Video: How MTB Pros Are Dealing with COVID-19 Around The World

Apr 4, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

We reached out to pro mountain bikers around the world to get some insight on to how they’re staying fit, active, and busy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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 Tough luck for folks who have more work than normal and are keeping this world running while huge bunch whine how hard it is to stay at home and do nothing. Get some edibles, xbox and stay away from the phone camera...
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 Well said waki!
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 I work in health care (not even on the front lines but still “essential”) and had a full on nervous breakdown over this shit. At least I still have a job?
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 I work in the grocery industry... I might die from stress before all of the exposure to the virus...
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 Yessir. I work in power generation. Literally keeping the lights on
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 You nailed it. For once.
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 Can confirm. Pharma mfg here. We’ve gotten busier whilst working from home. I feel for our line operators who need to be on site.
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 Well said! My work as a special ed teacher has doubled. But. I'm so lucky that we're still permitted to ride at my local trails, completely within my limits of course. I would be a mess without the daily time in the woods.
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 @makripper: hydro?
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 @scotttherider: “is this a god dam?”
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 Absolutely. I'm an essential worker and I'm constantly worried about catching the virus as my wife is high risk for complications. I could request to be laid off but I risk losing my job long term if I do. Everyone at work are wanting a shut down but we just can't do it. If you're at home be glad you are safe.
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 Yeah dudes I’m f*cking truck driving in between Canada and usa
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 @leviatanouroboro: as does my wife and shes in the same boat. I feel for all you essential business folks that have very little choice except to work. They are going through their first infections now and shes debating whether or not the paycheck is worth the risk.

Thank you and every one else in the essential business/healthcare world keeping this world running
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 Automotive technician here. We have laid off 3/4 of our staff and the flow of work hasn't exactly slowed down. The days are intense and keeping things sanitary are challenging at this pace..
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 @gnarnaimo: Same here. We only have two tech's now, myself included. I did 28 hours of labor in 9. It's been hard to keep up with all the work. But I can't exactly complain about the pay.
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 I am surprisingly well off after 2 hectic weeks, but folks on the building site that I work for have it really tough. No more than 60% work force on the site but they have to keep the schedule. Same with clients in the food industry, even managers are now busy moving food around. Now I got first symptoms fever and crap coming out of my lungs, so I am joining the quarantined folks. Except I am expected to work from home.
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 @leviatanouroboro: I feel you. I have several friends that work in your industry. On top of that, it is a hippy health food store and the measures they have taken through the roof.

The people worry me more than the virus, by a long shot.
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 Absolutely. Every cloud has a silver lining. My Strava stats are going through the roof. My football tekkers are coming along a treat along with my son's. My golf chip shots into plant pots are killing it. I'm going to learn summies on the trampoline before the month is out. I'm saving the planet and money by not driving to work. My weekends are freer than ever because all my laundry is done before Friday... Lack of school uniforms making this easier too. No shopping trips, another bonus. I mean, I would be happy to spend this much time at home going forward... It would be better if bike parks and golf courses were open but hey. Always look on the bright side of life.
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 It is crazy to see how this situation affects people from all walks of life. To all of you hustling to keep the world together: thank you, and my prayers go out to you. To the people feeling cooped up, praying for you too. If anyone has anything specific they would like me to be praying for, or if anyone just wants a chat, shoot me PM. Let's stick together and care about our communities, even if they are virtual Wink .
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 @bigheaddan: Bit of rationality would be nice thank you...
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 @makripper: BCHydro? I did two units up at Shrum. If you look in my videos I have some machining from up there. I’m probably going to end up machining at Site C at some point as well. Almost ended up working at Ruskin as well.
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 I hope you all realize who really runs the "economy" and how much power you have in just showing up to your job.
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 @schofell84: my job is shielded from the economy so I could care less who runs the economy.
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 @scotttherider: There is no "economy". That's the point. You are the person that makes the money and hold that power.
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 @schofell84: well the government is controlling the economy right now. With everything getting shut down it’s rather difficult for me to go spend my money. So that keeps my money from being spread amongst other businesses and their employees who in turn now have no money to spend. The economy is much larger than just me. The economy is driven large part by the 10+ million that filed unemployment in the last two weeks. The economy is going to take an unnecessary massive hit over all of this covid crap.
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 @jaame: it's pretty good like that for me too. Only go to the shops once one a week. The trails are still open and riding nearly every day, got a bit of land so built jumps at home too.. the weather's still hot so can still swim in the pool.. taught a 11 yo girl to kick a rugby ball and 9 yo boy to throw a frisbee..
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 @scotttherider: what's shrum?
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 @makripper: Which Dam, I live in Revy.
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 There's another section of the population, a large section, that can't run their business from home who've been deemed 'unessential' by people that have a secure income (courtesy of the people they've quarantined.) They're watching their savings drain everyday without the ability to make more money because their businesses have been ordered shut.

