Video: Getting Sendy on Dual-Crown eMTBs

Apr 11, 2020
by Valcariz  

Join trail Builders and freeriders Pierre and Thibaud Henry in "Charged: A Different Way to Ride Free"

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 Geez. All of this fuss over 2 insanely talented riders in a fun video who happen to be riding eBikes. I see it like a chairlift with a little added fitness.
If you’re having fun and not hurting anybody, keep doing it.
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 Thanks man! They sure are really talented!
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 People can’t stand that they spent years to be able to pedal up to the top of mountains only to have pedal assist come along and crush their ego. They really are just more fun in every way. But ride what makes you happy and stop hating
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flag mikeyb76 (Apr 11, 2020 at 21:26) (Below Threshold)
 @mgillign: there's no crushing of egos, just pussies riding motor bikes
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 @mgillign: Agreed, the simple answer to that is to stop basing your validity on your abilities.
There's always going to be someone better than you.
There will come a point where someone beats Loic or Nino, are they going to have their egos crushed?
Doubt it, they'll just keep on going.
Ebikes are rad AF!
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 @mikeyb76: it's probably time to dry your eyes over this one my friend.
Ebikes are here to stay, and pedal assist is legit.
I always wonder what people who hate on ebikes say to the rad DH bros who uplift?
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 @mych79: it’s because we have problems with trail access and new dumbshits that don’t know how to ride get on E-bikes and make real mountain bikers look bad will poor trail etiquette
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 @mgillign: yep, the hate is ego. Ebikes as an industry will kill it though because they are "Time Machines", they give you portions of your time back in order for you to spend it on more meaningful stuff (riding downhill, time with family)
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 @mgillign: Nailed it. When it comes to eMTBs I say "More huck, less suck"!
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 the funniest is how everyone blew up when danny mac did the heckler vid, and said it was only because he was made to ride it by santa cruz, then hes seen loving life on it in pretty much every one of duncan shaws vids since
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 Downhiller: "Bikes are meant to be pedalled"

Also downhiller: -uses ski-lift or dune buggy-
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 Yeah cuz it is downhillers that bitch on Ebikes most... I would love you to point me to someone who considers him/herself a downhiller.
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flag RedRedRe (Apr 11, 2020 at 8:04) (Below Threshold)
 A downhill bike is not meant to be ridden uphill duh.... Life is all about hearing what you have... I just think it is very sad to see perfectly in shape young guys riding a e-moped up a 3 minute climb. Grow some huevos and have respect for yourself.
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 @RedRedRe: really? They will easily do 5-7 runs er afternoon, instead of 2-3. Guess who’s a better rider? Bloke with 50 runs per month or 20? Grow some brain cells, come on... we all have different priorities. Although thy simply did it to get bikes for free
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flag RedRedRe (Apr 11, 2020 at 8:44) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: Riding the bike up and down, it is not only the basics of cycling, but it also makes you a better rider and person. I wonder how somebody can do 5-7 runs if they don't have the stamina you build riding uphill?

Going by your reasoning... people should grow some "brain cells" adding a microchip to their brain.

Less Typing, More Riding
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flag RedRedRe (Apr 11, 2020 at 9:02) (Below Threshold)
 @C0yotekid: I start thinking the brain micro chip idea may not be that bad.
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 @RedRedRe: haha! Yeah because some d-bag, who judges people based on what they enjoy, pedals up a hill, that makes him a better person. Well said bro. Solid logic.
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 @RedRedRe: they do ride the bike both up and down, ebikes don’t ride themselves.
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flag RedRedRe (Apr 11, 2020 at 9:32) (Below Threshold)
 @ranke: I wonder if you ever had a party at your house where tons of uninvited people show up, drink all the booze and leave a mess you have to deal with.

Because this is what is happening, and the e-mopeds are the ice on the cake.

