Video: Hans Rey, Steve Peat & Danny MacAskill's Scottish Adventure

Feb 20, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Hans Rey digs up this classic edit of his Scottish road trip with Steve Peat & Danny Macaskill from the film 'Find'.

bigquotesThree generations of mountain biking legends got together for an unforgettable trip to Scotland in 2010. Hans Rey, Steve Peat and Danny MacAskill up close and personal with some incredible riding and locations on the Isle of Skye and Torridon in the Highlands. Lots of great behind the scenes footage, interviews and shenanigans. This is a rare edit from the film 'Find' by Mark Huskisson and Reset Films. Hans Rey

Picture by Andy McCandlish


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 Damn that drone is HUUGE...
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 I miss Hans Rey and Steve Peat's pub to pub adventure!
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 That was one of the first MTB vids I watched, and I absolutely loved it. Beers, bikes, and sheep. And a Flogging Molly soundtrack
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 Bikes were so... short high and steep back then
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 Only watched this last night on YT, Absolutely brilliant . 3 legends , loved seeing Dannys mum fussing over hans reys tea.
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 That put a smile on my face the whole time. Thank you.
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 2010, before tall people realised they'd been forgotten.
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 My lower back, legs and arms thank current geometry.
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 I’ve been lucky enough to meet all three of these guys over the years. Not only legends but also great with fans.
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 Wow, to see this type of candid interaction between these legends is amazing.
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 People complaining about creaky CSUs need to check out the noises Hans Rey's bike's making with those nose hops!
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 Absotivly.......Posulootly, one of the best edits in a long while. How did this escape me in 2010? CHEERS.
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 And so Danny wound up with Santa Cruz..
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 Danny fanboying Hans and Pete 3
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 damb. got me a tad teary eyed
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 Where do I get me a Rockshox boxer jumper!!!??
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 That was Gold!
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 Absolute classic!

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