Video: Henrique Avancini on Race Battles & Staying Humble

May 17, 2021
by marketing Prologo  

"Every time I go out I learn something new, no matter how much you do this thing, at some points riding bikes is going to humble you"

This is what MTB Legend Avancini thinks about riding.

World Champion, UCI #1 ranking, Red Bull Golden helmet, Olympian and much more: we invited Henrique to tell us more about his career, achievements and motivation.

Let’s hear from him why riding “It’s an endless school of life”.


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 It must be tough staying humble when your sponsors announce you a Legend and give you a golden helmet. Then again, the results may assist in said quest.
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 ouch hahahahah
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 is this not the lad who called out schurter and then had to take it back?? humble??
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 I think it’s being humbled, not staying humble
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 @dolores: Oops!
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 I love guys that actually have the guts to call out riders that are acting like idiots in bike racing. These idiots are taking away the fun in biking on all levels of the sport. I truly respect Avancini for telling it like it is. Once in a while the idiots need to hear that they are acting like idiots.
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 @magnusc: seems like it was Avancini trying to hitch a free ride and Schurter telling them to work or get off and then Avancini was salty about being told what to do..
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 @vpfree2009: It’s a race. There is no rule agains "hitching a free ride". Either drop the guy or HTFU. I suspect that Avancini’s outburst might be about more than just this one time.
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 @magnusc: possibly.. but if you are gonna free load then dont bitch to media about getting shouted at... the guy seems like he has an ego.... i dunno maybe schurter has had a fake media presence for years and is in fact a dick but I doubt it
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 Humble... hmm, not so sure
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 Maybe the least down to earth rider to ever hit the start line ... but sure ... humble
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 Latinamerican legend!!! GoAvança
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 He seems pretty humble to me and without researching the golden helmet it's likely just a reference to the ultimate goal of a gold medal he has as well as many others in the XC field.
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 Only other gold helmet I’ve seen is GVA, 2016 Olympic Road Race champion. Everyone would have a gold helmet as it’s probably everyone’s ultimate goal.
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 @marc-c: Redbull passed out a couple last year for worlds for the defending champs. PFP and Loic Bruni both wore gold helmets for their race
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 The guy is anything but humble.
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 Uh, yeah...I don't know if we have the same definition of "humble."
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 Wondered if can get a QR lefty?
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 He's 32... only couple years left to cement his "Legend" status? Wink
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 "At some points" ...

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