You may qualify for a microchip as well.
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 @RedRedRe: You're like the dude who got dumped by his girlfriend and keeps calling her and calling her and calling her and calling her and... turn on your ebike filter bro. It'll help you get over her.
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 @C0yotekid: riding a bike downhill still takes cardio, and doing big uphills definitely does not kill your muscles.
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 @RedRedRe: Dude, that's a whole bunch of crap. You're letting your irrational confirmation bias hobble you, and worse, letting it make you make a total fool of yourself. Right here, in writing. Take this time of lockdown to do some serious introspection. You got issues. Come out of this a better person. I know you can do it.
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 @RedRedRe: Damn bro, what’s your Strava? I’d like to know how much better of a person you are than me.
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That's funny
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 @WAKIdesigns: as a downhiller who just bought an e bike, I love it!

3x more trails, less uphill time and effort.

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flag brncr6 (Apr 12, 2020 at 12:01) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: got to disagree with the logic of the guy who gets 50 runs is better than the guy that gets 20.
If I get 30 more runs then my riding partner that is way faster then me that dose not make me the faster rider.
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 @brncr6: if you were to do 50 runs instead of 20 then you would become a better rider. That’s the point being made.
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flag TypicalCanadian (Apr 12, 2020 at 16:05) (Below Threshold)
 @DH1977: you’ll be a better DH rider, but you won’t be a stronger climber..... hence why most ebikes I see zooming up the trails are chubby dudes who don’t care about being a strong climber.
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 @TypicalCanadian: that’s actually a crock of shit, but hey. Whatcha gonna do?
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 @platnum: what’s a crock of shit? That having a motor doesn’t make you a better climber (which is obvious)? Or that I see chubby people on ebikes (which is my personal observation)?

