Video: Heli Biking Whistler with the Cube Action Team

Sep 12, 2018
by cubebikesofficial  

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For many mountain bikers, Crankworx Whistler is like a second Christmas - including the long-sought-after meeting of the entire bike family. For numerous enthusiastic free-riding and bike park riders, Whistler is their very personal biking Mecca in the north of Canada: everyone wants to be there, and anyone who has already been there will never forget the unique spirit of this mountain biking event. At the same time as the festival, the Enduro World Series is also being held on the trails around the Olympic skiing resort of Whistler. The CUBE Action Team is also once again taking part in the hunt for podium positions in the one-day race. Lining up on the start line for the CUBE Action Team this time is the team junior, Cole Lucas, as well as Greg Callaghan from Ireland and Zakarias Johansen from Norway.

In addition to the race preparations and the EWS race itself, the CUBE Action Team still has enough time to explore the best trails outside the Whistler Blackcomb bike park with its CUBE Stereo 150. And none other than Rémy Métailler acted as a personal tour guide for the guys on the team. The CUBE team rider and free-riding pro has been living in Whistler for a few years now, and has numerous insider tips from locals to share. For him, the region 115 kilometres north-east of Vancouver is the perfect place to prepare for extreme events such as the Red Bull Rampage or numerous city downhill races. "I find everything I need here, and I really couldn't imagine a better place to follow my passion for biking!", says Métailler. Following a shared evening meal in the legendary Sushi Village in Whistler, the plan for the next day is made: first stop is the Blackcomb Helicopters heliport. A brief introduction from the ground staff for the three CUBE team riders will ensure that everything goes to plan on the mountain and the boys are able to alight quickly and safely. Shortly afterward, the helicopter roars into life and takes Greg, Rémy and Zakarias - as well as their bikes - up to Blueberry Mountain, away from the bike park and the established trails. The smoke of the forest fires that have been raging for a few days, which are unfortunately no rare event at this time of year, has unfortunately rendered the visibility poor.

The dry summer makes the ride a real dust devil, meaning that each rider has to keep a certain distance from the man in front. Remy, Greg and Zakarias enjoy every twist and turn, however, and take in even the small jumps with style. "The trails away from the bike park are incredible here! You can't help but enjoy the isolation and the calm up here!" says Callaghan after the first few metres, before disappearing again behind the next curve.

There are more wild, unprepared trails like this here than you can ride in a single visit. And that's precisely why so many people come (back) here to experience the spirit of the unique trails in the north of Canada. Despite this, you really have to remember that you're only ever a guest of Mother Nature in all her wild beauty, and behind every curve a brown bear might be waiting! Between breaks, Rémy Métailler shows the two CUBE Action Team riders his trail skills time and time again, hopping from rock to rock - while Zakka easily masters even the steepest rock face descent. The crazy world of biking. They'll definitely be back.


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 You guys should stay on the trail, poor little plants have 2 months of life and you rode over a bunch of them! It kinda like touching coral, you touch it and it dies, Just Sayin
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 Couldn't agree more. Don't get mtb banned because of sh*t like this. Remi should know better
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 @MMOF: AGREE - let's not destroy the backcountry please, use your head
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 Hell yeah Cube. Thanks for the good times !
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 nice looking trails..!
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 Please stop staying Whistler is in the "north of Canada" Whistler is actually pretty much as much South as you can get in Canada
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 I did the Mt Rainbow Heli drop in 2009. It was great then but I hear the trails are really suffering these days. Plus, with creekside extension and all the amazing off-park trails that you can access from "top of the world" the big cost of a heli drop kinda isn't worth it IMHO... That said the riding vids were awesome! Who says CUBE is a bunch of squares... (I'll see myself out.)
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 I don't know man. $110 to fly in those little red helicotptors?? No guns, no rockets? Nope. Now if it was $110 to fly in Air Wolf with my buddies and bikes, that's a big definatley. Where is Air Wolf anyway?
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 Yo Cube.....I gotta say, looks like it was a good day........
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 A lot of the shots are not the quality I would expect from a Pinkbike story. They often seem to be not really in focus.
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 Sweet clip. I liked the bit with the bikes
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 We did this same trip last week and it was awesome experience, but DAMN that trial is seriously blown out lower down!
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 Can you do this with a guide yet? I need this in my life.
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 You pay for my heli drop and I will gladly guide you down this Smile
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 Yes, however this trail is mapped out on Trailforks Wink .
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 whats the cost on a heli ride to the top of the mountain?
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 Some buddies of mine were jut there. I think with a full group of 4 it's about $350 CAD.
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 $650 + 5% GST per A-star to the top of Rainbow, $1,150 + 5% GST to the top of Mount Barbour. Room for five riders and bikes, prices in Canadian. aka: about $110 US to the top of Rainbow Mountain per rider. Smile Going flying in a few weeks, so had the info handy.
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 @boxxerace: doubt it. Here now and got skunked all week on Barbour. Rainbow hasn’t been in view either. Been raining a ton and looked like snow was starting to build up high. Don’t get your hopes up!
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 @abusfullofnuns: I know, we need this hero-dirt making moisture to pass. Midweek next week looks good:

We are up at the end of the month, perhaps one of the last weekends of bike oriented flights.
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 Seems like it's slippery when dry. That's not what she said
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 *Rainbow Mountain

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