Video: Huge Tricks & Massive Sends from FEST Sessions 2020

Dec 13, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBy riders for riders, The Fest Series has gained popularity worldwide by pushing freeride
forward with massive jumps, insane tricks and heavy metal highlight edits.

The crew is expanding their concept by presenting a new format: Fest Sessions. Fest Sessions take a back to basics approach by exploring all aspects of freeride. With the simple goal of enjoying sessions with friends, this format will take place on big jumps, in bikeparks and throughout the backcountry, bringing a wide variety of terrain to the world’s best and most stylish freeriders.

“Fest was being labeled as guys who ride big jumps, but that’s only a part of what we love
and we want to highlight all aspects of riding that we are passionate about. For me, Fest
Sessions is going to offer new locations for freeriding and sessions.” - Nico Vink

Fest Sessions kicked off in Malmedy, Belgium with the BikePark Ferme Libert Edition. Hosted by Nico Vink, the Sessions approach had Nico focusing on building an entire bikepark and creating a playground for freeriders. By the time the build was complete, BikePark Ferme Libert boasted a new medium jumpline, an enormous double-sided hip and more hidden transfers and gaps than there were people to ride them. While riding the big line is always the cherry on top, Nico knows how wind and weather dependent the world’s biggest jumps are, and with this new approach there wasn’t going to be a single missed day of riding. With a warm and calm September week ahead, the Session brought together a scaled-down crew of 11 riders. They were fortunate enough to get plenty of sessions on the big lines, with veterans like C Dog and Sam Reynolds pulling massive trains while newcomers Ike Klassen, Jackson Goldstone and William Robert brought their unique style to the line. Build crew Red Belge and Kristof Lenssens proved they have just as much fun behind handlebars as they do in a digger.

Nico Vink, Andreau Lacondeguy, Szymon Godziek and Adolf Silva all showed up to enjoy endless sessions, a private setting and jumps you can only find in select locations worldwide While the rider list of a Fest Session is undeniably smaller than at a Series event, the result was exactly what Nico Vink had been looking for: “The fact that it’s smaller allowed me to spend more time with the people who came from all over Europe, where in the past we’ve barely had time to chat, hang out and ride. It was very cool to do that this year.” Fest is a shared vision for freeride focused on progression through riding bikes, building bigger jumps and having good times with friends. It exists to create the ultimate freeride environment by putting riders first and encouraging boundary-pushing.

Hosted by: Nico Vink
Built by: Nico Vink, Jeroen ‘Red Belge’ Meersman, Kristof Lenssens & Alois D’adamo
Ridden by: Andreu Lacondeguy, Szymon Godziek, Nico Vink, Sam Reynolds, Clemens ‘C Dog’ Kaudela, Adolf Silva, William Robert, Ike Klassen, Jackson goldstone, Jeroen ‘Red Belge’ Meersman & Kristof Lenssens

Sponsored by: Monster Energy, Reverse Components, Vink Creations

Filmed and edited by: CA Greenwood

Held: September 14-20 in Malmedy, Belgium in compliance with all local Covid-19 regulations

Special thanks to Jean-David and Marie-Helene for encouraging us to transform their ski slope into huge piles of dirt!
FEST Series


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 Remember 6 months ago when all the keyboard warriors were bashing every new video because “we need to not ride because the hospitals are over whelmed!” It’s nice we’ve come full circle and can enjoy awesome content again!
  • 2 0
 By keyboard warriors do you mean doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, and other healthcare professionals?
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 slight difference between these guys on mathematically calculated jumps and your neighbor hitting a drop for the first time
  • 8 0
 I get all anxious watching these. 1/2 the times looks like they’re going to case that road gap. It is so amazing! And listening to the tires and silence is pretty rad
  • 9 0
 Always exciting for more Fest Series content! Probably my favorite ride crew in the world.
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 looks doable.
  • 3 0
 It's so funny the moto looked slow!
  • 2 0
 @saladdodger : like hitting a drone or bird in mid-flight
  • 1 0
 crazy... always wonder what happens if that goes wrong.. dear me...
  • 7 1
 ask Remy Morton
  • 1 0
 It would technically be suicide.
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 Was that an ebike at 2.07?
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 It's a shame only about 8 guys got to ride these things.
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 more moto
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