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Aug 26, 2019
by Enduro World Series  

It’s been said before - but the seventh round of the Enduro World Series was the tightest to date.

It was the first time the series has visited California and the rocky, rowdy trails of Northstar did not disappoint. After six intense stages over two days of racing, the penultimate race of the season was decided by less than a second, setting up the final round in Zermatt to be the decider of the men’s championship race. Here's all the action from one of the most technically challenging races in the history of the sport.

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 These vids are always so good... but to nitpick - Amy Morrison won the last stage, one of only a few women this year to win a stage over Isabeau and she wasn't even mentioned let alone interviewed... Also quite a few mistakes in the graphics set over the footage (no times for women on stage 3 for example). Anyway, trolling over. Keep up the good work and try to fit those lesser-known riders in there a bit more.
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 Yep I guess the 80/20 rule has to be applied to in order to get it out to the ravenous pinkbike fans with 1 day's grace.
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 So rad to see Amy Mo win a stage and finish top 10 all while being and Non-regular EWS participant. I agree there should have been a bit more mention of her result. It's probably a hugely difficult mission to produce these recaps vids in 24ish hours. Hats off to everyone who makes that happen!
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 +1. Where's that interview?
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 Would love to have seen her included as well, but for the same reason we have no pics if her in out photo epic is likely the reason here. The top 15 ranked women race 2/3rds though men's race... Pro women, pro men, top 15 women, top 30 men. This is so top riders from both catagories can me followed by both media and spectators as well as live timing feed... Amy started the final stage 90 mins before Isabeau. So by time she or anyone knew she actually won she was not standing around the finish corral for an interview. For reference she finished the race while Sam Hill was still on stage 4 (hence no pics or footage of her)... Yes she should have been mentioned but things get missed in the heat of racing especially with Isabeau wrapping up title and the battle between Richie and Sam doing down... Win some lose some, but she was not internationally ignored. Hope that makes sense to everyone. Cheers
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 @davetrumpore: Thanx Dave.
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 @davetrumpore: I have some footage of her, along with a whole ton of people who were there cheering a local woman on as she took 5th in the queen stage, 1 in the final stage, and 7th overall even with a broken derailleur, and flat tire.
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 “Lightly used wheelset for sale, ridden for one weekend on smooth local Tahoe trails. Run true, no dings or dents. Will include lightly used tires with no wobbles or bulges. Pm for details”
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 Will u take $10?
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 @scvkurt03: Most people would jump on the deal in a snap...

...until they find out the shipping costs.
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 I know it has has been said elsewhere but this further underlines that Mitch Ropelato is an absolute hero. In addition to the speed and freestyle, he and Nikolai are the two most charming, energetic and articulate riders in the sport when being interviewed on the PA.
Unrelatedly, is Isabeau on 29"? There's a 2018 Pinkbike story that asserts she was on 27.5" last year but her wheels look so big in the video. If so there should be a Cathro-style deep analysis video, "How does a 5' 0" rider win on 29?" Maybe it's an optical illusion. Anyway, props for a dominant season.
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 Yes, shes been on the carbine most of this season and I think shes now on the new 2020 version. Either way she definitely is crushing it. Also nice to see the rest of the women's field starting to catch up.
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 @toawd: Ha thanks, It's nice to know that in this sport there is a deep youtube dive into every esoteric question we may have!
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 @Trudeez: yeah, she looks horribly in the bike, goes fast regardless... I don't know who she manages to keep her butt out of the rear tire....
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 Richie riding at 11: "I probably won't crash"
Me riding at 11: "Now I have a 10" plate and 11 screws in my elbow"
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 You have a gigantic elbow
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 Lol. Elbow/arm I guess I should say. It is nuts how many screws they were able to jam in there though.
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 Thanks for the coverage guys - despite all the hate, and discussion of "lack of coverage," I think the majority of us still greatly appreciate these videos. Ya could have gotten a few more clips of Mitch smashing rock gardens though!
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 Damn so gutted for Eddie- People's Hero- rough go for the guy.
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 I was really liking the idea of Eddie winning the overall and the internet exploding.
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 @BDKR: I knowww
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 hell yeah Richie!
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 Watched all six stages live and practice. It was such a sick race. Pushed riders to the edge. Seeing this level of competition live is an absolute must!! To all those that raced and put everything on the line you f#%¥ing rock!!
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 Hell yes. What a brutal race. Crazy to see all the little moments they almost crash and just hold on (Rude through a couple rock gardens basically did a huge pushup and muscled through.)
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 Video almost does the difficulty of those rocks justice. Almost. They just crushed it.
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 Awesome recap. Probably the toughest and gnarliest conditions of the year. Incredible riding.
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 HEY NORTHSTAR - Kudos for reppin' the US so well. Not getting too many of these commands that we do it right, which by all accounts you have. Thanks!
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 Go Sam!!! Be our champ 3rd season in a row!!!
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 Please please please EWS video maker people can you do away with that god awful intro music. It's bloody dreadful...
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 Yep, and you need to skip like :30 of content just to get through the damn intro.
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 This race was a giant "Welcome to America B1TCHES!" I say that jokingly because the style of trails here is so different than in the EU. Interesting to see how different the leader board looks with this style of riding.
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 Of course, California is a lot different than West Virginia. I suspect someone out here will say the same thing when the UCI DH and XC rolls up to Snowshoe next month.
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 Sam Hill doesn't need proper suspension he IS the suspension. Unbelievably smooth and smart line choices, ruling the rock gardens. Great footage, thanks PB
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 It almost looked slow compared to Richie's monster truck style and yet almost the same times. Goes to show how efficient Sam Hill is at riding bikes.
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 Is Richie allowed to trim his race plate down like that?

