Video: How Pump Track Racing Has Impacted a Community in Lesotho

Oct 11, 2019

The Roma Trading Post in Lesotho features the first #pumpforpeace Velosolutions Pump Track in the world, 157m long with 7 berms and 3 platforms. The track was built with minimum resources and a lot of community involvement and support high in the beautiful Lesotho sky.

Claudio Caluori and Anka Martin return to see how the track has impacted on the local community and to oversee the qualifying event for the Red Bull Pump Track World Championships as the season is set to finish in Bern, Switzerland on 19 October.

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 I've been gutted by latest news :
"You need to have a valid UCI ID to participate in the event which you will need to represent on the day of the race - please apply via a local registered bike or bmx club or to your official National Federation! Without UCI ID you won’t be allowed to participate."
This message concerns the Finals on 19 October AND the 'Last chance qualifyings' in Bern on Friday 18th.
So all amateurs need to afford an UCI licence for participating to the qualies, which cost a loooot more than the 20 bucks entry fees...
This was one of the last affordable competition format I loved to attempt but here comes UCI.
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 Then F*CK the UCI. This is the time to support grassroots organizations that keep racing affordable and bridge the gap between nothing and gatekeepers like the UCI.
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flag nurseben (Oct 11, 2019 at 9:26) (Below Threshold)
 Please don't use this forum to vent your displeasure with UCI, it's ugly and pointless, you're speaking to PB members is speaking to the choir ... it does nothing. Use your voice to make a difference, but don't use your voice to sully what was a nice story and great video.
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 I know what you mean, but go and get a one day licence, shouldn't be so bad and considering you also get a insurance with the licence that day the price is ok. As far as I know that licence should allow you to race on all days and get the stripes... good luck ????
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 @fourcross: UCI 1-day license is priced for USA / Swiss income - presumably for bike enthusiast incomes - still, relatively easy to shoehorn in even if on to budget.

Average gross income for Lesotho is under $9k USD ... ANNUALLY.

Hopefully @redbull steps up and buys the UCI 1-day for lower income qualifiers.
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 @dontcoast: great idea. Or since they put all these pump tracks in various places to get riders from around the world, make the entry fee relative to local incomes. a cut and dry percentage. simple as that.
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 Boycott the UCI - this organizations start your own freedom race foundation that doesn’t black mail or act like mob.
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 @fourcross: you need a Swisscycling licence 1st for the even in Bern so you can expect an UCI licence after.
The swisscycling membership is between 75.- to 95.- depending if you're a member of a club or not.
As far as I see, there's no 1 day Swisscycling licence.
If you don't expect to do other events in the year that brings the day at the RBPTWC to an entry fee of 95 to 115.- total without the UCI licence yet included...
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 As much as I'd love to join the UCI hate train I'll try to contain myself so that Pinkbike can bring in a UCI representative who explains how they contribute to pumptrack racing. As to me it appears like the tracks are already there. UCI comes in to collect money for licences, how are the going to inject that back into pumptrack riding? It doesn't seem fair to take pumptrack money and use it for the established or pedal assisted disciplines.

So UCI, you probably have your spokespeople. Please get one to open an account on this mainstream mountainbike website and answer relevant questions before the hate builds up.
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 @ranke: Seconded. If they are touting the town’s ability to be scrappy and pay to build this venue, surely they can donate a book of 1-day passes...
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 It's so heartwarming to know that a sport that you love can bring communities together and unite even in times of doubt, struggle and a dark past.
I've seen that in Rwanda. It was incredible to see the changes and the gather around cycling after all that they went through. They're even in to organizing the UCI Road Cycling World Champs 2025! They have awesome scenery, roads and altitude! I even felt safer riding on those roads than in portugueses ones Big Grin

On another note, this guys also deserve support and a big shout:
They're a group riders, boys and girls, from Afghanistan.
My kind of heroes!
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 Great story, good on Velosolutions to bring their skills to help those who really benefit from access to sports. Totally dig on seeing girls riding, very cool.
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 That made my heart warm - what an awesome video
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 Love this story- stoked that kid won!
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 Would love to see a follow up with him in Switzerland
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 -"here, they learn to read and write"
-"We better get these kids to the pump track"
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 Shout out to Claudio and the whole organization that made this happen. The world is full of good people. If you can’t find one, be one.
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 the earth isn't a too bad place after all. the dream right there- People enjoying riding bikes!
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 I thing they need to build some pump trucks in Somalia and Palestine
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