For them it isn't a joke where the only trouble is trying to stay occupied at home while they watch their entire world come crashing down and they'd gladly trade situations with people who are "keeping the world running." For them, the writing is on the wall; 'do I keep paying to keep my building open in the hope that this will be ok in a couple months, or do I cut my losses now so I have something left to feed my kids?'

So forgive me if I don't feel for either of those extremes – the people at home who're bored or the people that are gainfully employed – because it seems the former is gonna get unemployment and the latter has work. You're pretty lucky if the solution to your problems is 'edibles and an xbox' and if you're not bored because you're working, you're pretty fortunate as well.

It's the people that don't have those two options who are in serious trouble.
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 Being a carpenter/builder i can't exactly do my job from home but I'm glad to be working and putting food on the table.
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 Social worker for a non-profit here. Undervalued by nearly all measures, but not going anywhere anytime soon. Abuse, neglect, and trauma are even more rampant right now with jobs lost, school closed and everyone in close quarters. Job security is nice, but there's definitely a cost.
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As someone whose partner is in frontline healthcare let me say you are one of the countless unsung heros. Cheers.
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 Thanks Waki. I am a nurse in the ICU and I don't expect praise for it. However, walking into COVID room after COVID room I do expose myself to danger on a daily basis. I am fortunate and grateful to have a job when many have lost theirs. I feel terrible for those who run businesses and the future is either grim or a giant question mark. Horrible place to be in.

For those staying home with nothing to do, perhaps looks for opportunities to serve the community (in a social distancing format). There are folks out there who are doing amazing things such as sewing us Tyvek gowns when ours run out and delivering homemade cookies, etc! They are donating time and effort and making a real difference. Having that kind of community behind us makes us feel supported and appreciated. Let's keep pushing forward and doing the best with what we have. Doesn't have to be supporting healthcare per say but anything that is positive and beneficial for those around you.
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 Word! I am a firefighter and have to go into many households with potential Covid infected people. Everyone just chill and make the most of your down time. This shit will be over soon enough !!!!
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 @WAKIdesigns Thanks for this. I really care less about appreciation. It’s not what drives me. But I work in the public health sphere full time while putting myself through PA school. The teachers seem to add more assignments in lieu of not being in class because “we have more free time” meanwhile most people in my programs already work in health care in some way and are balancing our time between effective patient care and school work.. so we can provide the patient care we dream to some day. (Something something life long academia that have never worked in the real world.)
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 There is thins thing in the UK now where on Thursday nights everyone goes out the front of their houses and "claps for the NHS". The NHS is getting a standing ovation. It seems odd to me. The workers in the NHS are most likely either at work, or getting ready to go back to work. In any case, they are not being clapped at - not that I think they feel they deserve to be clapped at in the main. It's like a movie in which fifty million zombies all go out into the street and clap together. If there's more to it than that, I am open to being educated.
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 @jaame: I’m on day 3 of symptoms, the muscle pains are rather impressive, even Urinal and rectal sphincters hurt Big Grin i am impressed, bravo Batman!
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 @jaame: Not sure why you don't feel they need to be supported and it's hardly like it hurts anyone. If people want to do it carry on I say...

