Video: Hans Rey on the Evolution of Mountain Biking

Nov 11, 2021
by SR Suntour  

Words: SR Suntour

Hans ‘No Way’ Rey is a name that needs little (if any) introduction. His competitive trials riding career may be 30+ years in the rearview mirror, but his adventure riding, inquisitive nature, and constant evolution as a cyclist live on. Hans has firmly cemented his name in mountain bike mythology alongside such legends as Joe Murray, Brett Tippie, and Richey Schley. At 56, he may be no spring chicken, the experience and enthusiasm he still brings to the sport far outshines the date on his birth certificate. And here’s the thing: he’s not done with bicycling anymore than bicycling is done with him. Hans is constantly evolving and reinventing himself and works tirelessly as a bicycling advocate with projects like his Wheels for Life charity and (more recently) his Urban Adventure Video Series. Hans was originally born in Germany, but now resides in Laguna Beach, CA and recently joined the SR Suntour family.

Hans "No Way" Rey in Livigno, Italy

Hans has seen the changes in the sport and the equipment and talks about the past, present and future of mountain biking through his own eyes.

Livigno mountain biking trails


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 That was an inspiring video. For us out there who see that mountain biking is not just a trend i have to say that we need more videos and material like that. Age is just a number.
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 I love that part where he says the ebike makes him feel like 14 year old Hans again... For those of us lucky enough to be fit and healthy, it's nice to know this is a possibility further down the road. Oh and he totally shreds still. Legend.
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 Absolut Legend! I watched his VHS Cassette hundreds of times as an kid!! Check out Hans No Way Rey - The Classic Video 1992 on youtube. Absolut sick!
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 Level Vibes
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 Yeah, Hans still rockin! He's my role model when it's about having fun on MTB at advanced age. The trails shown in this video are so great - I've been there 2 years ago and I can higly reccommend to check out hisTutti Frutti Epic MTB Tour:
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 Hans Rey opened my eyes to what was possible on a bike. I was a HS grom spending all my free time riding and hanging out at our little SoCal town's LBS, in the early 90s. When the mechanics there took me, my brother and some friends down to Interbike (when it was in San Diego), we saw Hans and some other trials riders doing an exposition there. Totally blew my 15yo mind. Still can't ride like that, but it's inspiring to see him still stoked on riding at 50+, especially considering I'm not *that* far behind him in age.
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 A rare call-out to Joe Murray. That's nice to see.
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 I remember the first time I saw a mountain bike video back in the day. It was Hammer Time, and Hans Rey’s part opened my eyes to doing more than simply jumping off stuff like I was still riding BMX.
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 Was the first MTB movie I watched too. Would have been early 1990's. Making me feel old AF! I remember the matt hoffman mega ramp where he gets towed into it with a dirt bike and been in complete disbelief!
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 your the man Hans. true legend to our sport. good on you Suntour.
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 I had the opportunity to ride with Hans for the first time last night. Total class act, and cool dude. Mad respect for him and all he has done for mountain biking!
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 Hola Hans, we enjoyed very much every time you came to México.

saludos !!!!!
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 Always Great to see the young ones able to keep up with us old guys ! Think I'll go E-bike when I hit 70.
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 Yes Way Rey!
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 bro is a legend
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 the ol statue of there a more Hans Rey move than this?
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 The evolution of MTB should just be a Joey scraping a hole with their shoe in a Marin country trail and curling out a steamer in its place
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 Can I help you?
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 @Pukeproof: Can I help you?
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 Legend! Come to PERU again!
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 Absolute Legend. So stoked he’s still in love with riding.
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 An e-bike Hans? No Way!
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 e don´t know why
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 After all this guy has done for MTB, he may well deserve a bit of comfort
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 @hardtailpunter: ha, true...and I think he seems the type to just want to try out new things.
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 Hans has been killing it in the E...getting up really technical trails. Especially Laguna goods.
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 Did you notice the two fingers braking mode on the roof section? Old style remain or poor brake set choice?
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