Video: GT's All-Star Lineup Rides the Force

Aug 10, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

It’s smoother, faster and more composed than ever before. Featuring an idler-enhanced LTS design, rad geometry and a progressive aesthetic, the Force Carbon is designed to be the most capable enduro bike, allowing you to unleash your speed and push the limit out on the trail.

Noga Korem, Martin Maes, Eliott Lapotre, Wyn Masters, Jess Blewitt, Chris Akrigg, Brage Vestavik, and Trevor Burke unleash the new Force Carbon.

Stay tuned as we unleash each rider's full segments in the coming weeks...

Ian Lean
Simon Valenti
Simon Valenti
Matt Wragg

Filmed by Jules Bellot, Last Light Cinema, Blur Media, Influx Productions, Luis Para, Timo Arnaux, and Louis Citadelle

Edited by Jules Bellot

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 Seriously good vibes coming from GT these days- Wyn, Brage, Craik, Jess Blewitt not to mention Martin and Noga, rock solid All Stars not rock stars
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 Truth. Definitely a "Good Times" crew!
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 And the grassroots crew is killing it too!
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 Absolute banger of a video, well done GT!
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 All those names dropped and they still don't equal 1 Hans Rey. Pretty dick move by the marketing team IMO to leave his name off the list. I mean, he may not resonate with new/younger riders the same way as those listed, but MTB would not be what it is today without his continued contributions.

Hans kept GT alive. +30yrs with the same sponsor
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 AGREED.....HANS " NO WAY " REY is a f*ckING LEGEND.(.From a dude who"s seen it ALL since the birth of FREERIDE.. )
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 Great song choice! Love some RAA!
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 That is a sexy sled for sure. Wow.
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 GT is coming into its own! Love the direction of this company. Keeping up with the Jones and and taking the lead!!
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 They've had a lot of shifts between different suspension designs over the years... I think this is the first desirable GT since the Lobo!
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 My childhood love for GT still going strong after 40+ years. Respect!
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 40 seconds in there is a shot of the back tire skidding with the brake locked up. Shouldn't that be a drift with the back tire rolling as it slides sideways? Just sayin'...
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 It's totally normal if the brake is locked... What do you want happen?
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 France looks so good. mmmmmm..
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 Where is this video taken?
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 Where is the delnim destroyer?
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 They still make ugly bikes!!
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