Personally I think the people of the nhs do a very good job in tough circumstances with low pay and little support. Whilst the nhs may not be great at all non-critical care, that is a result of cutbacks rather than the workers, and we get the care for free (well, tax but I'm happy with that). We often take that for granted, but if you are unhappy with the care you receive then you are welcome to pay and enter the private sector for a 'premium' service at a price.

However, I do think that there's a lot of people who are deserving of praise who aren't recognised though. The clapping would be better if other groups were also recognised - the nhs aren't the only emergency service, and there's all the other key workers from delivery drivers to bin men to construction to food out there working. I would personally prefer something akin to that, where different groups were each supported on different days / events.

Good luck to all those who's livelihood is currently on the line too. They have a massive burden which should also be recognised. Let's not argue who is in the worst situation though - times are hard for everyone right now.
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 That’s alright for some. Imagine if you are on a low income, have just lost your job with no idea when you can work again with bills to pay and have small children. Yeah just sit back and play on an x box bc that will sort it out.
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 @slimboyjim: I agree, if people want to do it they can. My point is that in suburbia where I live, three miles away from the nearest hospital, there are hundreds if not thousands of people clapping outside their houses. Meanwhile, in that hospital three miles away medical staff are putting themselves at heightened risk by going to work. Those workers cannot see or hear the hundreds if not thousands of people clapping, which in my opinion makes it kind of superfluous. That's where the zombie comment came from. Rather like those people who pray to some imaginary man upstairs every morning and night at the same time, always facing in the same direction. It just doesn't make any sense (to me). I think the NHS is OK.

Also yes, people are holding the country together but they aren't doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. They are doing it to get paid, just like every other day when people go to work doing anything.
The only heroes in this whole situation as far as I'm concerned are the hospital workers who have chosen to come out of retirement to go back to work. They don't have to, they aren't doing it for the money. They're doing it out of a sense of duty or community spirit, and some of them will die doing it. Personally I wouldn't hold it against any medical worker who went AWOL because they didn't want to get the virus. It's a job at the end of the day. If I thought going to work was going to expose me to a really high risk of death, I certainly would not be going.

So yes, up with the NHS, support heroic medical workers. If you think clapping in the street is the best way to go about it, carry on clapping.
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 @jaame: I agree with a lot of what you've said, but I disagree with diminishing the bravery of frontline staff (nhs or otherwise). They go to work and run the risk of contracting a fatal disease on a daily basis, and I imagine that people who work in the medical profession are aware of the risks better than most - I know a few of them and these are scary times for them. As you said they could call in sick to avoid going to work (most will be paid regardless) but the vast majority don't despite the lack of ppe available. Yes, some will be doing it for financial motives, but there will also be a significant number (I'd argue the majority) who are doing a job that scares them because it is the right thing to do.
I think we are currently at 7 deaths of NHS staff in the Uk at present and I've no doubt that this will be at the forefront of many key workers minds as they go to work.
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 Oh, and I don't do the clapping thing, but I did make a charitible donation to them. Each to their own though!
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 @makripper: GMShrum it’s up outside of Ft St. John in Hudson’s Hope. If I recall they’ve got roughly 2340MW capacity.
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 @slimboyjim: I did contradict myself a bit. They are brave to go to work in the current climate.
On a normal day I would say they deserve no more praise than anyone else doing any other job. We're all doing it to get paid first and foremost.

With the current situation though yes, they are very honourable.
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 @jsnfschr: LCSW here, I work at a site where one of our clients has tested positive for COVID-19, it's hard to go in and work knowing you're being exposed. And, the emotional toll is mounting for a lot of people for the reasons you specified; be safe, take precautions, and carry on
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 No isolation, social distancing, staying away from crowds where you are?@WAKIdesigns:
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 @Pylie1: no. Because Swedes are obeying citizens, relatively asocia at heart, don’t need to be “cattled”... we trust the government, as much as they trust us. At this point Gov has handed the decision making over to experts. As a Polish guy living here I have to say it’s all surreal... with all the shitshow like US, UK or Polish governments, I am so proud and happy to live here.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Yet you have caught the virus and possibly passed it on to others?
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 @Pylie1: and? Who won’t? You think you won’t get it? Or haven’t got it?
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 @WAKIdesigns: So, no older generation people in your life?
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 @WAKIdesigns: And No, I haven't got it.
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 Well, the chance of you not getting it is low, They won’t keep you all at homes until next September. What do you think will happen when they let you out? Don’t be naive. We are all flattening the curve. Some countries need to worry more than others. Denmark has stricter rules than Sweden yet numbers are comparable. Same with Norway although they have less deaths. All this counting is silly anyways. Sweden may introduce stricter rules anytime. We are ready for it.

