Video: How Henrique Avancini Almost Became a Lawyer

Apr 9, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesThis is a story about a Brazilian Cross-Country Mountain Bike Champion who almost became a lawyer. In the bid to chase his dreams Henrique Avancini​ pedalled out of his father's bike shop all the way across to Europe and eventually to the top of the MTB World, navigating many uncertainties & difficult life decisions on the way.

There's one crucial moment in life when you need to decide what you are going to do for your future – there’s a lot of pressure, and usually, parents say you should choose a “real” profession. This is Until 18.
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 Dropping out of college after two years isn't "Almost becoming a lawyer".
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 I almost became a WC multiple world champion but after 2 years racing dropped out to finish uni. I just know if I stuck with it I would be a awesome racer. Smile
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 Objection; argumentative.
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 objection speculation.
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 Did you watch the video? He was literally in law school. I'd say dropping out of law school is "almost becoming a lawyer."
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 I also became a billionaire, but the Private Equity firm I was interviewing with for an associate position rejected me after the third round.
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 I'm gonna talk to the judge about a writ of Habeas Corpus and put the SYSTEM on trial!
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 @HB208: Idk man. I know a lot of people who have a JD but aren't lawyers. To become a lawyer you have to get a JD, pass the Bar, and then interview to get a competitive slot at a firm, or start your own firm. So he's still two to three major hurdles away from being a lawyer.
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 I'm a lawyer who almost became a mountain biker.
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 Did you get an article in PinkButtonUp to tell your story?
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 I'm an amateur mountain biker, and even more amateur lawyer.
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 @decom, don't you worry. I watched Matlock in a bar last night. The sound wasn't on, but I think I got the gist of it.
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 @everythingsucks: I've argued before every judge in the state.... often as a lawyer!
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 @j-t-g: hah!
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 @decom: Hahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!
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 He can still case it Razz
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 What an inspiring story! Almost going straight back home because the hotel didn't work out... That got me in the feels. Such a nice guy and great rider.
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 Lots of money in law. But given his rockstar status in Brazil, its truly a one-in-a-million shot that he successfully made it, since he probably is making more $ in MTB. I'd say 99% of pro MTB racers make less than lawyers. But $ isn't everything anyway, but interesting to look at it through that lens.
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 Is there money in MTBing?
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 @Svinyard: Yes, you give it to the MTB companies. Duh.
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 He's quite well Know here... but far far far away to be even near a "rockstar" status
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 Better call Saul
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 Great video to understand his backstory. It is great to see top riders coming from non-tradition cycling countries and seeing the sport expand.
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 I'm no lawyer either, but I bet my cases are much harder than his
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 Great guy! During the races I always support him.
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 Hah, for the flip side, check out Trent Zoobkoff - Former DH racer who then became a lawyer.
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 So you could say it's a good perk to be a lawyer in order to solve those on trail cases... Personnally, I sure would benefit from this skill set
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 Morally, he'd be better off being a lawyer than riding for Dorel Industries.
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 What are you inferring?
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 @arcatern: Dorel industries owns Cannondale.
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 @arcatern: Dorel, who owns Cannondale, also owns Caloi - which is the biggest Brazilian bike company. Caloi lobbies heavily to keep taxes high for imported bikes and components, while getting huge tax exemptions. So Dorel is one of the biggest reasons we have to pay an arm and a leg for bike related stuff here in Brazil.
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 @decom: talking BIG shit bro...brazilian economic/fiscal scenario is way more complex than “dorel owns caloi”...don’t blame such talented rider because you think your bike shit is way too expansive.
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 @higor: @decom: Import taxes for foreign-made goods are high across the board, not just for bike components. It's true that bikes and components are very expensive in Brazil, but so are many products. I once flew to Orlando for the weekend just to buy a faster work laptop, which was cheaper than buying it locally.
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 @mi-bike: obviously, Caloi’s lobbying isn’t the only factor, but it sure does help in making matters worse.I worked in tax law for a while, I can assure you that even though import taxes are indeed high across the board, some categories of goods are subject to even higher taxes under the stupid pretense of “protecting the local industry”.
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 @higor: Actually, besides the currency relativities... the Dorel case is trully a truth... I bought a brand new demo in june 2013 for 14k, in december the same bike was costing 24K
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 **hits jump, lands hard** "Oof, going to need a lawyer for that case! Oh wait..."
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 At 8 I almost became an astronaut. True Story.
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 Bold move. In my experience, Brazilian lawyers (at least Brazilian patent lawyers) lead very comfortable, low stress lives.
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 Not at all. Source: I am Brazilian lawyer.

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