Video: How Sam Reynolds Broke His Wrist at Darkfest 2019

Jan 10, 2020
by Sam Reynolds  

After a gruelling 3 week build at Darkfest 2019, we had finally finished the last jump. I was so keen to get it done and sign off the course that I decided to pad up and just go for it that evening when the wind had chilled. It was insane! Huge, steep and the airtime was surely going to be next level.

The landing was on such a steep downhill, I really didn't want to go long and overshoot, so I attacked it at what I thought was a mellow speed, but as soon as I had taken off I found out just how big it was! I wasn't even close so had to bail...

Moments before impact

I had never felt an impact like it, like being hit by a train, and it was quickly clear that my wrist wasn't right.

Sam s broken hand

After x rays and believe it or not my first ever surgery, I stayed out in SA and tried to keep the boys stoked and put on a wicked event for everyone. We mellowed out the killer jump and C dog manned up and sent it to perfection, making all the hard work worth it!

So after getting home, the doc had said it would be a good 6 months before I would be riding... Which put me right at Loosefest in July. So the clock was ticking!

For 3 months it was just too sore and risky to ride, so I took up race drone FPV flying which definitely helped keep me sane as I could go to the jumps and still hang out, learn to fly and get cool shots!. After 3 months had passed I could put some proper weight on it, and start on some gentle riding! Starting with xc, moving up to enduro and then some small dirt jumps. My first real test was Crankworx Innsbruck in June, and with it strapped up I even managed to make the small finals! But I ended crashing across the line and losing 3rd place... Annoying but the real victory was to be back riding at a nice level!

Loosefest was just around the corner and after helping Nico out for a week before I was totally mentally prepared to go big once again!


The jumps were amazing and it was great to be riding with the boys again, and best of all to have overcome the mental challenges of a big injury and reach my goal of riding at the front of big jumps once again! I'm more motivated than ever after having to sit out half a year, so can't wait to make DarkFest bigger than ever next month! Huge thanks to everyone who helped me out and especially CBD Mountain who gave me the confidence to get back at it pain-free!


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 Bit of a long-winded and extreme way if advertising CBD creams...
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 who cares?? it was like 3 seconds of the video. What other awesome stuff do you get to watch without paying or watching commercials?
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 You know it's a dangerous event when one of the sponsors is a pain relief cream.
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 Not just any old cream...Weed cream.
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 @Scottybike36: CBD does as much for pain relief as THC for motivation for high intensity cardio
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 @WAKIdesigns: You read my mind !
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 @WAKIdesigns: Ya unfortunately it doesn't do a thing for me and crazy expensive. Ended up putting it on some pasta and got far out.
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 @WAKIdesigns: thc can go either way. My eldest son can barely operate the tv remote after smoking.

I smoke before every training ride. And pretty much every ride. No one complains that I am to slow.
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 No one complains your slow because you probably have imaginary friends... @fabwizard:
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 @enduroNZ: me, myself and I
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 @fabwizard: my comment does not exclude rare exclusions from the rule. For instance CBD oil is good for pain relief if you suffer from dry skin. I personally have enough problem riding straight after 3 hits and I have never felt any relief even from Naproxen or Voltaren gels...
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 @WAKIdesigns: Y'all are kooks, just like everything in life some pain remedies work for some people, some don't. CBD works wonders for me, while Advil and Tylenol doesn't do jack. THC on the other hand helps me get into the zone on big climbs and the time flys right by. It's all super personal
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 @larrymclush: i think that is what waki said.

I totally get you on the climbs, by the time i get to the top, I am ready to rip back down.
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 @fabwizard: copy. after rereading a few times I agree with your observation that were on the same page.
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 @jorgeposada: CBD doesn’t do a thing for you but putting it on pasta got you far out?
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 @Barrywillox: maybe you can use CBD oil instead of butter for edibles.
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 Extreme wank off injury cured by cream
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 A CBD commercial?
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 Video wasn't 4:20 long, so, no.
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 I really hope there is another Dark Fest this year. The one last year was insane!
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 I think this is warming us up to this years event
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 3:35 rly?
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