Video: Huge Sends & Stylish Tricks in the GoPro Highlights From Rampage 2021

Nov 13, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe year's biggest event in freeride is in the books. Catch up on all of the action captured by GoPro. GoPro


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 Reed Boggs sooo dialed on that second 360. What a great year and good to hear Bas is walking up stairs now! Crazy recovery.
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 @scott-townes Not Bas, but Tom. And yes. TVS’ IG feed has been really promising.
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 @mtnbkrmike: ahh whoops!
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 @scott-townes: could have played it off and said you were referring to Paul Bas(agoitia), and it would have been accurate; though maybe a bit dated
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 Rampage is cool and all but I wanna comp that puts the “free” back in freeride. Like where everyone’s gotta try and trick out a ride built from hand-me-down parts their buddy who works in a shop gave them or that they scavenged from an alley or something
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 This gives a perspective how exposed and huge those features must be in reality. Crazy!!
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 yeah, you don't really comprehend it until you see the first person footage
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 Till waiting for that super drone runs...

Till waiting for live go pros and drone footage...

The 2 most valued riders 0 go pro footage...

Ridle was gooold... Saved the edition...

I was expecting Rampage to be the pinnacle of evolution... But definitely somethings seems stucked...

*No more heli front mountain ant shots please... Completely ruins the scale/show...
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 Thank goodness for Boggs and Riddle. Bringing all types of new energy and life to the event. Love it
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 Sweet POV footage! I've seen most the riders POV footage but this was a nice compilation. TVS front flip was sick from that angle! Hope he's recovering well!
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 Nice! But where's all the FPV drone videos? Behind pay-per-view? Just found this:
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 Videos like this make me stoked to hit some 5’ drops and 15’ gaps at my local trails…
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 It's too bad the riders don't get rewarded for taking the craziest line, the biggest scores go to whoever throws the biggest trick.
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 My vertigo therapist told me not to watch this.
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 Someone force semenuk to have a gopro

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