What kind of stupid question is this if I have older people around me? Everyone has older people around them. I care for my mom as much as I care for a random grandma on the street. I have small kids for fks sake and a wife with autoimmune disease.

I wish you as mild symptoms as mine.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Yet you don't practice social distancing, You have put yourself in a position... probably an unneeded position unless you are a health care worker, who by the way are doing great work, which people like yourself compromise. I'm not in lock down, although I have a social conscience. I may get it... I won't walk into though. I also wish the people you have been in contact with, mild symptoms.
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 @Pylie1: you can stuff your social conscience wherever you want until next September or later. I went to work like many more Swedes because we try to keep the country running to minimize the inevitable economic consequences of this pandemic. We are getting mails of restaurant owners begging us to order lunch to work. I talked to afrw friends who are on the way to lose their jobs. Half on consultants we work with were sent home, not due to risk for disease, but risk of bankruptcy. There’s more to social conscience than locking yourself Up and praying for blessing from above from govs who have little clue what todo.. I work closely with building sites, what a wonderfuL NOT feeling to see most of these hard working people lose their jobs. Every day they keep working is a day with bread on the table. You don’t live over here-so please reserve your universal judgment.
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 @Pylie1: also Swedes are collectively fine with increased risk. As soon gov says we should lock up at home when healthcare will be reaching its capacity we will. No country is the same.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Best of luck moving forward. All I read is excuses. you summed up your attitude in the first sentence 'stuff your social conscience'. Maybe you need slightly better support from your government through these trying times.

