Video: Hans Rey & Rob Warner Test their Trials Skills on eMTBs

Dec 7, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesHans Rey and Rob Warner testing their trial biking skills on electric mountain bikes, during a photo shoot with Steve Behr in Leicestershire, UK in 2020.
Watch the skills and technical riding as they push the limits on what can be done, listen to their fun banter and Rob's classic narration. Photos: Steve Behr
Hans Rey


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 freakin awesome, thats what e bikes are for. Smile
Play time bikes, would love one,
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 Really, all mountain bikes are for fun (play time) and the main reason we all ride, regardless if it has pedal assist. EMTB's just makes it way more fun going up hills and attempting stuff not possible on a regular pedal bike.

Good fun video. I enjoyed watching a couple of "regular old chaps" out playing
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 @RowdyAirTime: Think you might have misinterpreted my comment.

E-bikes open up a whole new world of fun/play time.
I dont own one, but have ridden one and loved just trying to climb stuff. They open up so many more possibilities in a ride.
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 @betsie: No problem, I agree, they are lot's of fun. People who have never tried one are missing out...
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 Rob has some skills, pedaling is not one of them?
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 How does Rob switch gears between that and WC mode? Cursing like a sailor, don't see how he doesn't slip up commentating.

Awesome to see people like this, not jaded, just out there having a good time.
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 They put in a 10 second delay, so they can edit out all curses?
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 Does anyone really have to watch this first to understand what "Rob's classic narration" means? That gets me to the play button faster than "E-Bike Trials".
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 "f*cking fair play"!
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 This needs to be shown to every 40+ year old who says "I'm too old to ride".
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 I see more 40 & over on the trails than I do under 30... and I'm not talking ebikes.

Although maybe that's because I ride at 9:00 AM.
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 @krka73: true because they're not making excuses. I've heard "I'm too old for that" from many folks who are very much not too old for it though. lol
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 As long as the body is willing. 56 and still rocking the DH bike. A bit slower mind you, but as long as I can hang on,...
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 @krka73: This is so true, the later in the day the younger the riders I see.
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 honestly the best reason to get an Ebike as far as i can see.......they need to get Jones in on this, he loves the trails too

Very enjoyable vid.....RW on top form as usual :-)
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 Wow , what an impact these guys had on the riding scene here in UK (my, first issue MBUK aug 95 ,Scott Domett front cover ?? ). Behr, Warner and Rey doing it,still all inspiration.
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 Why does Hans only clip in with his left foot?
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 "I started riding on my XC/Enduro rides, as well as on my eBike the “HalfwayRey” pedal set up, with one clip pedal/shoe on my leading foot, and a flat pedal and flat shoe on the other foot. As weird as it sounds, its has the best benefits of both worlds. I really like it for technical riding."
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 more of Rob swearing screwed&chopped
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 Hans really testing motor durability there! Smile
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 I wonder if he has a extra skid plate underneath for this type of riding?
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 @RowdyAirTime: plus a bit of cushion to soften the impact? Or maybe its just the "pro" approach where a new one is readily available for a low cost.
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 Great video from three total legends
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 Nothing but 90's favorites : Hans Rey, Rob Warner & Ken Burns !
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 This is exactly one of several new fun types of riding I discovered since I got my Trek Rail :-)
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 proper fucking commentating that is!
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 flag downhillin4life, Hahaha... what up trumP
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 @andrewfrauenglass congratulations your old and have no skill so enjoy the climb, but hey it’s all you got the rest of us will hit way more descending shredding our balls off.
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 downhillin4life, learn to spell dude, you got no education if you 're to dumb to know the difference between "your" ass and "you're" a dumbass. Your life is certainly going "down hill"
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 @andrewfrauenglass: yeah dawg going downhill with the broskies is a lifestyle.
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