Video: Heli-Biking a 7000ft Descent on Mount Cartier in Revelstoke with Finn Iles

Aug 19, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesCrankworx Summer Series is wrapped up, so it's back to riding bikes just for fun! A few friends and I decided that the Mount Cartier heli-biking drop in Revelstoke was the ticket. The trail definitely had a little bit of everything over the 7000ft descent. Finn Iles


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 Was anyone else bothered that they didn't show you the view from the top?
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 Did this ride last year. 100% would recommend.

I think they charge around $250? I'd say it's worth it if you're in the area and can afford it.

The alpine section of the trail is kind of lame as it's narrow, flat, and with very tight switchbacks. However, the view is top notch.

Once you hit tree line the trail gets really fun. I'd call it a solid black in terms of spice. There are a couple sections where you do NOT want to go off as you'd fall down a 45 degree slope into the abyss... there isn't too much of that though.

There's some pretty cool old growth forest on the way down as well... classic Monashee mountain stuff.
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 If you want to go but don't have the money to spend it's also doable to hike your bike up. I've hike-a-biked it twice now, usually takes between 6 to 7 hours, but you feel great when you reach the top. The ride down is a treat. Costs some granola bars and a couple litres of water, but you get to ride one of the best descents (and see one of the best views) in Revelstoke. Not as easy as taking a helicopter up, but I would argue at least as satisfying doing under your own power
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 Same - really fun ride and the views were incredible. I really liked the little scramble at the top too We didn't do as much research as we should have and didn't realize we need a car at the bottom. Ended up calling a taxi to give one of us a ride to pick up our car from the heli facility.
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 @dirtjumper771: hell yeah buddy, I wish I had time to do it again with you this year
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 @dirtjumper771: Maybe dumb questions but took you 6-7 hours total time top to bottom? Or for the hike alone?
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 @ilikebikes1: yeah man, if we end up with days off that work out then we can do it, I'm thinking I'm gonna have to do it again soon though
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 @kmayotte: for the hike alone. Took me 8 hours round trip when I did it solo. I probably should have specified that haha
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 It's in the Selkirks, the Monashees are across the valley FYI ;-)
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 Finn is so enduro now he even carries a spare brake hose haha
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 And his helmet/goggle set up says he is going "full".
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 How do you replace a brake hose without a bleed kit and fluid? When I broke a front brake hose I had to end my ride and walk out.
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 My bad, just read a comment that the “spare “ hose is just his extra long uncut front hose loop.
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 This is one of the coolest experiences!
Just did this trip with Wandering Wheels out of Revelstoke, a couple of weeks ago, worth every penny!
Hitched a ride with glacier helicopters, and had a guided trip down to the bottom, followed by beers, and good times.
The trail in the alpine is epic, its tight and exposed, hopefully you’re not expecting a machine built jump line! Once in the trees its a rough, rutted, rooty ride to the bottom. It’s a BC dark blue, but only due to the length, and exposure at the top. I’d ride again with the guides from Wandering Wheels, I’ve never used a guide on anything before, and their service was top notch
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 Can't stop smiling and reggae music? I'm on to you, Joe
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 Finn were you stoked ? Wink good stuff man
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 I don't know a single person in Canada who measures elevation in feet
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 Old people do.Those born before Canada was metric.
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 Guess Finn needed a front brake, and only had a rear available and no way to cut the housing down. Ghetto-fabulous!!
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 All Magura brakes come long enough to run in the rear. I ran mine like that until i was bored enough to trim em.
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 Was lucky enough to do that drop in July! A must do if you get the chance.
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 Name of the video: Sick, hahahaha
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 Came for the joejoe cameo, stayed for the joejoe cameo

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