Hopefully, the older population that helped build your host country, aren't too severely impacted by bad choices made by a few. Anyway, stay home, get well and look after your family mate.
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 We have a different social attitudes, and with what I said I meant that next september we will have a good idea who has reacted accordingly. Until then you can judge whoever you want. I honestly couldn’t care less. I am staying home until next Wednesday. Date given to me by my boss whom I asked what should I do. Bye.
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 @Pylie1: why am I even speaking to you, your judgmental tone was obvious from the very first comment. If you excuse me, I have work to do, even though I could tell my boss I feel weak, sick and can’t work from home.
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 That's cool mate. There was no judgement, it was actually a genuine curious question. I had absolutely no idea of Swedens plan of attack and didn't even realize you were actually in Sweden for that matter. Older generation people in your life was also a curious question actually. I’m in no position to judge any country or person. So chill, relax, get better. All good. Hope everything works out well. @WAKIdesigns:
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 @Pylie1: we have no lockdown in Sweden...
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 Yep I realise that now. I honestly did not know. Was just curious when you said you caught it. Meant absolutely nothing by it. Every country is handling it differently, and if they didn’t there would be zero learning due to everyone doing the exact same thing. I guess it’s hard to pick the ‘vibe’ through text @WAKIdesigns:
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 @Pylie1: if you look at what Taiwan has done, without any help from anyone including the WHO, it's pretty incredible.
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 @Pylie1: cheers. I am now almost completely recovered, just feeling like that time I hugged a tree and came to a full stop in an instant. There was a pad on a tree but it was still brutal. My daughter has almost identical symptoms, wife has migrenes and is tired. Son, we’ll see, he’s always the one with the strongest immune system.
With my approval my boss informed everyone that I have been sick, they told everyone who worked near me to work from home. Which they did. A colleague told me though that he is sure I am not the only one since people were “disappearing” in groups before, and possibly person in question didn’t want our boss to tell they had symptoms. which I am happy to accept. Not everyone is as much of a happy idiot as me. If my symptoms disappear tomorrow, which is likely, i will be back at work on tuesday.
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 @jaame: Looks like Taiwan learned a lot from their previous troubles with SARS, took the threat seriously and put the rights systems in place. They got there manufacturing of face masks on point and probably a great decision not to export them. Early border controls and travels bans seems to have helped greatly as well. I'm pretty sure they were monitoring students temps on the way in to class as well? A pretty solid, proactive attitude right from an early January. This was probably bolstered due to potentially being in the hot seat in regards to their relationship with China. A cruise ship that let passengers disembark, whilst carrying the virus, and left unchecked to travel through the country, certainly has not helped Australia.
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 @Pylie1: checking students' temps every day is SOP in Taiwan anyway. Off the school bus, line up as they come through the gate into school, hand spray, temp check. Cough? Wear a mask until a family member can take you home. Fever? Wait in the office until a family member can take you home. Every year it's something else. H1N1. H7N9. They are used to it and we'll versed in what to do. Of course Corona has seen them step it up a couple of notches with enforced home quarantine and daily phone calls from local council workers. Cops will be there in five mins if you fail to answer the phone. Face masks are provided one per person per day on the NHI card. It's pretty much all bases covered. The only problem is, I can't see where it ends. Even if they successfully stop the spread, as they are doing, what happens when they eventually open the borders again? It only takes one infected person to start the domino effect off again.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Sounds like that's pretty solid response from your boss for sure. I have to travel through two airports to get home from work. I'm just carrying out the normal common sense actions along with trying to give myself a metre or so, where i can, from other people. My partner picks up lung infections at the drop of a hat... that's who I'm concerned about at this stage.
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 @jaame: Yep although, I think every country is going to face the same problems once they open borders. A vaccine may be the answer this time although, no doubt it will reinvent itself over time. Taiwan jumped on it early and it looks like that's set them in good stead. As you say, I guess the population are more used to controls put in place and react much better than other countries.
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 I thought everyone was just wanking furiously
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 It’s called training! When this is over my cornering control is gonna be ace. As long as they’re right hand corners
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 according to my fitbit I wanked 4km the other day
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 This has always been part of my regular routine
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 So that's why I can't get toilet paper.
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 @leadsledpaintrain: You could use a shake weight to balance that out, or so I hear.
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 Practice mental distancing.
Iago makes a great point to say that we’ve all got to focus on the things we can control, putting aside the things we can’t.
If there was ever a time to break yourself of a social media habit, it’s now. Now is also an excellent time to kill your TV. At least the part of it that seems to revel in carpet bombing you with bad news.
Meditate. Say the things you’re thankful for. Not just in your head, but out loud. Stretch and exercise.
Finally, if you’re not feeling well, look at what you’re doing every day. If you’re spiralling into the negative news cycle, separate yourself from it for a few days, focus on the positive and see if your symptoms go away.
The brain leads... don’t let it take you into the weeds.
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 ^ this guy quarantines
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 Fasting/detoxing is great and oportune for these times boost your immune system as hell...
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Quarantining the shit out of it.
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 "Detoxing" is what your liver does naturally. Don't take anything that claims to detox the body. It is either a) expensive placebo. Or B) dangerous.
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 In love with Isabeau
  • 16 2
 Arent we all
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 French accent is so hot.
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 @easyslorider: I never got that and can`t understand it unfortunately. I have a dream: that everyone in the world could `forget` his or her mother tongue during 5 or 10 minutes in order to listen to someone speaking it, just to hear and feel how it sounds...
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 Athletes and celebrities should never be looked upon during difficult times for the world. They are literally the least important of the people on the planet.
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 Don't forget Loïc Bruni's spinning class every friday on youtube !
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 I am in the grocery business , I try to give positive to my customers , I tell them it is alright and we will get through this, I also just help as many seniors as I can. When I am off I go out to my local trails, any of them that are open and just pedal my ass off on my Singlespeed , it helps keep my brain occupied and helps me think about my ride. you need to be focused out there and try to keep it safe and try not to go big or anything to get hurt and have yourself in the hospital cause they are overwhelemed already. Be safe and RAMFB and watch PinkBike….yay
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 Yoga erry day. And learning handstands. And let's be real, video games like I'm in middle school again
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 Unless I missed it, seems like nobody reads books anymore? Perfect time to grab an actual book and read....
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 Retired public health worker whose partner is still a public health officer for New York State just outside of the city. A friend and colleague just died. The system is over limits. We are at the brink. Zombie f*king apocalypse. This hurts.
My house backs up to a state park where me and the dog are clearing blow-down and building water bars. I dug out two little pools on the high side of stream crossings. From the ridge, I can see the NYC skyline. What is absent is the noise.
Be well.
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 nice one! Cecile has a kick ass place...
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 So am I one of the few that this covid hasn’t entirely f-ed up my day to day life? I still go to the dam and work 72 hours a week as the world stays at home and burns up the power we generate? I wouldn’t mind about a month of self isolation to get my head straight. Been hard at it since last February.
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 12hr/day 6day/wk is ok, but does this come with a regular week off?
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 @scotttherider Wondering is you still believe the Coronavirus has been blown way the hell out of proportion.
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 @bakemono: to some extent yes. Are we going to go through this lockdown again next year? Thus far it’s affected .015% of the population globally resulting in the deaths of .0008% of the global population. Is it of concern....Yes....Am I concerned about it....No. The Spanish flu of 1918 was far more of a pandemic than this.
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 @mi-bike: unfortunately no. I’ve been on 72 hour weeks since 12/5. I had 2 weeks off for Christmas/New Years. I will most likely work this schedule till mid June. I am required to take 10 days of PTO when I leave South Dakota.
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 @scotttherider: Spanish flu of 1918 was far more of a pandemic than this.

