Video: Greg Minnaar Course Preview POV - Snowshoe DH World Cup 2019

Sep 5, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

Greg Minnaar takes you on a run down the new Snowshoe WC course out in West Virginia, USA. Big jumps, flat out piste and plenty of rock gardens... It's going to be a physical one.

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 That's how you know minaar is old, when he can't figure out how to work a gropro hahaha!!
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flag anonimous666 (Sep 5, 2019 at 19:59) (Below Threshold)
 Instead of trying to be funny get your time to learn with the GOAT how to ride your bike
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 @anonimous666: I like your style. Respect to the GOAT!

But life's too short to let the pinkbike comments wad up your panties.
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 Ha. At least we old folks know how to use a rotary dial phone. I’m sure it’ll come in handy one day!
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 @leviatanouroboro: @anonimous666 : its a light hearted joke im always rooting for the goat, and its awesome that even though his age is up there he is still giving the younger guys a run for theyre money.
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 @mitochris: Rotary-dial bike locks! The young punks wouldn't know what to do even if you write the combo on the bike.
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 When the GOAT says, "Whoa!" It means you can't ride it...
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 My first thought exactly.
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 So its Mont St Anne only not in metric and with more freedoms.
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 Spot on!
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 Soon you will know what it is like to be defeated by the hands of somebody who is truly better than you. As William Blake wrote, "The cut worm forgives the plow".
Well, let me just quote the late great Colonel Sanders who said "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken".
What's that got to do with this?
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 The track is almost as greasy as my search history.
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 Also, the gap at 2:32 is ballsy, never seen that done at the nationals.
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 He gotta get that $5 from Norton tho.
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 @MikeAzBS: I heard Danny did it first! So gnarly
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 I rewound that a few times, so gnarly!
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 Shucks, thought he was gonna follow Gwinny for a sec.
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 He probably wanted to do a fast lap without getting held up.
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 @Bmontgomery87: hahahaha touche but Gwin's been there/kinda knows where he's going
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 I do miss the claudio followcam vids now that you mention a followcam course preview
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Ok bets on who’s faster this weekend between the goat and the kid?

My money’s on Gwin and a return to form. Murica!!!!!
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 @WasatchEnduro: Gwin gets 5th Minnaar in 6th is the guess
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 This track looks to me like the summum of all WC Tracks... Bits of all and new stuff... Amazing.
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 *except Les Gets. nothing new there but the wooden ramps.
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 Sending everything on first practice, The goat still has it. I'm really hoping he gets this closing round.
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 I definitely won't be counting out the fresh Prince of Big Air on this course.
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 Love the course, ride and speed! This race is going to be the jam!!
Though I love how Finn never stopped talking in his preview, compared to one "Whoa" + a gem of a goPro moment with Gwin at the top.
I'm always rooting for Minnaar but Finn has been my favorite previewer in this year of many perspectives and deserves the POV guinea role next season.
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 "Minnaar will win, and when he does"

"He can't, he's too old"

"Santa Cruz has developed a bike with advanced warp capabilities"

"I'm seeing a split time I dont inderstand"
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 Love watching the legend himself tear through a course! So composed and fast everywhere.
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 Greg Minaar makes my favorite front tire(assguy), grips (bartender pro) and now the best course preview.
Greg Minaar for the WIN this weekend!
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 I'm dying to get my hands on the multicolour Bartender Pros he was showing off at MSA, no pun intended!
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 looks so good. never ceases to amaze me how small everything looks on a gopro
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 and flat.
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 Norton, pay up.
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 That VPP must feel super nice in that gnar
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 So cool to see Greg’s perspective at this speed! What a beast.
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 God that speed in the rocks is insane.
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 East coast riders will know.... crazy not to see the road gap rt there in the first 10 seconds...
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 yup. neither of them. always good to see hareball though! it'll be even funner to watch them crushing everything in person tomorrow!
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 If that’s a GoPro cam, a bit of cotton and a push pin to put the cotton in the microphone holes will eliminate the wind noise.
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 We need a 29 dhr. Dt please
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 I think Pinkbike needs to feature Sean's build video to let everyone know the work that went into the course (save those rocks).
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 That video was posted 3 days ago
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 Do you even pinkbike bro?
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 @lognar: I do, quite a bit, but sometimes when you reload the shit sneaks in down the feed and you don't see it. Shit happens.
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 That guy is my hero
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 looks like not enough rocks had ORANGE spray paint on them. could be a super dangerous trail for the riders this weekend without the rocks clearly marked!
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 yea! how are the riders ever going to make it down....
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 spray ALL the (east coast) rox!
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 Needs more rocks.
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 f*ck that looks dicey. When I am as old as GM (next year) I want to be able to ride that fast.
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 Love the old guys of the sport working on technology
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 so close to the edge of the track at 0.32 secs, ooocha
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 janky, i love it
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 I heard greg minnaar likes the young ladies................... Wink
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