Video: Handbuilt - Tyler McCaul's Secret Ride Location & The Hours of Work Behind It

May 21, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesHANDBUILT is a new series I’ve started that will live on my YouTube channel, and it’s my first go at self-producing my own projects. The goal is to not only showcase riding in these videos and photos, but to also showcase the hours on hours of digging that goes into these projects. In a day and age where a lot of riders rent tractors and pay other people to build sections of trail for them to film, I take pride in the fact that this series will all be Handbuilt.Tyler McCaul

bigquotesChapter I takes place at a spot deep in the woods that I had been digging at by myself for years. The goal was always to finish building it so that one day I would have more stuff to ride in an area that riding spots are becoming few and far between, but also so that I could film and shoot photos on it. Year after year it never materialized and became a huge monkey on my back to finish it, until my impending move to Utah last month forced me to buckle down on the shovel all winter and get it done. This video is a look at my first and last hits at the spot I had dug so hard on for years before I packed up and left California for the Utah desert.Tyler McCaul

bigquotesI had Calvin Huth fly down to film, Long Nguyen shoot the photos, and Isaac Wallen shoot second angle. This is Chapter 1 of what will hopefully be many chapters to come. Chapter 2 will take place out in Utah and I hope to start digging for that soon, with an anticipated release of early 2020.Tyler McCaul

Photos by Long Nguyen, Calvin Huth & Isaac Wallen

Read our interview with Tyler McCaul and see more photos here.


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 Good to see a bit of an original edit again. Keep up the good work!
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 Well this quickly became one of my favorite videos
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 that was sick! loved the mood
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 There is something special about handbuilt trails...Thank you for shining a light on this rewarding, fulfilling, back breaking part of our amazing sport. Appreciate the 26 love too.
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 man if people just realized how much work it takes to open 100m of trail, they'd help a little more!! haha
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 Not so secret. It's in that forest, the one with trees.
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 Welcome to Utah!

I grew up in California (a beautiful, ruined place) ands settled in Utah. I was really worried about how "sheltered" my kids would be, and how everyone would roll their eyes when they heard they were from Utah, but its changed from the 90s (I've always had a ton of family here). The economy is strong, taxes are low, and the riding is pretty good!

Always been a fan of Tyler and Cam!
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 Don’t worry the stigma of Utah will keep the masses out and keep it from getting “ruined” too
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 @Dogl0rd: its not working they keep moving here
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 Hell yeah, that was rad!
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 I have a whole new respect for handbuilt trails as I am currently building mine at my property. I’ve always helped a little bit clearing a branch here or fixing something there, but starting with a blank canvas is an incredible - but rewarding - amount of work.

Thanks for the inspiration!
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 exactly the same...really appreciate well built trails by hand and always help with maintenance...but starting from scratch is crazy fun and alot of work! But man do i love sessioning sections or features I just built.
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 Calvin Huth and Tmac is a killer combo!! Sick trail build too!!
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 awesome man !! Handmade stuff makes it so much more authentic. Great work! Makes me even more proud to dig everything by hand in our forest. Looking foward for Chapter 2
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 So this spot is free game now if it has been abandoned? Asking for a friend.
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 @nexus-collective: i've been told this is the map to get if you really want the goods. Got two on order if you need one?
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 aight calvin we see you
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 absolutely love the concept, and top notch execution! can't wait for the next chapter!
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 Cam, you just made me forget that guy's name who rides for Trek....26 fo EVEA!!!
  • 4 1
 Think you also forgot Tyler's name...
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 Another Calvin Huth visual masterpiece. Every project he's involved in makes me wanna ride my bike. Tmac has some stupid style.
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 I like how the article doesn't address the fact that it's an illegal trail, and sort of ignores the whole access issue that IS the state of california
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 I just watched this video again for the 8th time and I still didn't see any "No Trespassing" sings..? I'm going to watch it again and see if I can spot where this trail is illegal, because I am seriously missing that part...
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 @twowheelmotion: California is notorious for lack of trail access and a huge number of illegal trails. Unless you own the land yourself, there is no where you can go in CA and build your own trail, legally.
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 It may or may not be illegal?

Plenty of private landowners who are into MTB and Moto in the county...

Saw a single no trespassing sign in the background - assuming it's on private property with the landowner's blessing.

There's plenty of illegal trails in the neighborhood (that the cops ride too) but I wouldn't assume this is one.
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 At this point it seems like illegal trail is the only way you can ride in Cali
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 Give riders that can ride a shovel & you really see how trails should be built?
I Will never get bored of watching good home made trails!
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 Welcome to Utah, Tyler! If you don't get hung up on the fact there are lot of Mormons, I'm one of them, and the beer is less potent, you'll find it a pretty chill place with friendly people. You already know the riding is awesome, I've seen your vids as evidence of that lol. The truth is that we, Mormons in general, can't stand the self righteous ones either Smile
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 So awesome! That whip was the whippiest.
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 #FREERIDELIVES!! Love it!! Great job Tyler.
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 soo rad!
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 What a massive edit!
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 Tmac, all the props!
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 That is freakin beautiful.
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 Backflip tabes... for the babes.
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 So hammer!!!
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 I'm so jelaous! In my area there is only rocks and more rocks. It would take me a lifetime to create something like this. I love digging but it's so hard with barely no soil.
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 The place i'm building at was the same. I found a part, not too far away from where i began building where a huge banking was, that's full of dirt.. So try to find something like that, and wheelbarrow it into position.
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 rad, so rad
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 What a great concept and perfectly done edit......well done T-Mac!
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 Unique tricks and features -- awesome
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 Riding and filming both on point & awesome sound choice!!
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 Wow, must be top secret if it is still there in that area of California.
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 "that area" is pretty big- like 11,000 acres big. If Tyler tried to tell someone where it was, they'd get lost looking.
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 @bvd453: that's only 17 square miles, which really isn't that big... You could navigate through an area that size in a few weekends. For reference, South Mountain Preserve in AZ is bigger than that, at 16k acres, and it's in a huge city, and has some great trails (National is one of the best in the state).
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 @jcav5: Ok- Let me know when you find it. Also, this is in dense forest with no signage, roads, marked trails or cell service. Thanks!
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 That was SUCH a sick video boys! Well done on the insane looking build Tmac! Crushed it on the video Calvin, loved the intro stuff too!
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 Damn, what creative building and riding what you built, best feeling ever. Way to stay committed to finishing an envisioned trail because it aint easy! Props from a hand builder TMac!!

On a completely different note boo to GT for blatantly ripping off SC TR frame colorway/design on TMacs DH bike:
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 Wow ! just wow...
  • 3 0
 hecho a mano ain't dead!
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 This should have been an RAW 100 video.
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 subbed to his YT channel. Cant believe there are only 350 subs!
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 Damn , over steez3d, need to lay down for a bit
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 Christ on a bike
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 Barn Burner!!!
  • 2 0
  • 2 0
 Got me stoked!
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 The best spot to post your secret ride location is always on the internet
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 Tyler this is awesome, the concept, the riding, the trail. Well done mate!
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 Amazing riding Excellent taste in music
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 Great spot, great riding!
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 That was sick!
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 poison oak warrior!!
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