Video: How To Unturndown with Max Fredriksson

Nov 7, 2020
by maxfredrikssonpage  

This video topic has been lighting up my social media for weeks, months even and with winter creeping closer in Sweden, I figured I would finally kick off my "How To" series.

I'll be doing more of these in the future, but let's start with the Unturndown - one of my favorite tricks to do and just a really stylish one. I'll talk you through what you can do to learn the trick, from drills on the ground to get the movements in to finally nailing the trick on a jump.

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions or future episode suggestions, drop them in the comments!


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 Steps one for noobs: Take off your hoodie and tuck in your shirt. Citation: Personal experience. See Also: Tuck No Hander.
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 Lmao definitely ripped a couple t's and some sketchy landings trying them
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 Granted it’s on a bmx but look at how mike atkin does them or a lot of other guys in bmx both feet stay on the pedals. I have buzzed my shoulder many times and my foot never comes off. All the mtb unturndown they don’t shift the cranks all the way. The cranks aren’t in line with the seat tube so the foot has to come off. To me it’s kinda like rather then learn the right foot placement they just take it off. Just a difference of opinions from an old bmxer.
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 different directions. This one looks cool (so everyone do them, cause it's easy anyway), "normal" side looks crap.
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 I always called them inverts (short for inverted tables), rolls of the tongue much nicer then unturndown. Will take these tips and give it a go! Have always wanted to be able to bust these out on the trail.
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 Splitting hairs here but I see them as two different things. Inverted table you're still tucking your knees, undown you're straightening your legs like a turndown.
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 @Eatsdirt: Intresting, I consider that a normal table (knees tucked in). Haha funny how people call things differently
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 @jibbandpedal: As I sef it, normal table also have bars turned 90 (Vic Murphy style) Inverts are straight bars tucked knees. Also Inverts are more of a quartepipe/hip thing while the same trick off a straight jump also has been known as pancake, bur no o e really uses that anymore?

They are all tweakturns to to me really..
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 I think its coming from mishearing as many riders calling them inward tables. Though unturndown is proper naming, cause this trick doesn't have any relation to tabletops/inverts/eurotables - unturndown is way way easier to do, while proper invert is harder to see than 26 downhill bike in world championship.
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 Got it.Before practise thought think I'm gonna watch first "How to pick you teeth from the floor with both arms broken"
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 Thank you for the rad how to and the dirt jump content. So so good. More how to video please!
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 Kyle Strait bunnyhop unturndown 10yrs ago
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 The foot doesn’t need to come off. I like how it looks both ways but I kinda feel it’s easier to click with the foot off. I always liked seeing dudes wrapped up and still have there feet on the pedals. Do you take a foot off on a turndown?So why does an unturndown have a foot off. Same trick just turning the bars or not. Still a cool how too. Floor bike was the foam pits of the 90’s and early 2000’s. I learned so many tricks that way.
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 Well a regular table is much "easier" to keep both feet on the pedals as you are folding into your front foot. Unturndowns go to the opposite side that you regularly table, and it looks and is awkward to keep both feet on. It would be almost impossible to keep the front foot on with an unturndown. If you look at a turndown, your cranks are horizontal, but in an UNturndown, they are vertical. I'll agree that getting that foot off helps it click in, but it looks sweet that way. Turndowns and unturndowns are different tricks, and are both awesome in there own ways.
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 Besides Soderstrom and Semenuk I can't name a rider who can get their tables vertical without taking a foot off. You can definitely table without taking a foot off but the motion of unturndown/invert is so much easier when you let a foot float. Tbh ive found its less sketch to learn any super tweaked tables by taking a foot off
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 @CoffeeHouseMedia: Semenuk and Soderstrom have clicked inverted tables, but those ones are still regular tables (to the opoosite side you would unturndown). With a clicked table, your foot/ feet can stay pretty close to the pedals, because you are twisting into your front foot. Unturndowns being on the other side, make it essentially impossible to keep the front foot on, as it gets peeled off by your toptube/seat tube. See the difference below. regular table has the bike go on the right side, where as an unturndown goes to the left side, and you can see the difference in the pedal/crank position to the foot. Your front foot is so far from the pedal on an unturndown, and to try and keep it on would make the trick look quite different:,g_auto,w_860,h_1075/q_auto,f_auto/redbullcom/2013/12/03/1331622961230_2/mountain-biker-brandon-semenuk-inverted-tabletop.
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 @CoffeeHouseMedia: you can't do invert or table even (not bowlegged bs) with feet on pedals, they rotate to about 90 degrees around pedals - that's like the very trick itsels. Saying about getting table done without taking feet off (yes, both of them) is like saying getting done backflip tailwhip without rotating both yourself and the bike.
And both Martin and Brandon is a perfect example of this, you probably didn't notice it at all - watch again.
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 @btc1: dumbass I'm agreeing with you
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