Seems odd, as you could cut it right down so there would be very little left. Then everyone will do it. Then we won't be able to read the numbers. Then there will be a rule stating race plates cannot be trimed or cut. Has this not happened yet?
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 his plate isn't trimmed, we arent allowed to mod the plates further than bending them. Usually i leave the plates alone, but the plates from this race were huge and were interfering with the way his cables are set, so the plate was bent and taped. If there was an official problem, the tape could be removed and plate would be back to normal.
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 @shaun7005: Thanks for the reply. I did notice a few that were bent into a curve and others that were flat. Richie's plate stuck out to me as significantly different the others shown in this video.
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 "Obviously, I'm a winner and I wanna be winning" - Martin Maes
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 Yeah, I hate to criticize language choices of people who are speaking a second language, but yikes
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 As a non-native English speaker I do not read too much into it. I can understand how this sentence would be formed in my Dutch brain trying to speak English. Living in Australia now, I often make sentences I rather regret later (last week I said I slept with a friend, I meant that I stayed at her place the night... oops)

- He won races before, which translates as being a winner.
- The fact he won them before is no secret, there the word obvious stems from I guess.
- He wants to win races, that seems logical

I met him a few times at races in Belgium when he just joined the Atherton's and he is an extremely nice guy, friendly and not a big head. He lent me his (then) prototype GT Sanction for a lap to feel how much better the new GT bike was (me riding a GT too at the time) Just a good kid, who a few years back didn't speak a word English.
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 the statement is true and he is expressing his desire to win. the statement was fine regardless of ESL
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 @kusanagi72: Well said. To english first language speakers, there's a connotation that calling yourself "A winner" is like saying "I'm the man", which is vain/arrogant. But I'm pretty sure that connotation is unknown to Maes and he was simply being literal ie: "I have won in the past and I would like to win again"
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 Elite athlete wants to win races. How dare he!
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 @kusanagi72 and @GeeHad thanks for the insights!
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 ugh now i want the next race to happen tomorrow, love watching these highlights
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 Supercool. How Redbull (or anyone else) does not cover this "race-wise" (i know it is tricky) is beyond me, way much more exciting than UCI-DH these days...
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 That was an incredible race!
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 13:25- this is where I would have ate shit and died on that mountain- my god.
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 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st.. Rude can only land 3rd at best right?
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 That line choice by Jesse at 11:22. So fast.
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 He one only two people who took a completely different line/approach on that chute the entire day. Definitely had the fastest exit speed on that point. The other was nicola, but he came to near dead stop at top before taking a pretty direct line. So cool to see.
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 Almost live
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 great coverage once again. thanks
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 What bike was Mitch riding?
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 Looks like a Bronson or maybe a MegaTower.
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