Video: Greg Williamson Goes Flat Out on his Home Trails

Nov 23, 2019
by Adam McGuire  

Back in October, I headed up for a couple of days to Inverness to catch up with Greg Williamson and check out some of his local trails. After a super delayed journey, I finally got to Inverness and we made our way to The Mast Trails, every trail at The Mast has some insane features and the local builders have done such a good job. On the second day, the weather was typically Scottish but fortunately we managed to find some trails in prime condition, further up north in Dingwall. There aren't many trails there yet but where we went showed promise for some fast, steep and loamy trails. We were super lucky that the trail was bone dry and definitely provided the goods.

Greg -
Adam -


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 Nice riding! But what’s up with the half pig skin colour on the most beautiful carbon raw frame to date?
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 Yeh right. As much as I enjoy Pinkbike, I wouldn't ever want an actual pink bike.
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 @tremeer023: it’s not Pink you incontinent bumpots, it’s rosé!
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 You forgot to mention the lousy music too.
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 Also that’s not Greg going “flat out” by any stretch.
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 I thought it was primer for and unfinished paint job!!!
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 It was themed. He had it colored that way for a specific race. Can't remember if it was for cancer or what, but that was a few races back.
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 Love the riding, but... that music?? and "fall"???? sigh, I'm needin' to get out, too grouchy for pinkbike.
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 Great riding, terrible choice in soundtrack though...
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 + he is morbidly overbiked for those trails. Should have #downcountry
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flag Endurip (Nov 24, 2019 at 12:48) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah, that rap shit is pretty far from real music. Could not watch the movie at all because of that.
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 @WAKIdesigns: the mast is fun on all bikes, that's what makes it a great spot and it has some good sized jumps too.
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 I watched it on mute. Problem solved I guess.
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 @Endurip: just mute it and stop bitchin about the music, everyone has tastes
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 @betsie: as an experienced down countrist I say this would be much better if shredded hard on a capable aggro hardtail - nuff said. I do(n’t) sound like an idiot, I just say what it’s like.
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 @WAKIdesigns: lol, each to their own, but nobody rides the x-games line up the mast on a hard tail.
If you are ever over here, feel free to give the line a go on a hard tail, especially in the winter, make sure you gopro it though.
11s... a 25ft gap, 27s a 25ft gap, 33s a 15ft forward step up out of a corner, 36s gap to moto whoops (funny watching the video of when they were built earlier this year, people of enduro bikes who are top seniors nearly ending themselves.
54s and the theme changes to slippery off camber trails, steeper than many would be comfortable on.
Then halfway through the edit we are onto the easier stuff, just hit much faster than you our I could dream of!

The best thing about top WC riders is that they make hard things look easy, then mortals go there and... oh, that jump didnt look like a 25ft gap off a step up step down with a 20ft gap just before it and you have to land it hipped to go down the steep chute after it, then rail a left and step up whilst still cornering!

Few clips from when it was first built, few extra bits these days and some of the jumps have been extended since it was built also some bigger jumps/gaps added.
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 @betsie: I know, I know, I was being sarcastic because quite a few folks look at that and think they are trail bike heroes. And don’t even mention the hardtail heroes... oh my
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 @betsie: BTW I watched the video, this isn’t supporting your case, it looks super chill if you have basic jumping skills
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 @WAKIdesigns: The world according to Waki... ! Please produce a video so that we can judge your actual abilities..?
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 @Schbeemb: he is gonna come to the mast and hit the big lines on his hardtail. He just needs a passport, plane ticket, some 5.10s, a helmet, some gloves, trousers, Jersey and some skills. Pmsl.
I suppose he is WAKIdesigns and not WAKIrides Smile
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 @betsie: the jumps you showed in your video are not hard. Please... Aline or Dirt Merchant seem harder to get right. I can hit World Cup jumps in Hafjell and they are nowhere near being a proof of jumping prowess, especially on a long travel bike. Yeah I can fly a bit. I dialed the fundamentals...
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 @betsie: and by no means I want to dis them. They look super fun. i’d have a blast.
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 @WAKIdesigns: having ridden A-line and Dirt merchant a number of times and raced A-line whilst broken at crankworx, A-line is super fun, DM even more so, but neither technical, x-games is way more technical and harder. Smaller lips, more blind, more turning, speed has to be right for next features.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I only ever really take my big bike to the mast as there is so much to ride up there and some good steeper and rougher tracks to ride, often wet and greasy. x-games is a tech on a big travel bike, landing into tighter corners with little transition gaps needs precision on a dh bike. Enduro bikes just fly, the leverage curve and travel is not trying to kill the pop off the lip.
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 Some of the jumps seen at the side and some typical mast autumn to winter conditions.
9 mins. One of the steep lines.
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 7.22 how it looks when Greg hits the same line!
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 Always keen to watch Williamson ride. Really like that bike too. Music was really bad though.
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 Very nice playground... and that loam... hummm... :-P
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 Anyone know why pinkbike keeps promoting youtube videos? Content on PB used to be banger now everything is on youtube, whats going on? Servers are to expensive?
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 People monetize their YouTube channels so the traffic generates income. Why would the company that put the video out load it to PB servers and get zero revenue?
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 Most Downcountry riders on Pinkbike be like: he is so #overbiked! I could do that, I could send this, what’s the problem? Then does the little jib combo, and they go... pause... silence... yeah I mean, we could do that... maybe, erm... do what Finley? Dat, riding backw... - or How do you... no I haven’t seen anything - oh me neither, let’s continue critizing him for rolling tires on the forest floor. Yes we can do that! On smaller bikes with more feedback. Hear hear Finley...
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 Is the pink possibly Scottish salmon ? How easy did he make that jib section look . Skillz
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 Yo these clowns out here complaining about the music pffft! good video and good chocie on music! Keep sending man!
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 Bike can't be just black and white.. I like to be deferent and I think that's a beauty Smile Be bold and don't mind or listen to what they say. Make ur own path.
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 That Unno is pure sex, love the pink.
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 ah yyeh yeh ah uu yeh ... I can sing!
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 Some good stuff, but the soundtrack ruined it. Horrific - like something Kevin Bridges would rip the pish out of...
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 I do like the ride and the bike, both look airy (and in fact, the Unno full carbon frame is very light !). Heavy soundtrack...
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 I thought raw edits were cool now. Spare us your poor taste in music.
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 This bike is more sexy than Emily Ratajkowski !
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 looks a little over biked
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 Is that PUUNO he is riding?
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 Sick music
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 Ya, I also got sick listening to it, however, G Willy=Class act, great riding. Sweet terrain and flow!!

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