Video: WynTV - EWS Zermatt 2019

Sep 24, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWynTV becomes GinTV after the last race of the 2019 Enduro World Series in Zermatt, Switzerland.GT Bicycles

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 Isabeau is cool. RIP Chad.
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 "I hope to win the party" best line ever!!!
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 Wyn; Look into the camera. Let your guest have their say before you pull the mic away, or give them their own mic. That being said, I always enjoy Wyn TV. He is quite the personality.
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 Yes, it used to bug me how Wyn appears so uncomfortable in front of the camera. But now I find it a bit endearing and glad that he (apparently) has not had any in front of camera coaching and remains himself and not another generic moulded plastic interviewer.
Remember too that he has just had a pretty big week of riding, travelling and no doubt the odd late night.
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 @ColquhounerHooner: Agree with that 100%
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 He thinks that if you stare at the camera, your soul will get absorbed and you'll lose your manual skills forever
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 @ColquhounerHooner: I love Wyn and watch all his vids! But honestly he needs some help with the camera and interviewing! You can still "be yourself" and learn some skills. He needs it....
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 Sam Hill = super unstoked for 3rd title!
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flag Franzzz (Sep 24, 2019 at 13:53) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah, Sam Hill always looks like someone `understimulated`, whereas he wins. It`s strange and pathetic.
I don`t know, is he autistic, Asperger, depressive, empty? He`s so f*ck*ng boooooring.
Most people are kind of relax and funny as you can see, and he seems so jaded.
I wish someone else* can replace that sad guy next year, so he`ll have a good reason to look like Droopy.

*Martin Maes
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 He has done it all so many times before. Best ever! The man lets his riding do all the talking for him and that is cool. Absolute legend of the sport who deserves nothing but respect from anyone who has ridden a bike on dirt. Sam #1 Yeeewwww!! Time to watch again ;o)
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 He's a calm, chill dude that lets his riding do the talking. Simple as that.
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 @Franzzz: it’s because he needs more to be mentally stimulated. It’s a typical trait amongst thrill seekers, racers and such.
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 @Franzzz: Wow. You've got nerve. PB is literally the unofficial Sam Hill fan club
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flag Franzzz (Sep 25, 2019 at 2:26) (Below Threshold)
 @blackapturphotography: Officially PB is mostly a flock of sheep , nothing more.
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 Yeah let his riding do the talking and dont interview him anymore, he's just depressing.
@Franzzz youre right, sorry PB
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 @Korbi777: You understand what I mean? Depression is not a shame, even Sam Hill can be depressed even if he wins everything. We don`t know REALLY who he is and what`s his B-life. I don`t judge him at all; I`ve just noticed several details... ;-)
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 @Franzzz: i understand for sure. i even like him and his riding, but for me i could do without his interview on gintv. its just boring, not even informal. compare him to pierron on the last race. i‘d much rather see this kind of happy than unstoked hill
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 Best Sense of humor on any TV out there lately!
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 when asked a second time, i love his response 'i can't speak fucking french mate'.
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 Why is everyone's face flushed? Alpine sunburn or post-race beverages to blame?
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 From the camera settings or the filter they decided to use in editing.
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 That's the Seagram's Sun Tan for sure.
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 Everyone looked pretty burnt out. Long season. Warriors.
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 Good on ya mate! Flat pedals win medals! At this rate, he’s going to win at least two more EWS overall titles. Well done Sam!
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 I could listen to Isabeau being interviewed all day.
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 haha i am just not used to ride hiking trails.. what a classic. from my perspective a common problem in many destinations in the alps. many trails are just hiking trails and are pretty shit to ride because they are not built to ride but for walking.. people in europe often just dont know better.
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 Yep, I've only been once but the tracks we were required to ride were anything but bike friendly or fun in some respects. Fine if you're used to them but terrifying if you're not.
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 What an awesome season for the french riders... XC, Enduro, DH...
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 Wouldn't be enduro without complaining about the track!
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 Who will be the chosen one to try to correct the intentional misspelling without doing any reading past the title?
Countdown starts now...
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 @Jvhowube: Because he`s selling some Gwin Goodies. You have to deal with the businessman now, not with the rider anymore. Good for him btw.
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 Once again Wyn you knocked it out the park!! They got late night TV in NZ?
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 Yeah Edgar ! Best privateer in Zermatt , congrats homie ????????????????????????????????
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 How does Wyn restrain himself from taking the piss out of Nico for those gloggles?!? Too much respect for the legend, but you can see him stealing glances at them the whole time ????????
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 I think you're reading too much into it. Wyn has the same ones.
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 Wynyard "The Fat Sausage" Masters.
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 Is PB like CIA, FBI or Trump administration?
Everything seems so watched, controlled and severed...
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 @ jimoxbox : when was the last time you went to a psychiatrist? Chill man, chill...
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 @brownturns : Yeah, let`s call him ``Sam Down-Hill``, `cos he looks so dooooown.
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 looking at the camera is a good idea.
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