But hey, good retort.
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Most cyclists, and most of the general population are terrible people. Including me.
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 @TypicalCanadian: being a better dh rider means you actually have skill at riding a bike. Being a strong climber just means you're in shape. Kudos to people who hang their hats on being strong climbers, since they have to sit and spin in the pain cave for longer than most care to, but that type of determination has nothing to do with a bike. People can run and swim exclusively and if you hand them a bicycle, they can still beat you to the top . To make the point strangely: You won't be very good at riding a bike if you just climb and then carry your bike downhill. You can still be VERY good at riding a bike if you carry your bike uphill and then ride it down. Chubby or not.
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 @ranke: I think you misunderstood. All I said was doing more DH laps would give you more practice and make you a better DH rider. But using an ebike obviously doesn’t make you a stronger climber.
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 @TypicalCanadian: you would think riding a real mountain bike would get you in better shape physically so you would be stronger and more physically fit for the downhills.
Maybe all the pros will start training on ebikes because they could get more runs in and be faster from just riding downhill more. Their physical fitness would not matter so much then.
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 @TypicalCanadian: just ride one to its limits and report back
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 @platnum: no thanks, I’m able bodied and don’t mind putting in the work, so I’ll just stick to my bike... enjoy yours though.
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 E-bikes are rad for the downhiller looking to ride numerous laps downhill. E-bikes allow you to session terrain without the help of shuttles and chairlifts. I would love to ride an E-bike for a day on my local downhill trails!
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 nice edit but im still not getting one!!!
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 Thanks man! As long as you enjoyed it!
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 Never say never.
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 @rockstar02 they had me at dual crown and lost me at e-Mtb !
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 @ClaudeCarpaij: looks like fun which is the really the most important thing. I’m turning 60 soon, will probably get an ebike in a few years.
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flag mgillign (Apr 11, 2020 at 12:47) (Below Threshold)
 Cool story. Keep having half the fun.
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 @kingbike2: i've ridden them. They are super fun and a legit workout. And IMO don't impact trails any worse than a normal MTB.
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 @ClaudeCarpaij: im all in, have one on order and cant wait!!!
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flag mikeyb76 (Apr 11, 2020 at 21:29) (Below Threshold)
 @fasian: lame people riding E-bikes impact trails more than anything
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 @rockstar02 I used to say that, until I got one and now I ride 3x more trails on the same day.
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 You impact the trails with your lame chat @mikeyb76:
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 @mikeyb76: you’ll come around one day......
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 @godroxs: from where? specialized is sold out into 2021
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 I'm only here for the comments
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 Suspension forks are for wimps!
Disc brakes are for pussies!
Sound familiar?
Most of the haters have never been on one and their fragile male egos won’t allow them to understand.
Like it or not emtb will be the new norm.
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 Mechanical advantage is not the same as putting an actual motor on your bike. I’m not going to hate on ebikes since some people seem to like them, but having an electric motor is not the same thing as brakes or suspension.
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 @TypicalCanadian: actually it is. For as long has there have been mountain bikes we’ve been trying to make them easier to climb. Adjustable and lockout travel, lighter and lighter frames and components, ten eleven and now twelve speeds. Cassettes the size of satellite dishes. An e mtb is just another advancement for making climbing easier.
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 @platnum: ahkkhtually it’s not. Sorry that you can’t see the difference between a motor that provides power and gear ratios that utilize your own power.
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 @TypicalCanadian: if you’re eyes are closed then you will never see.
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 I want a 2020 kenevo so badly, and Ive never had any interest in buying a specialized bike before. Self shuttling 27.5 freeride rig? Count me in. Specialized 800 number told me they underestimated the demand for the kenevo, and have sold out, and sold out of backorders for as long as they know (into 2021 at least). While every specialized shop ive talked to said they saw no market for the kenevo whatsoever, and only bought levos. Now theyre all overstocked on levos they cant even get off the shelf...blows my mind
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 This video just made me wanna go out and ride my bike! Nice work! ????
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 OK. Let`s see. I`m 45yo now; I`ll probably think about having that sort of machine in...hum... 10 years?
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flag RedRedRe (Apr 11, 2020 at 9:03) (Below Threshold)
 In 10 years you can get a self-driving one. That would be even more fun!
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 @RedRedRe: Well, in a couple years I'll definitely have an SL type rig, and hopefully a Sur Ron style rig to get me around for trail maintenance. And I'll still happily ride whatever S-Works level acoustic rig I have. And you'll be on an e-bike too. And you'll completely redact all of this from your brain, hoping nobody ever connects you to these comments, since you'll be all like "I always loved these things since even before they were cool". Bet. You. $100.
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 full suspension was just entering the scene when I started riding, I remember there was a lot of pushback then, maybe not quite as intense, but similar for sure.
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 This is the one e-bike that makes sense to me. It's a self shuttle dh rig.
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 Sick vid, makes me wanna get out and ride (which I can't at the mo) and also makes me wanna get a Kenevo (which I can't afford) keep em coming
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 Will do!
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 This is exactly how I picture myself riding my ebike........ to others I look like a fat circus bear on a unicycle...
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 I've demoed a couple, a few friends have them for different reasons. Definitely not Moto, still a work out going up. Cool you can get more laps in. But also different than an analog/ pure MTB on the way down. That motor is always present; especially when its turned off????.
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 I’m 48 now and most of my riding buddies are about my age. We often talk about e bikes but I think all us understand that as long as we can earn our turns we will. It’s just the way it is. Now, in 10 years when my body need the help I might give it some relief but I’ll have to cross that bridge then. I’m hoping to have 10 more years on some sort of analog bike. The day I feel like I can’t produce the power to climb and descend then I’ll consider the e bike as a possible tool to help me get out and ride. That’s all
I care about in the end - can I get out and ride trail?
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 Great video! Pulled the trigger on a Kenevo a few weeks back. Not to replace my Enduro or DH setups but to let me rip around after work and get twice as much riding in. It also saves your legs for epic decents without burning out on the climb. I know a lot of naysayers in southern California who are now all about them. They aren't better, they aren't worse, they are just different. Great addition to anyone's stable (if you can/want to pay!)
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 Hell yea that was awesome!
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 Hell yeah! Way to get sendy Bros! And those new kenevos are sick!
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 Great video! Bought an eBike and it was not meant to replace but compliment my days out on the bike. Variety is the spice of life. More cow bells please!
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 Got passed on a local climb by a fat 13 year old on an e bike with his seatpost slammed whilst wearing Asics.

