Video: Home Tracks with Connor Fearon in Episode 1 of 'Between the Races'

Feb 3, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesJoin Monster Energy as we delve into the lives of the fastest DH racers on the planet.

Over a 9-part series, we follow our elite athletes to their hometowns and find out what goes on outside of the race tape. From Australia to North America and Europe, we travelled the globe to get behind-the-scenes, unfiltered access to the greatest in the game.

We step outside of the pits and into the living rooms, home tracks and private lives of the professional racers to understand what it takes to make it on the World Cup. In a sport where time is everything, we slow it down to understand what makes these racers tick.

Episode 1 features Aussie madman Connor Fearon: the loosest man in DH. Always going flat out on flat pedals, the seasoned World Cup athlete is always one of the most exciting guys to watch race. The softly spoken professional lets his riding do the talking and continues to take podiums and top 10 finishes after nearly a decade of racing.

Take a peek behind the closed doors of the notoriously private rider and witness his never-seen-before home tracks that make him so damn fast.

Between the Races is a 9-part series premiering on Monster Energy YouTube and followed by a longer movie to be released just before the start of the 2020 DH World Cup season.
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 Fox Creek is trashed after the fires in December. Months of work ahead to get it back into shape. Heartbreaking for the volunteers that build and maintain it.
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 Moves are afoot to get Fox Creek back in to shape with good government support. 6 month minimum before anyone will be able to swing a shovel in there, after they have harvested the plantation forestry. Keep an eye on the Adelaide MTB Club facebook page for an update later this week. Until then, there has never been a better time to explore the rest of Adelaide's huge trail network.
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 Has the Aus government accepted there's a problem yet, or still LALALALA eyes shut, fingers in ears?
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 @IllestT: I was referring to our state govt.


Goverments like Aus/UK/US are still elected reasonably fairly by their citizens. Our problems are the same as your problems.
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 @IllestT: No they don’t believe in science. Very sad.
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 @ThePM: The 2019/20 fire season currently sits at about 5-6th place in terms of acres burned, loss of habitat, animal deaths, human deaths. It will have to do at least as much burning still to make 4th spot and it is unlikely to make the top three largest fire seasons on record (which occurred in the late 60's and mid 70's). The current fires are about one tenth the size of the biggest on record.

What is it you would like the government to do?
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 @employee7: Paying the firefighters would probably be a good start.
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 @employee7: Lol wut. No way man. Stuff burnt this season that has never burnt.
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 @employee7: Maybe for starters acknowledge that climate change is real and is being brought about by burning fossil fuels.Then perhaps investing and encouraging other forms of energy that don't have carbon as a waste product.
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 Best steeze in the business
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 So sick, such a rad rider. Go on connah
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 sickest eva. #RAdelaide EWS 2021
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 Oh, so that's how you ride my local trails?
Hold my beer. . . . . . .
Nee nar nee nar nee nar, lay still a don't move Mr Watchtower, you have a concussion and shattered ego.
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 Concussion and shattered ego.......mate if I tried to ride like that my body would be displayed like this for identificaion:
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 Don’t think I’ll ever get bored of seeing Fearon hit corners
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 He’s got the steeze to please. Love watching Connor ride. Love that little Datsun Ute too. Style points for sure
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 Love the little ute. 1600 or 1200 though?
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 @mrtoodles: 1200 I'm pretty sure, I loved my two 1600's awesome cars!
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 Fluid. Amazing rider
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 Clicks video expecting to see muddy, wet conditions. Always forgets that it’s summer in Australia when it’s winter here..... Nice vid Conner. Respect
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 Mate, we hardly ever have Mud & Wet conditions here. Not in Winter, not in Summer (at least that is for 80% of the country)

Moved here a few years ago from Europe and still not adjusted to the always dusty conditions. It is different!
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 @kusanagi72: The trails in the video get super muddy and wet in the winter.... our racing season is over winter and nearly every season we have a couple of rounds that are total washouts.
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 @speedyjonzalas: Good for you! In 3 years time I haven't seen as much as a puddle on the tracks around Canberra.
(So you are in the 20% Wink )
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 @kusanagi72: I went to Canberra once, f*cking pissed rain the whole time
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 @Power171: Lucky bugger!

Hope we have that for the next weeks. Sick and tired of flames and smoke all day.
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 Nice Dato 1200 Ute...!
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 Sick riding as always! I wish more people had Rankin's taste in music though.
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 This guy's the reason they invented slomo video.
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 Flat pedal thunder.
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 This guy corners.
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 This year it’s going to be it ,come on Connor,best of luck
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 Dude can ride, a pleasure to watch.
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 Put a LIKE button
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