Video: Hugo Pigeon Shares his Journey from XC Racing to the EWS in 'Second Souffle'

Apr 17, 2021
by Rémy Absalon  
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Few people know how he got there... Find out how Hugo's disease led him to enduro!

Hugo Pigeon is a very capable rider on a bike whatever the discipline, it's a fact! But do you know how did he get there? From Road bike to MTB Cross-Country then to Enduro, a disease changed his plan... but for a talented rider, there is always a solution! Watch and discover Hugo's story.

Hugo PIGEON - Shooting vid o Second Souffle
Hugo PIGEON - Shooting vid o Second Souffle

bigquotesWhatever the bike, I always have fun while riding! I am happy to show you my universe through this video and although it is this disease that brought me to enduro, I can assure you that I love it! I am happy to have reached this point and I will give the maximum on my Ransom with the Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team.

Hugo PIGEON - Shooting vid o Second Souffle


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 Came here expecting to see a huge pigeon. Content was better than expected tbh.
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 came here to make this comment. comment was better than expected tbh.
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 @conoat: My eyes deceived me, thought it was going to be the story of a rider and his pigeon rather than the usual dog.
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 I read that as well. Huge pigeon shuffles his feathers
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 I came for this comment bc I saw the exact same thing
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 I consider us all friends for having the same thought, even though I know none of you... I swear it read huge pigeon...
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 His name is cool enough to join the elite of ews. No one named bob jones can ever succeed against pigeons, hills, and rudes. Sorry bob
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 I always find these french rider's style very interesting, very very clean and efficient, very straight forward. Damn, even their kit seems to stay clean all the time!
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 So the message I'm homing in on is that he's always been a racing Pigeon.
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 Just saying I recommend him to check out his diet, and try many kind of different diets, specially no gluten at all, an perphaps the amucose diet. Probably he´s been arount with it a lot, but I don´t trust doctors when they say there is no sollution... There is allways a cause and our bodies have an unlimited potential to heal if you are young.
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 Not sure why you're getting downvoted. Indeed, frequently in medical practice you will get a shrug and a "no treatment available" from many different practitioners and teams before finding a specialist or sub-specialist who, in fact, has a unique hypothesis and solution which works. Your recommendation of gluten restriction, for example, is actually a classical prescription for extreme intestinal permeability.

Sorry for the haters.
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 @KJP1230: Do you honestly think he hasn’t tried a gluten free diet already? Just completely changed his racing career without exploring the options?

Platitudes about the human body’s ‘unlimited potential to heal’ aren’t based in reality. Our bodies are capable of amazing things but sometimes, for some people, they let you down and there may not be anything you can do about it.

The fact that he is still competing at the highest level and making the best of things is great and I hope his body continues to allow him to do that.
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 @Tim2: I don't disagree with anything you're saying, nor was I personally advocating that anyone on a pinkbike forum is qualified to ascertain what's been tried thus far, nor prescribe possible solutions. My comment was merely to suggest that @paurexs shouldn't be downvoted, as the thrust of what he is saying is accurate and I took it as an attempt to help.

I agree - platitudes about some universal capacity for the body to heal are woo-woo and not rooted in any sense of reality. That said, very often diagnostic and treatment "standard of care" have not caught up with the bleeding edge of research. History is littered with cases whereby patients given a hopeless prognosis go on to find a specialists elsewhere who provide more efficacious practices.
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 @KJP1230: That’s fair. Based on my personal experiences being on various restricted diets (including gluten free) with little success, I tend to get a bit triggered by what I would describe as unhelpfully optimistic advice.

I probably should’ve just let it go.
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 He switched to enduro racing because it doesn't involve violent efforts, and suits him better with his health condition. I feel like I give everything each time I ride on week-ends with my friends, I really don't consider enduro as a non violent sport in terms of efforts, I guess week-end warriors and athletes aren't made from the same wood !
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 XC racing is more or less flat-out suffering for the entire even duration. I guess he's saying on the non-timed transitions he can relax a bit in enduro.
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 Hugo personifies the Warrior get knocked down..get back up..dust yourself off and carry on...Bravo
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 There's a pigeon amongst the cats
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 In my peripheral vision, it really DID look like "Huge Pigeon", or " Huge 'ol Pigeon". But that's all straightened out now. This young man is going to do really well in EWS.
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 Love these backstory-type videos.
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 Big Bird has a cooking show??
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 I'm also here for the second soufflet.
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 Great video. Wish he was in it but more
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 Such a nice vid and such a brilliant guy.

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