Video: Huge Tricks and Big Crashes from Nines 2019

Sep 13, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA remote stone quarry in Germany, sculpted into a mountain biker's wet dream. Nearly 30 top riders from around the world. Freeride & slopestyle lines, satellites and skate parks, a big air jump and a monumental hip. Got you feeling hungry? Then get your fill of this healthy serving of bangers n' mash, courtesy of the Audi Nines MTB 2019.Audi Nines


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 This is making a run at Rampage and the Fest series. The course is wild and the vibe seems super cool. I also like the “hang out and ride this shit for a while and get creative” vibe.
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 The amount of variety here is pretty radical. It's cool to see the mix of big big-bike hits and hardtail stuntables in the same event, with some unique features for both.
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 They really need to stop giving video editors so much meth.
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 I wonder who sponsors this event?
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 Southwest because these fellas are racking up some serious air miles.
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 Area 51. They're from out of town.
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 Well, just stop the video at 2:17 :-)
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 @conv3rt: nah, Area 51 has some bigger problems coming up
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 Jackson Goldstone landed a doubleflip... God damn! :O
It's not shown on the video (it was on Emil's IG story).
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 Bums me out when the editing is so over processed - it takes away from the actual content it's supposed to promote. Unless it's trying to promote sick editing skills. Awesome riding though. Sam Pilgrim's channel has had great coverage of this so far. And much friendlier to watch.
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 Unwatchable edit.
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 the course is unbelievable, really nicely done and those nutters are killing it!
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 Sick course!! I wonder if like Veronique Sandler and Casey Brown would hit these. just a thought, not a SJW compaign, lol
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 Kathi Kuypers is there riding, check her Instagram!
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 "Which effects do you want?" - "yes"
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 that drone strike...
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 what drone strike? I watched hoping to see one but didn't...
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 @n3crophile: at 2:00, was it not?
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 @Milko3D: think it was a wire cam thingy (technical term)
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 @Milko3D: It's the same attempt at 1:53 (from a different angle) and you can see the drone some meters away from the rider Smile
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 @Voxran: at 2.08 you can see the drone was some way off. still looks like it at 2.00 for sure, I watched a few times to see.

as you say.

great event anyway!
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 @n3crophile: you're right, I think the sound threw me off

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