Video: Hardtail Hooning with Nukeproof's Hooligan Squad

Dec 18, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesA typical UK winter can put pay to a lot of your riding. But alter your attitude slightly and it can be a whole lot of fun. Tuck away the enduro bike and return to simpler times, the humble hardtail (ok so these guys were packing a serious rad spec on their bikes, but let’s keep to the illusion).

Has there been a better time to own a mountain bike? More amazing trails than ever, some awesome riding scenes and it’s difficult to buy a bad bike too. In recent years, Nukeproof has seen a resurgence in the Scout, so much so that each year it keeps getting a little bit wilder. Be it the love of a winter hardtail for its simplicity and ease of maintenance or just the fact that they are a riot to ride, the emergence of the Hardcore Hardtail is offering riders some golden times in less than golden climates. What is a “hardcore Hardtail” I hear the key board peoples ask? Well, it’s a hardtail, just a little slacker than your average XC/ trail build, with a blend of playful geometry to entice you into a sense of security that is anything but secure. The Scout is all about having fun, getting “shwifty” and giving you the confidence to push your limits (and ever so slightly beyond… Lil Robbo).

To celebrate the launch of the 2020 Scout, we assembled an elite crew and went Scoutin’ About, for the Part Deux time.


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 Hardtails are fun. Yes I have a hardtail. Yes I can afford a full squish. Yes I also have a full squish.
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 Yup. I have a full squish enduro uber bike that gathers dust most of the time because I always grab the 27.5 + HT from the shed. Climbs great and makes everything super fun to ride. Wet and shitty not required. Just as fun on dry, blown out SoCal marbles on concrete.
My aging back disagrees though...
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 holy hell pagey is fast for an old fart!
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 Remember to watch a video like this when you start to make excuses about your riding because you dont have the newest damper in your Fox 36, a 500+mm reach or 180mm of travel.

Good to be reminded that you dont need an £8k bike to have fun, I will definately make sure I get the hardtail out this winter...
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 Tom Caldwell and Elliot Heap: what a combo!
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 Seems like everyone and their dad have an aggressive hardtail around here. Definitely not a bad thing though.
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 This had to come out exactly on the same week I'm fighting the urge to get rid of the FS and build a hardcore hardtail...
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 Do it. Not quite like the responsiveness of a hardtail
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 Go 27.5+. The grip is hilarious and the ride is better than you'd think a hardtail could have (not counting steel, of course)
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 @sjma: not sure the negative props. Got a Whyte 905 here, and totally agree with you. Full sus is for uplift only now.
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 @big-aid: that Whyte looks like a riot. Went with a Spesh Fuse 6fattie here, I’ll be seeing what kind of blue trails it can handle at the parks this summer just for the laughs
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 Just picked up a cheap Ragley Mmmbop frame and stuck a load of old components on it from a snapped bike. The geometry is great, so much fun to slap about in the winter slop. Love it!
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 I have never moved from my hardtail love it to much wont use anything else
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 I love my scout 290. I commute on it, I bikepack with it, and any trail that doesn't have a ton of rocks is super fun on it (and nearly as fast as my full boinger, if not just as fast).
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 Now the real question is, was it 275 or 290 Scouts, i am guessing 275. Anybody confirming...?
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 I love my Scout 29er hardtail. Perfect geometry! Love that they did not make the chainstays super short and harsh. It actually feels stable and planted bombing downhill through roots and rocks.
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 Same for me. I have a 2019 Scout 290 and I have no complaints. I do everything with it except long runs on rock gardens and super steep. I do wish it had a bit more reach and steeper seat tube. I sold my FS with the intent to buy a new FS rig, haven't got around to it. Having too much fun with my NP.
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 Great vid... and awesome skills!
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 I could never look that cool whilst wearing waterproof pants.
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 These guys cornering skills are next level. Keep it coming!!!
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 One word, rad. OK, that was 3.
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 This and the Phil Atwill Orange Crush edits are some of my fave for bike fuc%ery.
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 get yourself "a Slice of British Pie' youtube.
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 Loved this video. Nukeproof wasn't on my radar and this totally changed that. Nice job boys.
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 What video could possible make you want to ride more than this! 3 minute legend. Doesn't matter what the bike is. That what I love so much about it. Nukeproof get it.
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 Great soundtrack too!
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 My that before a wet race run
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 I need another hardtail in my life
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 Don;t know what you guys are on about...this is British summer time!
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 Hardtail > Than all the everything else!!

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 insanity without rear suspension. yay!
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 Elliot is so underrated.
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 Is that main page cover shot of old man Nigel flat lining?
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 THIS makes me want to ride. Like, right now. Excellent video!
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 LUBP is the main spot, but anyone know where the natural corners are?
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 boost and roost
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 Hardtails = hard bails
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