Video: How Fit is World Cup Privateer Jack Reading?

Oct 28, 2019
by Fit4Racing  

Jack Reading might not be on your radar, but he should be. Quietly running his own UCI trade team and getting himself to every World Cup along with a few EWS races for fun, Jack has been racking up some impressive results. He knows and understands that if he integrates high-quality training into his offseason it's one less variable to worry about come next year's race season.

We invited him in the day after he landed home from his honeymoon to test his benchmarks. We use the same tests on the pros as we do our members and we ran Jack through what every subscriber gets when joining Fit4Racing - mobility screening to identify any restrictions in movement, as well as some strength tests and 2-minute max efforts.

Jack and his yet to be announced team roster will be working exclusively with us for this offseason leading into the 2020 World Cup season.

What's Fit4Racing?

We believe that getting world-class training should be easy, accessible and available for all. We offer training programs for downhill and enduro riders looking to increase on-bike performance dramatically with minimal time in the gym. We support and train a load of pro's remotely but in the background, we also help a load of guys with full-time jobs and lives to improve their fitness for riding and racing - you don't have to be in the gym every single day to get real benefits on the bike.

We have a lot of free resources on our website, where you can get a taste of what correct, functional training can offer you!

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 It's good to see the importance of spending some time in the gym can improve your overall biking performance. Since consistently spending time in the gym the amount of time I have spent off the bike due to injuries has reduced significantly. Best of luck in 2020 Jack!
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 gotta be careful with those OH presses. Quickest way to injure yourself is lifting weight you cannot handle. Dudes in good shape though. As others have stated, it is good to see someone with muscle on them. A lot of skinny dudes on the course.
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 Yea overhead press is one of the best strength building exercises you can do and should be a staple of your workout, but I'm not sure testing for max reps and letting the guy struggle in that position is the safest thing to do.
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 His trainer was on top of it- technical max
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 I want to see his supplement stack. Being a privateer, the supplement bill must be pretty high.
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 just wondering.... was he riding around whistler on a intense m1 in ~2006/2007?
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 Probably, he used to live out here! I think he was on ellsworth for a while, but I could be wrong!
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 he was around during that time, maybe 2008 too
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 Great video. It would have been nice to see more of the mobility testing.
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Then compare to us mere mortals. I know my FMS would rate me at around “corpse”!!
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 Fastest Eye Doctor out there bar none! Always looking for his results. Kill 'em Jack!
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 That's all well and good, but what ya bench?
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 Jack is jacked!! Impressive.
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 What a babe
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 I'm keeping an eye on you Jack,chasing my times round Saddleworth Wink
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 nice to see a biker that isn't a skinny boy
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 LOL! You should join my rides. We all look like we don't ever leave the couch.
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 Yeah, Richie Rude is so skinny.
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 He uses supplements.
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 @oldfaith: "Supplements"
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 *Adam Brayton wants to know your location*
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 Kyle Strait is a beast.
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 @inverted180: Body built by Natty Lite and BBQ. Still sending it. An inspiration to us all
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 Aren't most top downhill guys pretty beefy? Loris, Gee Atherton, Aaron Gwin, etc...
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 Jack Ripping.
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