Video: Home in the Surrey Hills with Brendan Fairclough in 'Between the Races'

Mar 16, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesJoin Monster Energy as we delve into the lives of the fastest DH racers on the planet. Over an 8-part series, we follow our elite athletes to their hometowns and find out what goes on outside of the race tape. From Australia to North America and Europe, we travelled the globe to get behind-the-scenes, unfiltered access to the greatest in the game.

We step outside of the pits and into the living rooms, home tracks and private lives of the professional racers to understand what it takes to make it on the World Cup. In a sport where time is everything, we slow it down to understand what makes these racers tick.

Episode 7 takes us to the Surrey Hills to have some time off with Brendan Fairclough ‘Brendog’. The British racer does it all… races in World Cups, rides Fest Series and releases legendary video parts like ‘Deathgrip’ and ‘A Dog’s Life.’ Behind the scenes, Brendog has one of the most chilled attitudes in the game and has more fun on his bike than anyone else. Get to know Brendog a little better Between The Races.

Episode 8 will revisit where it all began as we revisit when Amaury Pierron was preparing for the 2019 race season in the first-ever episode of BTR last year.

Between the Races is an 8-part series premiering on Monster Energy YouTube and followed by a longer movie to be released just before the start of the 2020 DH World Cup season.
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 love this guy genuinely love such a star and so humble
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 OI Loic is Bren allowed to ride that track
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 One of the sickest dudes on a bike ever, and so pinned!
  • 32 0
 For a flat country with rubbish tracks we do okay at producing DH racers ay
  • 12 0
 Pretty sure it's mostly about tea and beer.
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flag thewho07 (Mar 16, 2020 at 13:03) (Below Threshold)
 Unbelievable rider but way past his best on the WC scene
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 @thewho07: Wtf , on his day he’s a top 10 rider !
  • 2 0
 @Matt115lamb: top 6 to be precise Wink
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 Style Millionaire!
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 Mr Kerr is a Surrey Hills (Guildford) local too. There must be some magic in those small mounds we call hills.
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 @fartymarty: I used to think the reason why I was rubbish compared to my friends here was because I'd lived in Surrey before moving over - then I found out about Fairclough (and Bernard Kerr) Big Grin
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 @fartymarty: Brendog, B Kerr, Olly Wilkins, Sam Reynolds all live along the A3. That's 1 pro mountain biker for every 16.5 miles of dual carriageway.
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 still don't understand why?
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 @slayerdegnar: A few thoughts:

In the UK we can ride all year - even right through December and January.

Lots of difficulty to our riding - slick roots and muddy ruts are very hard to ride compared to dry trails.

Short track lengths encourage sessioning the same features over and over, riding it better each time - which is a great way to progress. When you only ride full length tracks you don't tend to improve at the same rate in my experience.

The Surrey hills actually have some really good riding. There's stuff around there that is rough, scary steep, big jumps etc.

The culture is good here - lots of people ride and in groups.

It's not that far from Surrey to South Wales where you can do proper uplifts and you can get to the Alps at least once a year too.

If you add up all the above there's plenty of raw material there if you want to get really good at riding bikes.
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 @tom666: plus they’re a large group of friends that grew up together riding and pushing there limits !
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 So sick
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 Yessir!! Seems like a genuinely nice bloke too.
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 He won the worlds most “got robbed“ comments ! A title he’d happily lose I’m sure
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 Definitely one of the greatest.-
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 Such a great attitude and rider
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 So sick! That 100 meters of Surrey loam looks LUSH!
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 glorious looking, this and the Hazzard edit!
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 How's this between the races? Don't we have to have races first?
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 2019 and 2021?
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 dogs a legend
  • 2 0
 Fuckin peoples champ!!
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 In between butt cheeks

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