Video: How to Set Up a New Fork and Shock with Jordi in 'Dialed'

May 20, 2020
by FOX Factory  

In Episode 17 of Season Two, Jordi walks Jake through the initial installation and setup of his new Fox 38 and Float X2.

bigquotesJordi, your life has really taken a turn for the worse. You went from working with the best in the world, to helping me put shocks on my bike.-Jake

Learn something new as you followed along with Jordi and Jake? What would you like to see the DIALED crew tackle next? Comment below!

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 who needs this guy? I've got the ShockTune app!
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 Putting a screwdriver in the stem to hold things in place while removing the fork is clutch!
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 i used to use an old 27.2mm seatpost, nice and wide so the stem didn't lean forward like with the screwdriver, and the seat clamp stopped it falling through the headtube!
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 @seanryan: ooh, that’s even better! Thanks for sharing that tip.
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 Park Tool pedal wrench PW-4 is basically perfect for the task as well
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 @the-joe: Man, the hits just keep on coming! This is one of the most useful threads I've seen in ages. I mean, the video itself was decent, but these little tricks are gold. Thanks for chiming in!
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 They skipped over how to tap the crown race down on the new fork! I've got a section of PVC pipe that does the trick but there must be a better way. Anyone have a suggestion (besides spending the money on the actual tool)?
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 I’ve never had an issue with PVC pipe - takes 10 seconds.
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 I use an Mx fork seal tool. Works tits.
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 I want a job like Jordi's...Say the exact same simple shit to people who should already know this stuff, and come off like a hero! Having said that, I would still happily watch these videos all day 'cause these guys are cool!
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 Jordi, how do I get the damper on my Fox 34 SC (Factory/Fit4) to not suck? It feels like it is designed for a 275lb person, and has no small bump sensitivity.
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 Set it on Open and run the Low Speed Compression wide open (softer).
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 @krka73: Already doing that. Still sucks.
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 @LeDuke: I assume you re-set your sag in Open Mode as well. And if you have any volume reducers installed, I'd take those out. Beyond that, I have no advice. I have that fork on one of my bikes, and it's been working great.
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 How old is the fork and have you ever had a full service on it?
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 @friendlyfoe: It's a 2020, and was brand new as of two months ago. I've changed the oil, but that's it.
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 @krka73: Yeah, I always re-set my sag in open mode, both fork and shock. If I go too low, the fork dives way too much.
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 @7:31, jordi nut itch was aimed at you.

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