When it was all said and done, yes. But remember that took 2 go-arounds, with the fall being way more deadly, especially for young people (who were great infectors but didn't get that sick in the spring). North America is just getting going in the COVID 19 cycle so it's not really fair to compare yet.

We're going to have to wait until well into the future to look back for a true comparision, at which point some will say "See, we over reacted", others "We didn't do enough" and the vast majority will refuse to alter their positon desipte whatever the evidence clearly shows.
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 @plyawn: very true. When this comes back around we should get a pretty good idea of the two compared to each other. But numbers wise if we surpass the Spanish flu in sheer numbers people will say it’s worse but they won’t look at the global population then vs now. Personally I don’t see it coming close in comparison but that’s just my opinion.
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 Damn! Cecil is doing a good job in a pretty big house.. and then Vali Hoell "i bought a playstation" LOL! Give her a new gambler too!
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 See you all out on the trails when this is all done thanks to all key workers and #NHS and any medical service around the world for keeping us all safe here is my 5min clap for all guys helping in the fight one love guys Stay Safe
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 with all honesty... i don't give a fuck
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 Who else has been building skinnies etc in their yard?
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 Early north shore gonna make a comeback. Back to the dangerous dan days we go!
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 I just got a video sent from an Italian coworker next to the epicentre. His new wooden kicker and skinnies are keeping him and his boy sane.
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 Skinnies? I still have 4 ft of snow in my yard.
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 You can get Traction Coffee here: Smile
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 Im still working. When Im not its bike service, Suspension serviced, new wheel and pivot bearings. Might as well get her ready and tip top for when play time recomences
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 MTB pros: You need to stay healthy at home and stuff.
Me: Burps, then takes another sip of Islay peated goodness.
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 Anyone else surprised Reece can't currently ride a bike but feels fine to fly a fckin plane??
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 I'm "essential," so far my life is still pretty much the same. Thankfully I am still healthy and working. Good luck and good health everyone.
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 You think you got it bad.... think about the dentists....
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 Wouldn't mind renting a room in Cecile's house right now!
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 Stefi is looking absolutely stunning!!
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 She’s heard that a few times...
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 Steffi is awfully lively.
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 Seems to have a pretty good attitude for all this craziness, even if it's just her online persona.
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 @plyawn: hey it's not a bad thing!
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 Sad to see so many without civil liberties.
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 Training never ends
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 Chainsaw is winning!
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 No offence, but I dont care
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 You do though. Enough to watch it, then scroll to the bottom of the comments, and then write a comment.
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