Video: George Brannigan & Clemens Kaudela Shred the New Propain Spindrift in Châtel

Sep 28, 2020
by PROPAIN-Bicycles  

George Brannigan and Clemens Kaudela teamed up for Propain Bikes edit for the All-New Spindrift: Beyond The Elements.

Shot in and around Châtel - Port du Soleil, Propain Bikes spared no effort to put the bike in a scene where it belongs. In freeride terrain.

Pure freeride action combining the four elements fire, earth, water and air with the riding style of George and Clemens. Enjoy three minutes of natural force and breath-taking riding. Pure Video Epic.

Presented by: PROPAIN Bikes
Riders: George Brannigan and Clemens Kaudela
Cinematography: Onpoint.Pictures
Produced by: GZELA.EU
Supported by: Châtel, Port du Soleil


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 Freeride for sure but is that a bike clip or a trailer for another Christopher Nolan movie?
  • 5 0
 Water, fire, air and dirt
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 It's some Lord of the Rings-type sh*t ft. special guest Lord Voldemort. Bike does look dope though although the rear linkage design is super weird looking. Would try one foe sure as this brand seems to be gaining traction on tech and brand strength both.
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 I see someone has being showing the pros my secret trails without asking...and this time they decided to film on them. No respect and no credit given...
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 Just tell us how to find them and we will keep our lips tight and give you the credits you deserve... Or you skip strava the next time riding them... Strava was the end of so called secret trails.
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 Randy showed them
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 If you built that wallride in the first picture you're my hero.
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 @x-rider: My trails aren't on strava. Since I build and maintain the trails and no one makes any effort to help me out I only show them if I feel like it.
Now I am not against people riding or filming on them so long as I get asked and credited. I don't demand respect I feel I earned it after all the effort I have done.
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 @transitions-are-neat: That wall ride is at the bikepark. The trails I built are mixed in the footage and are not in Chatel.
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 I just want chatel to bring back that freeride contest they used to have a few years ago
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 The Last Bikebenders... lol!
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 I was really hoping for a Ben Reid style spindrift edit but with Brannigan going full send.
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 They did spin, they did drift. Good naming.
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 Nice, but missing tanks, incoming artillery and machine gun fire. Maybe next time... Wink
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 It's Brannigan.... NEED'S MOAR METAL!!!
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 hey Ben Reid, where are you ?
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 Pretty cool otherwise! ;-)
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 love it, want it!
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 this is good
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