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Video: How to Manual, Bunny Hop and Stoppie with Robin Wallner

Jun 28, 2020
by Ibis Cycles  

Robin Wallner is one of the most successful (and stylish) riders on the Enduro World Series. In this video, he walks through three great tricks you can practice anywhere to improve your riding.

The Ibis EWS Team is sponsored by Maxxis Tires, POC, Shimano, Bike Yoke, Fox Racing Shox, Lizard Skins, Fabric, Stages Cycling, Flaer, Honey Stinger, and Motion Instruments.

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 Still waiting for that magical tip from one of these videos that will just make me able to manual instantly. Seen about a 1000 and still can't do it.
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 For what it’s worth I’ll give you two tips that nobody in tutorials EVER mentions that helped me learn manuals.
#1- “Pedal kick“ to start the manual. The right amount of pedal kick can get you into correct position way easier than just pulling back.
#2- Regularly ride around town and do “micro manuals” off of the small ramps at the end of city blocks. These so called handicap ramps found in every city everywhere were the key to helping me find the balance point. These small transitions will actually help you to “loop out” into the correct position.

And then after a year of trying - you’ll be able to manual to the moon and back, and a trick that is easily relearned if you get rusty
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 @markcorrigan honestly... It really only started to click for me when i put my family on the back burner quit my job and dedicated a solid 8 hrs a day to this craft...
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 @SirWonky: specially #2: learn manual on downhill slope, like you can learn the wheelie on an uphill slope.
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 Can you bunny hop?

First part of a bunny hop is a manual, just get back further and throw in a pedal stroke.
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 i know /s but what made it click for me was

1. pushing the bike forward with my elbows behind the bars before i sent my weight back
2. Looking at a point head height into the distance. (this was massive, absolutely helped me get the weight back and over the balance point)
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 @SirWonky: Pedal kick into a manual is not a thing.
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 If you can't do these, learn them asap. You will crash way less and have lots more fun riding. No superbike will compensate the lack these skills.
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 no way. I just bought a SB165 with full carbon and axs.
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 @chyu: You ever take it off any sweet jumps?
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 @kanioni: there's lots of ants on the curb I just dropped in. must be a sweet drop.
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 @kanioni: Can't, doesn't have pegs.
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 @chyu: ohh boy took me a second to get that one Big Grin
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 i can bunnyhop 20 inches high yet i cant manual...
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 same here
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 Sounds counterintuitive but sometimes trying manuals at high speed gives you a more balanced feel. Slow one's are more tech street moves for me at least.
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 @jorgeposada: yep, speed and head up.
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 I am sorry but claiming that you have to know how to manual to bunny-hop is a non-sense. Most if not all of us are able to bunny-hop, but how many of us are capable to keep a nice manual for more than 5 seconds on demand?
Only the initial movement is quite similar, but the bunny-hop is dynamic and all about pretty ample movements, while the manual is all about balance, posture and muscle tension micro-adjustements on the fly...
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 Yeah if you'd literally transcribe what he said then indeed he said you need to have the manual dialed before you can start the bunny hop. But it wasn't scripted and I feel he meant to say you need to have the beginning of the manual dialed as it is the beginning of the bunny hop. He definitely didn't claim you need to be able to sustain a manual for a certain amount of time.

He no doubt knows his stuff tough we have to excuse him that if he's going to cover three different skills, he'll never be able to cover them completely. At the end of the day, these athletes haven't been racing these past months and still want to give something back to their sponsors in the shape of those last few seconds. Whoever really wants complete instructions over the internet should probably take a look at the Ryan Leech Collective. It is paid and it is complete. And indeed the bunny hop course branches off the manual course (after the part of getting the front wheel up properly).
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 True story, I can pretty easily bunny hop but can't hold a manual for a few seconds even if my life depended on it.
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 I learned how to bunny hop, when I stopped trying to manual into a bunny hop. Using the que of "start with the beginning of a more difficult trick that you obviously cant execute cleanly, then finish with a POP!" Was not useful at all. Bunny hops feel like they are more about timing than control.
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 Manual initiation is the first part of the bunny hop. You don't need to know how to hold a manual, just get it going.
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 @JXN1: manual initiation isnt a thing if you cant manual, that's the point. Queuing a more difficult trick is a total hack move as a coach. The "initiate a manual" tip has been used to death by everyone with a YouTube account, it's an echo chamber of useless. The only people that helps are people who think a bunny hop is jumping and lifting a bike.

Doing a back hand spring is just initiating a backflip, then landing on your hands. Sounds easy...until you realize you cant backflip. So now I have to learn half of a trick, and hope I do it well enough that I can learn the actual move I'm training.
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 My endos are much bigger than his - I mean, he didn't even touch the ground with his face! Pffft.
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 That's the only way to do a proper nose pivot. Excellent!
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 The only tips you need for manuals is to learn to come off the back and be patient. It will take a few months with lots of practice. Don’t go out thinking I will get it today, instead think “i will get to practice another day” with no expected results. There is a reason not many people can do them, except in Pinkbike videos of course. What’s the saying? It’s not the destination but the journey. Ha. It is so true with manuals.
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 2:42 with SPD pedals you can easily S#&T.

OK, you learn something new every day...
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 Didn't he mean to say "cheat"?
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 To the video editor, a balance in the volume between the different sections of this video would have made this a much better experience for the viewer. Trying to be constructive here.
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 Step 1: let your Ibis do its job.
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 I just scrolled down right away before watching the video for the “let the ibis do the work” comments... but only 1 so far... that makes me a sad panda.
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 @Bobafett164: I thought for sure it would be one of the first comments I saw...nerp.
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 I wish that was my backyard
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 I still have trouble with manuals and wheelies on MTB's.. just feels weird having the front wheel up so high. Back in the day I could manual my BMX for literally blocks if there was a slight downslope.
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 Good advice, but I'm still just working on the wheelie. Shouldn't you have the wheelie dialed before you try to manual?
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 A lot of people say to learn how to wheelie first - but I've been good at wheelies for 25 years and it hasn't helped me with manuals at all. I've been practicing manuals everyday for the past 3 weeks for about 20 minutes a day, and I'm just starting to get the hang of it now. That's just me though, everyone is different.
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 Any idea what the "test pilot" badged tyres are? I assume that they are a maxxis "Magic Mary" prototype?

Look good and bitey, could do with them now for Scottish summer.....
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 The test pilot tyres are just what’s printed on prototype Maxxis. So could be any tread/compound combination that’s not currently in production. For example say, a dhr2 WT dh casing
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 @TSridesbikes: Yep, I know. I was wondering if anything more was known about the tread as it doesn't look like anything Maxxis have made before.
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 @Shackleton: new shorty maybe
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 @jzPV: yeah it is. On the new shorty they’ve got rid of the big block centre knob and replaced it with 2 separate knobs
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 @TSridesbikes: and siped side knobs
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 Been mountain biking for 20 years and I still can't manual or wheelie further than 20ft #1footperyear?
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 Anyone else still call a "bunny hop" a "BRONCO?" Bunny hop to me is both wheels at the same time
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 Both at the same time is an english hop, front then rear is an American bunny hop.
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 Front then rear is definitely a bunny hop. That's the way bunnies do it too. Both at the same time would be eh... happy donkey?
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 @vinay: gazelle frolic, i believe
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 I found this video very helpful on manuals www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YQrXfH-U38
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 Keep your finger on the rear brake. So classic.
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 Man, you should give Martha, Bex and Chloe a call...
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 Will this in my front yard?
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 Honestly, that's hard to determine.
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