Video: Getting Creative with Fabio Wibmer

Oct 19, 2020
by rasoulution  

Fabio Wibmer has always been known for his slightly different approach when it comes to making videos. One of his latest projects, “Home Office”, is a prime example of this approach. What is the young Austrian’s secret recipe for a successful video? In the latest episode of Red Bull Basement, Fabio talks about his ways to stay creative, think different and adding lasting value to your production.

Fabio Wibmer even does the Laundry on his bike
© Hannes Berger
Fabio Wibmer even does the laundry on his bike

bigquotesThinking different was probably the most important thing for my career. To be unique, not doing what everyone else is doing. If you’re different – if you’re doing something cool that you’re proud of, if you’re really passionate about something, sooner or later people will like it or take notice. That really motivates me and drives me to keep pushing.Fabio Wibmer

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 I can’t believe how few tire marks are on his walls!!! I can’t bring a bike into the house without making it look like I was attempting a crappy zebra themed paint job!
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 i would say you would have a tire based on traction not slick tyres for speed like he would have
  • 2 2
 Fabio uses special white rubber tires Wink
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 Man, here I am worried about overloading my washing machine with too many socks...
  • 2 1
 Why do you have so many dirty socks....oh never mind, I think I know the answer.
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 Why do I always check the comments before content, PB rocks!
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 Because some peers are quite entertaining!
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 mad skills

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