Video: Hugo Frixtalon & Thomas Estaque Ride the Lousã World Cup Track

Mar 15, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThis is how the postponed World Cup Track looks like... Hugo Frixtalon following Thomas Estaque in Lousa. Commencal Bikes


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 Great track, fingers crossed that the WC there is only postponed.
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 frankly right now DH World cup or any sport event is the least of my concern.

I am in quarantine like all people living in spain and has been riding my mtb in circles as well as trackstanding in my terrasse (I need to up my trialing skills) and consider myself lucky to have a rooftop big enough to ride in circles while others don't even have a decent balcony. But frankly my mind was really in wishing all the best to the persons in high risks as well as healthcare people.
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flag DavidGuerra (Mar 15, 2020 at 13:26) (Below Threshold)
 @opignonlibre: Why don't you go ride, is it the risk of getting caught by the police? It's not necessarily a social thing, don't cops give you a break?
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 @DavidGuerra: The risk is spreading the disease...
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 Sounds like the gopro is mounted to an airplane, ludacris speeds. What an awesome track, can't wait to see them shred it.
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 @twhart20: From riding? There's zero risk of that. As I said, it's not inherently a social thing. For me, it's one thing that I can continue doing exactly as before. Maybe it's different with you and him, but in my case the best way to get away from people is to go ride.
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 @DavidGuerra: if you have been advised to self quarantine, don’t leave your quarantine. That’s how you care for yourself and other people. It’s basic respect for the situation. Ride your bike later, order a trainer a stay fit inside during the viral winter....if you don’t have to quarantine then go ride your bike simple.
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 I heard Vodka and medical marijuana are the real cure.
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 @DavidGuerra: the risk is also to get hurt. My brother, who is a mountain biker as me, and works as nurse in a hospital, told me that's the worst moment to go to the emergency. Actually, it should make sense for everyone.
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 @Clemounet: let's dig new trails alone in the forest instead ahah !
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 @DavidGuerra: No la guardia civil has started giving fines already.

I used to live 300m from the trail and in that case it would have been easy to go out and ride without risking anything. Right now I am in the middle of the city and if I ride to the trail, especially fully kitted and not looking like I am going to work, I will get fined. I believe the minimum fine is 600€
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 @DavidGuerra: here in Italy riding is currently forbidden by laws, but it's most of all common sense, to not spread the virus firstly, and to not get injured while all hospital departments are busy and converted to covid19 care
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 @twhart20: Whatever works in your case. Seems like you live in civilization, or at least in an area with a denser population than mine, so you don't get it.
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 @Clemounet: Yes, getting hurt and needing medical services will possibly expose you to the virus and also use resources that could be used to treat infected people.
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 1080p my ass!!!!!
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 I don't know whether this is a problem with the source but Youtube also doesn't provide enough bandwidth for rapidly moving high detail (e.g. vegetation) footage like this to look very good.
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 @boozed: i was going to say this, youtubes video compression makes it look terrible, especially in the lower contrast parts of the video
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 Looks an awesome track - would have been ace to watch these two from the side over those last few jumps... So much style!
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 I thought Loic had his baguette in a bunch over dudes riding the track when they shouldn’t be....
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 What actually happened there? Something between him and brendog apparently?
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 @JamesGTi: the track wasn’t officially open. And a few riders were riding it before it was open. Now it’s open ????
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 Well that's the real deal..
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 Those steep sections look awesome! The cornering speed of those guys is supernatural
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 this track is no easy trail so anyone who says it is feel free to go give it a go.its steep tech and yes theyve 5grown in some jumps but what other wc hasn't
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 Isn't Bruni gonna be pissed?
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 These two are definitely in sync with each other's riding to be holding that close together at such speed, awesome video and superb riding!
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 To me, it feels like the guy upfront wants to be stylish while the one filming is always catching up doing straight lines and being faster....
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 What kind of potato did you record this clip with?!? aha

Also, was that a tobaggan tossed in there? Everyone knows mountain bikers can only whip. Its in the rulebook somewhere!
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 It’s spelled toboggan... And yes I agree, not many guys pull those off the right way on an mtb..... But these Frenchies rip hard.!! What a joy to watch.-
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 @DutchmanPhotos: Can I thank you for correcting the spelling of toboggan for us all
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 Super cool track..!! Let’s hope indeed that we can watch the guys race here later this year.
And that was a PERFECT run down! So much speed and style. Thanks guys!
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 I do have to say that there is just to little true tech nowadays in WC for me to get excited anymore. I dont mind a short top section that is a little more flowy to just easy the riders into the run but they barely have to really slow down or really try hard to get through sections.

Downhill was meant to be natural and just getting down a mountainside not having 90% man made features. But I guess the new thing is high speed and jumps not bouncing around on rocks and roots.

I can see why Sam Hill went to EWS. WC Downhill is more risky now that the speeds are increasing so much.
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 Ok, riders just post their strava times for this years fantasy
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 Track looks gnarly and the boys look fast.

I think the question on everyone's mind however, is Can we get some more wind noise?
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 So rad. The track was officially opened Saturday the 14th.
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 Sam Hill has been exposed to corona virus (COVID-19). The virus is now in quarantine for 14 days.
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 be curious to know their average speed and how that will compare to the winner when they run the race
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 For information, Hugo and Thomas were just cruising Wink
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 Wow just wow
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 Awesome track, too bad we have to wait till its time again!
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 looks sooooo fun . can't wait to see the race and maybe have a trip over
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 Looks absolutely sick
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 Jeevus Xhrist what a fuggin track
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 Incredible speed and skill.
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 Just a fast cruising speed... Imagine the Pierron`s POV on a race day Wink
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 Looks like an amazing track!
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 serious rippage! props to both riders
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 Allez, allez Monsieur Frixtalon!
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 Commencal wins Lousa!
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 That’s a nice little jump line ye got there!
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 More gaps than a star wars plot.
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 Always happy for more content but I mean...can I at least get 1080p or 4k?
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 That's epic!
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 Nice. Long track, no?
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 Last years race runs were 4 minute from amaury on this track. Although some parts have changed
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