But again, no harm done to me. If more people can experience biking and injured/less fit people can ride more, I see no issues.
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 If I had a longer commute, I would totally buy that type. On flats topping the assist out takes less effort than riding at coffee drinking speed. It'll be a while (or a significant change in my ability to ride) b4 I buy an e-MTB.
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 Ride free until the battery dies hahahahahaha
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 Remember when every edit wasn't trying to sell you on something?
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 I won't hate on downhillers, eBikers, or XCers...but I will hate on on you people with hills and mountains. So Jealous!
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 Skin walls on e bike? (auto correct)
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 Prefer a video that isn't desaturated like this but nice riding.
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 There couldn’t be a greater definition of not being free than needing a battery.
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 Wasnt that a mark twain quote?
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 Ah mate, you just have to try one! If you've fallen into that trap of slagging off ebikes, so now you'd be a hypocrite to say you like them. You just need to try one and have the courage to say you've changed your mind. Real freedom is not living up to other people's expectations.
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 If E- bikes were legal on TX public trails that don't also specifically allow dirt bikes, I'd have one.
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 nice one! good edit! would have liked a different song, too repetitive Smile
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 Need more cow bell...
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 Not really sure that would fall under my "getting sendy" category, regardless of the bike being ridden.
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 This spot is in Belgium??

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 Yeah! It's near Saint Rémy
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 The new Kenevo is sick but heavy. When they drop a long travel version of the SL it's gonna be lit.
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 RAD! ???? ⚡️
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 I like the Gumwalls...
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 Once Ted Kaczynski approves e-bikes I'll get one.
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 I’ll be leasing this one from my employer!
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 Wear skinny jeans and still go fast on an E bike
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 Great work! Love it!
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 Well they aren't speed limited..
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 How do you know that ?
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 Pierre and Thibaud certainly aren't but the bikes are!
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 Not while descending
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 @specialized get these brothers sponsored!! tup nice vid guys!!
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 Thanks man!
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 Ski walls?
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 gets an e-bike cause "you can be your own shuttle truck, bro."
films the edit with follow shots on a shuttle truck
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 All follow shots done by me running like a mad man Wink
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 In the next episode: a nonsponsored man with crooked penis getting sendy on his Ebike with green rims.
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 You finally got green rims?
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 @ClaudeCarpaij: this was criticism towards dumb title of the article worthy shittiest add sites, not to you. “Getting sendy” fk me...
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 @WAKIdesigns: it was funny Whip
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 @Matt115lamb: The most shocking news of 2020: a man rides his 4yr old bike from Whistler to Florida and doesn’t tell anyone.
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 @WAKIdesigns: No worries WAKI I wasn't offended at all
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 Ebikes are better in every way
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 Wow. Really? You’re on the wrong website.
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 @CircusMaximus: I’ve devoted my life to mtb. I’m a guide and instructor of 7 years and help organize and run Enduro races in Colorado. The ebike is just another type of mountain bike to me and I love them. It’s the same mtb experience as always. Ride what you want and be happy. I’m on the right site. Maybe filter out e content for yourself
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 Seriously, youngsters need e-mtb`s.... in Belgium?!!
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 Why not?
Chez moi sur 20 bornes tu as 1000m de D+ sans soucis. Le Sud du pays est pas forcément super platSmile
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 @Niclestreeteur: point culminant de la Belgique: six-cent-nonante-trois mètres camarade.
J`ai grandi en Limousin avec du 600-700 mètres de dénivelé où je roulais en BMX à l`époque - j`ai 45 maintenant, OK?
Je me tape régulièrement des +1100 / +1500 dans les Pyrénées avec un enduro old-school 26 pouces qui pèse au bas mot 16kg, sans parler du bonhomme qui fume, qui boit, et je te raconte pas tout.
Viens pas me dire que tu en baves pour grimper tes 3 taupinières qui te servent de montagnes et que tu as besoin d`un vélo thermonucléaire pour faire ça...
Amuse-toi bien.
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