part mini-series, that will offer up a preview of the 2021 route. This mini-series will share the experience and stories of six(6) athletes: Felix Burke, Katerina Nash, Florence Dostie-Menard, Sandra Walters, Karsten Madsen and Geoff Kabush and include a number of other amazing community personalities.

The SHOWCASE is aimed to capture the bizarre and strange experience that 2020 delivered, to a lost season and then right back to the indomitable spirit of communities and athletes as they come together to look to the future, to focus on the positive and reflect back on where we have come from to where we are going.

Cheers the BCBR Team

Race Dates: July 4-10, 2021
w/ backup Date: Sept 12-18

Photo Credits: Dave Silver
Video Credit: Wildland Media

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 I was briefly bummed when I heard the route was changing. But then I'm actually kind of excited now to be the first year of the new route!
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 FWIW Jeff Kendall-Weed is the Hines Ward of the mountain biking world.
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 "The deciduous tress drop their foliage each fall and everything seems to get re-loamed again" says the professional athlete who's sport is predicated on the very substance he's so distinctly fumbled... I know, i know the "loam" arguments are so 5-years ago. But c'mon, show some understanding and respect for the hallowed ground we upturn for our enjoyment and pleasure on two wheels.
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 Yeah, have some damn respect and call it humus
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 Wildland Media you guys deserve a shoutout for the beautiful interviews and B Roll!
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 Kudos to the BCBR team for changing with the times. I can't wait to see the rest of this series. So impressive.
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 The fix is in for @mikelevy
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 Dre's shirt is sa-weet!
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flag youknowitsus (Nov 23, 2020 at 19:54) (Below Threshold)
 No one knows who that is. Don't name drop to subcommunicate you know people in the video. That's ego shit and these new gen activists would call it exclusionary. So now you know.
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 @youknowitsus: ....he's the guy, in the video, with his name next to his face. Its possible people know who he is, even just for that reason! Its not exactly "sub-communicating".
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 @youknowitsus: what a completely douche-y comment
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 @ol-sidewinder: He's gonna wish you had subcommunicated that.
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 just incredible view that looks like 100% bike lust. Great to see the team trailblazing.
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 Don’t come to vedder or chilliwack at all for that matter. Trails are no fun at all

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 Less ferry/seaplane travel and complicated logistics...same high price.
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 Have you done BCBR? Curious, because most of the comments I see where people complain about price don't have first hand experience with the level of production that goes into this race...
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 Honestly, as a racer in 2019, I could kind of do with a little less of the complicated logistics?

There were definitely days that felt like we were riding through "less than the best" BC had to offer (aka, fireroad and doubletrack through clear-cuts) in order to meet the organizer's vision for getting us around BC.

Don't get me wrong, I love Vancouver Island and all the riding over there on the race was excellent, and I feel like pulling away from a dock on a BC ferry is when I start to feel like I'm really on vacation.

But, I'm certain that there's plenty of other great riding in BC that can be had without giving up 1-2 days to sub-par courses in order to meet the organizer's logistical goals.

I'm also a big fan of the van option. By the time many racers are in a place that they can afford to do something like the BCBR, many racers have families. And while it's great to get away for a week and race by yourself, it'd be fun to turn it into a family event.

I'm glad I had the chance to do last year's race in its format, but I'm much more likely to be back for something different in the future, than a repeat of the format I've done before.
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 BC Ferries and Harbour Air still sponsors so I expect the same travel logistics.
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 @atourgates: when does the documentary come out?
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 I signed up for the BCBR last year, but the race got deferred to 2021 for obvious reasons. Now is looks like all of the riding is going to be in the lower mainland/Fraser valley where I live and can ride any time I want. This isn't exactly what I signed up (and paid) for so I am pretty disappointed.
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 @Skooks: I totally get being disappointed they you didn’t get to ride the race you signed up for, but if Vancouver island is just a ferry ride away, isn’t that mostly true for the old course as well? You could easily hit Cumberland or Powell River in a weekend.

Seems like “riding BC trails” is the big draw for those of us further away, but for locals, it’s the experience and camaraderie, which I expect won’t be much changed?
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 don't go
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 @ol-sidewinder: I may not
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