Video: Huge Hits on a Trail Bike in Morzine

Dec 17, 2019
by xavier barneto  
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Words: Xavier Barneto

Long story short, they've stolen my Gambler the day before Portes du Soleil opening, so I took my enduro bike to release my nerves in Morzine. That was pretty cool, until I broke my frame.

Filmed by @bill_boket @clementgeroudet @iann_godard and @platrehugo
Melody: Goggs - Glendale Junkyard


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 I read tits first
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 You and everybody else.
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 Huge tits on a trailbike in Morzine... I’ll show myself out
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 "until I broke my frame" hahahahah Big Grin savage
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 The speed at that steep left-hander down the black on Pleney where Fairclough dropped it a few years back, INSANE!
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 Too True. Anyone that has ridden that will understand how mental that speed was.
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 I don’t know why you’d go down 10% that fast the breaking bumps were henious this year!!
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 @Jamesgoulding: go coil front and rear.
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 @41seconds.. if only he had a flux capacitor on his bike!
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 Haha, back to the future so I can lock my van and those f'kin thieves don't steal my Gambler!
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 I Just fitted one to mine?
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 @aljoburr: WTF hahaha
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 @aljoburr: Now we know where Gwin's bike ended up haha
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 great edit! funny, i was jammin "pre-strike sweep" on my way in to work this morning.
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 Surprised his tires and wheels held out longer than the frame.
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 Oh god some of the breaking bumps on berms in this vid look like such forearm killers
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 It was like that when I went there 10 years ago and it was like that this year. Saw several mini diggers out there flattening them out, but they just keep on coming back...
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 Good to all the braking bumps on opening day just shows they didn’t bother their holes doing anything b4 opening explains why Les Gets is always such a mess
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 I know the Pleney bikepatrols and they're working really hard to fix everything before, during, and after the season. Some sections are just way too steep/fast so they are full of brake bumps again 2 days after...And summer can be very dry too...
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 Wonder how many koms he has haha
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 @nyhc00: I heard he puts all his rides on private now
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 Broke your frame you say?
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 Yeah, unbelievable, I snapped my headtube! Must be a production issue...
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 Haha yeah ‘must’ be a production issue Wink @xavierbarneto:
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 @xavierbarneto: it was a front triangle from an xc prototype, common mistake
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 @BurningBeard: I see what you did there !
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 That was sick!! Where's the PB member who thinks these aren't big hits and that he would hit jumps this size on his DJ bike? Must be sleeping..
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 Why is every video filmed so close you can hardly see the wheels of the rider these days? So hard to watch what’s going on.
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 Yeah buddy!!! Savage! Gotta drop that bike at Vertigo Bikes for a good service after all that shredding!
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 Yeah Romsteack!! Ça y es t'es devenu un vrai ricain!
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 "Hey guys! I can roost a corner. Want to see me do it again? and again? and again? and again?"

Don't get me wrong, it's cool to see someone going so fast on a trail/enduro bike in Morzine/PDS (having done it myself I know it's not as easy as this guys makes it look)
But honestly, this trend of blowing out corners for the 'gram can take a long walk off a short cliff.
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 Last sentence in the write-up is pure gold
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 XAV the Welder... i know you'll get that ahahahahha Soude Tonton
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 That speed and skill level was simply savage.... regardless of the bike. Respect.
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 I only ride root-y steeps like that after a few drinks.
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 Is it to early for RM jokes?

Good he didn´t have a Slayer, would have ended his trip on the first day because of the broken frame Smile
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 A Reign is now a trail bike?
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 Don't know if it's a trail bike or not, but it's absolutely not a DH bike
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 @xavierbarneto: its a very cappable enduro bike that in right hands with good skileld rider can do Rampage in my opinion Smile Btw. it's 2015 Giant Reign !!!
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 pics of the broken frame or it's just good caption writing
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 @xavierbarneto: warranty will say: that´s just the paint, dont´ worry
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 @Pippo999: have to say, giant replaced my simalar cracked frame no questions asked.
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 Same for me!
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 @xavierbarneto: Just Duck tape it
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 @xavierbarneto: OH CRACK!

Glad it wasn't a snap, that could be bad. "I was just riding along"
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 Pinning it bro
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