Video: George Brannigan's Course Preview for the New Zealand National DH Championships

Feb 26, 2022
by UR Team  

New Zealand has some of the best tracks in the world and it's no exception for the New Zealand National Champs. Take a lap with George Brannigan as he rips down one of Christchurch's finest and gives you a preview of what's to come race day.


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Imagine how much better formula-one would be with randomly placed power poles scattered down the race track, and the odd ones that were considered a "risk" had a mattresses strapped to them.
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 That trail does look wicked. Gotta get to Chch one day
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 The video just doesn't do justice to how blown out the track gets and how fine and powdery the dust is!!
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 Agreed! GC is awesome for the top third then you come out the trees and its bone dry and chopped to bits. He makes it look smooth as!
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 honestly, this course,with its mix of tight tech at the top, jumps berms and high speed stuff bottom 2/3, looks way more fun than the all tech DHSE course in the USA. I just love that variety.
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 Who decides which rocks get painted? Riders, corse designers? What’s the criteria exactly? I’m guessing it’s obstacles that are harder to see but could use a real answer.
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 Sweet as. Looks fun. A DH track I would love to ride!
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 I could hear Lucifer speaking to me in the audio. Gonna try playing it backwards.
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 Looks amazing but like it would make wheels sad in a hurry up top.
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 I thought I heard motorhead playing in the background
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 Looks like a proper World Cup Coarse to me. Sick line choices as well.
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 Those wheels sound like they are crying out in pain.
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 Shit weather, great track!
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 That sounded a lot like Brook at the 28 second mark?
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 Brooke isn't even in the Southern Hemisphere, mate. But I do hear he shouts really loud....
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 I love how silent his bike is. I'd pay a fortune to have mine that quiet.
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 He bout took out that cameraman didn't he!
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 That's a sweet track.
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 Sick track, sick rider!
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 Damn boi, he haulin'

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