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Video: Hannah Otto's FKT Attempt on the 137 Mile Kokopelli Trail

Jul 10, 2024
by Competitive Cyclist  

Hannah Otto’s All-New FKT Film

To call Hannah Otto tough is an understatement. She’s already chowed down the Whole Enchilada Trail’s FKT (and her appetite isn’t satisfied). Now, she’s going bigger, climbing higher, and adding to her world-record repertoire—this time, on the grueling Kokopelli Trail. To call Hannah badass is still an understatement.

Stretching over 137 miles of gritty desert insanity between Moab, Utah, and Loma, Colorado, the (mostly) sane riders who travel this trail opt for multi-night bikepacking adventures or shorter endeavors. Hannah Otto’s goal is different, and it’s going to require an effort with more heart than ever. And the latest addition to her record collection plays out as one of mountain biking’s greatest hits.

Ride along as Hannah redefines limits and watch the fastest-ever attempt below.


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 FKT = Fastest Known Time
  • 20 94
flag rideordie35 (Jul 10, 2024 at 7:40) (Below Threshold)
 FKT = For King Trump
  • 8 40
flag bmied31 FL (Jul 10, 2024 at 7:43) (Below Threshold)
 @rideordie35: ULTRA MAGA! Ultra Mega Awesome Great Adventure.
  • 9 2
 @rideordie35: one track mind.
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 Who holds the funnest known time? Obviously and by far the best metric.
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 Furthest Kicked Toblerone
  • 55 10
 MAGA - Misguided And Gullible Americans
  • 5 2
 @ReformedRoadie: I prefer "Moronic"
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 My little joke really ruffled some feathers huh
  • 2 1
 @rideordie35: I dont think significant feather ruffling is a requirement for someone to tap the lil red down arrow. People are probably just trying to keep political arguments out of Pinkbike.
  • 1 1
 @rallyimprezive: Yea. My joke was the real political argument. The people calling conservatives gullible and moronic however, highly balanced and non confrontational. Not even political to be honest. I’m sure the relative up/down votes represent this and not a huge selection bias on Pinkbike.
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 Such a determined mindset to complete something like this. Well done!
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 A friend of mine bicycled from Sweden to Africa after a bad breakup. He had to weld the bike together somewhere on the way. Afterwards he sold the bike as slightly used. Not sure how fast he was, but he must have outsuffered most bikers.
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 Is Horsethief Bench included? I have the SKT down that big shizz!
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 "those unexpected things that come up" like on the second attempt right at the most crucial water re-up there are a bunch of people fishing; "excuse me, coming through!..." also the passing of that Jeep 4x4ing its way up some gnarl could of gone wrong. Nice job Hannah!
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 Brutal conditions - frozen fingers, waters bottles, and navigating through the damn wind. The mental battles are tough - our mind trying to protect our body by constant requests to quit. Impressive feat.
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 Incredible! Way to crush it Hannah.
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 Quite incredible!
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 Gahhhhhh dat girl
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 Is this FKT for any gender? That's seriously impressive.
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 Pete Stetina has the men's FKT.
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flag Dustfarter (Jul 10, 2024 at 8:52) (Below Threshold)
 @rowdyhonzo: Thanks. I guess it's not PC to clarify that these days.
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 @Dustfarter: No need to make it weird, it's totally normal to state whether it's the female FKT or overall FKT. It is admittedly strange they didn't do that in this case, especially because her last big FKT achievement (whole enchilada loop in 2022, which no longer stands) WAS an overall (male/female) FKT.
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 @alienator064: It IS weird not to clarify though. Especially considering she has other outright FKT's.

I was thinking that it was an outright FKT which it is not. A little clarification isn't a bad thing and certainly does;t take away from her attempt. It was friggin gnarly.
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 @Dustfarter: Yes I agree. I think it's weird for you to make it about PC culture though. Nobody (acting in good faith) cares that you wanted to clarify.
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 @Dustfarter: literally says female FKT in the first sentence of the video description on YouTube.
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 @OlSkoolJake: “women’s time to beat” is hardly as clear as “female FKT” and the term that’s been plastered all over the internet by her marketing team is just “FKT” which IS misleading. like, it’s a straight up lie. she did not get the FKT. she got the female FKT. which is AMAZING! she’s so impressive; no need to lie.
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 @Dustfarter: Dont be that guy please, we're all just talking about bikes.
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 @OlSkoolJake: "Video: Hannah Otto's FKT Attempt on the 137 Mile Kokopelli Trail" .....We're not on You Tube
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 @alienator064: Well. Culture is currently dominated by bullshit like that.
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 well done
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