Video: Highlights from the Maribor iXS Downhill Cup 2021

Aug 6, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesHere are our highlights from Maribor! It was very fast and dusty on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday the rain started and Greg Minnaar and Mille Johnset managed the changing conditions the best. Congratulations! Racement


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 So, Minnar drifted out on the top corner, chickened out of a lower corner and messed up the lower woods and bottom section, and still won?
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 true professional, champion gentalman in a classic sense of style
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Important to spell it correctly. Just put his name in google translate, Dutch —> English.
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 The humility on that guy is really next level. That's what a champion looks like right there. Never rooted for him, but definitely one of the best representatives in our sport.
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 @cvoc: ha, he's definitely more of a lover than a fighter.
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 @robito: out of interest why have you never rooted for him? Just wondering
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 @Ds1234: I wanted Gwin to beat the most wins. That was before all the anti science stuff though. Then moved on to Vergier and Pieron. Now maybe just Vergier based on recent events. Haha.
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 @robito: easiest thing is to root for someone after the race, no risk not to have the winner Wink
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 @pasteque51: Haha. Doesn't feel like the guy I'm rooting for ever wins, but looking at the names I just rattled off, that can't be true.
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 @cvoc: As long as "naar" is in the spelling its all good.
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 Where's interview with Mille?
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 Mille is gorgeous!!
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 Great sportsmanship from the UCI people not letting Vali start later, because she arrived with a flat tyre at the top right before her start. (irony off)
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 What do you expect? It's the UCI......
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 At a professional event, the rules are the rules, no? Especially with the rain off and a later start being of advantage. Sucks but you'd expect the mechanics to be responsible for making sure she's sent off with a working bike
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flag Morrrice (Aug 6, 2021 at 4:10) (Below Threshold)
 @blackpudding: Yes, you're right... but still... I don't believe that this is the spirit of the sport we all love. It's not that she did that on purpose, plus the track usually gets worse, the later you start (more holes, braking bumps, etc.). So no advantage there.
And, when the rain stops, the track gets really greasy, until it actually starts to be dry. It never dried out, that day.
Plus, there is the short break between small and super final. Perfect spot to let her do her run.
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 Rules are rules. Surely you understand that if we didn't have written rules, people would be up to all sorts of tricks to move their start time. The same rules for everyone. Highly irregular to have a flat before the start. Always a drama around this athlete, that is one thing for sure.
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 If you talk about Tupin at the hardline, OK it is a show and an early flat is good for noone. But here it is an official race with price money and UCI points, and with rules. She is already hugely advantaged compared to amators to have a mecanic cleaning and preparing her bike for her before the race, if you have a flat just before the start then no luck, maybe you win next time.

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