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Video: How Did the Fox Technicians Get Started in the Industry? - Dialed S2 E24

Jul 8, 2020
by FOX Factory  

In Episode 24 of Season 2, Jake explores what keeps the Fox technicians going and how they got started in the business.

bigquotesWhat keeps me going? I guess it's always the bikes. If I wasn't interested in bikes, I wouldn't be doing this. I am surrounded by people that gravitated towards the same things that I like. So, I ride with Ariel all the time, while I'm at home working on trucks or whatever, Ariel is at home making whiskey. It's really cool learning about all these different things people do outside of work, and how we are brought together by riding bikes.Jordi

The Dialed crew is committed to keeping the content rolling, comment below on what you would like to see us cover next. We appreciate your feedback!

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 One up for the small steel brands.. #steelisreal
  • 12 1
 Jordi rides a Cotic!
  • 21 0
 @metareal: Yup, Jordi got in touch just after we launched the Gen3. We're stoked he wanted to get one.
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 Jordi: old ute, rad cotic, dirty diy booze. Livin' Barry.
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 How about:

- 20 Questions for Jordi and the Fox Team (Best eats, best pub, best party race town, etc)
- COVID and physical distance permitting, Fox pub crawl ride in Santa Cruz area (would be better when not during pandemic, of course!)
- detailed tour of facility
- history of Fox in mountain biking, as discussed by the crew there, tying in with....
- ....Fox ???? Jeopardy!
- vid with more deets on Jordi’s truck

Keep going with the vids please! They are great and we all appreciate them! Thank you!
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 I'm having difficulties hearing the audio with all those CSU creaks around me...

Appreciate their passion, though. Truly.
if you could only find someone with a passion for solving decade long issues plaguing your highest end products, please Smile
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 Video marked as Private.
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 Can we have a "How Did the XYZ Engineers Get Started in the Industry?"
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 Did Jordi out someone from making illegal Whiskey or does have have a company? Also I was cringing that that truck gets scratched from the brake rotor.
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 I'm glad someone else noticed that.
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 What is the blurred shock at 2:15?
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 I think that says a lot about what really matters in the industry!
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