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Video: Highlights from the Loudenvielle DH World Cup 2023

Sep 3, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
If you missed the live coverage from the fifth round of the DH World Cup series you can catch up on all the wild racing below.

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 So, uhm, can we just keep Aaron as color commentary? So good technical insights, with none of the shouty nonesens of... others.
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 I'd rather he recovers from the last injury and into racing again. Would be a good role for him whenever he decides to retire though. It's clear him and dak have done solid work on developing the new intense bike
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 Indeed. Rob also never shouted.
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 Adding Gwinn made this week's commentary far more insightful & enjoyable than previous GCN efforts. Aaron's presence reminded me a lot of Elliot Jackson: cool, calm, & fun, leaving his counterparts plenty of time to think & react. Whether it was Aaron's first-hand anecdotes on racing Champery in the rain, or his ability to read changes in the surface of the track, every time he weighed in, it gave Gracia a much more inspired counterpoint to cue off of, and it helped focus & elevate Cedric's contributions to the point that I actually enjoyed having him there in the box. With Aaron there this week, we neither had to listen to Ric parrot over and over "look how quick the bike responds / how well the bike is working" nor did we hear Cedric repeat "he/she likes to go fast" like a broken record. Please GCN, if you can't get Gwinn full time, find someone like him or Elliot who can calmly read a race, and be ying to Gracia's yang. Ric, unfortunately, just doesn't have that ability.
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 @mi-bike: I got my commentary genres mixed... I don't mind "shouty" for color commentary, it sets the importance and mood of what is happening. Within reason. Rob often suffered from his info/feed being even more delayed than what you were seeing as viewer, but he sure could set the scene. I think the 2nd man, the "analyst" should be less "hype man" and more actual... well analyst; don't just shout stuff for the sake of being heard. My 0.02 dollars.
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 Nice highlights. Keep these coming plz
  • 4 0
 The highlight should be Daprela wondering where his bike has gone and the two other guys struggling to get it out of the trees Big Grin
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 Mens highlights should have been 14.27 long - 1 minute of course graphics/ filler has no business in a highlights reel! Otherwise good, and agree with the guys above - Gwin or someone like him would be a great addition to the commentary team.
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 Every week Jackson Goldstone does stuff to make people like him even more. Not only is his riding amazing, but he always adds to other people's experience. Whether it's giving his insights to reporters or the public (ridiculously good insights for someone his age) or boosting other riders around him, he is just class. Love that kid.
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 Erm, any chance to see Jackson Goldstone’s run?
I want to see that triple gap too Smile

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