Video Highlights: eMTB, Team Relay & Juniors - Mont-Sainte-Anne World Champs 2019

Aug 30, 2019
by Sarah Moore  
e-MTB Highlights

XC Team Relay

Junior Women

Junior Men


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 I'm disappointed in the coverage this year. I really enjoyed watching the Team Relay last year.
2:23 worth of highlights is a sad excuse for coverage. They even covered both of the U23 XCO races en totum last year.
Maybe they'll come out after the event is over but I'm afraid that's little more than wishful thinking.
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 being an e-bike racer will never have the cool factor of motocross but it will never have the grit factor of xc racing.

the people buying and using these ultra-expensive machines in an already expensive sport are the talent pool.

the money required to invest in fooling the general public isn't going to be made back in sales to people who want to experience the thrill of...what exactly?
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 E-mountain bikes?

So horrendously awfully literally shitty.

Be a real person. Ride a real mountain bike.
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 @NelsonSunshine: I don’t get this hate. You don’t have to ride one. But if the people riding them are having fun then why do you care? Isn’t the point of biking about having fun and being in the beautiful outdoors? I don’t have an e-bike, and have never ridden one. But I could care less what people are riding as long as they’re biking and having fun.
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 @Clifflane3: e-bikes in a UCI competition is just a joke !!!!
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 @gforcedh: why? Clearly there’s people willing to compete. They’re competing at a high level. You don’t have to watch it. If you hate e bikes that much than filter your feeds. A lot of UCI handlings are a bigger joke than a competitive e bike races.
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 @NelsonSunshine: If that's all you can come up with I'd keep your narrow minded opinion to yourself.
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 Racing with a governor to limit speed doesn't make sense. If eBikes could just double or triple your watts no matter the speed that would be rad.

They are motorized bicycles; Lets not get confused.

Ive ridden a few ebikes on demo. Notably, we did an entire enduro day, about 3.5 hours of transitions in stages, in arund 30 minutes. All of the strava’d stage times were slower (I was podium racing open/pro), but the experience was a blast. Way more traction, a whole new handling experience, and a ton of fun just goofin.

The prices are still unreasonable - but so are non motorized mtbs. Why I don't just quit and race moto is mainly the time needed for bike maintenance.

That said, they'll have their place in racing for sure. Even more so than for daily trail bikes. I think having to check up for corners uphill would bring a new element, and it would get more like moto w/ 30’ races at high effort level.
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 Interesting how they purged the comments here.. whats up PB?
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 ....."THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!".....

in Tony Harrison voice
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 Sviranje kurcu
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 I just have no clue why world class fit athletes are competing on pedal assist bikes. This dont make any sense.
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flag Chridel (Aug 31, 2019 at 6:39) (Below Threshold)
 Same thoughts, I don't get it...
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 Because it’s biking and biking is fun. Why not do it? I bet it is fun as shit riding an assist bike on course like that. If they’re having fun does it really matter? Isn’t that what biking is about?
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