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Video: Innes Graham Gets Back on an MTB 3 Years After Giving Up World Cups in 'Racing Killed the Love'

Feb 12, 2020
by Max Rendall  

For some, racing is everything. For others, racing is only a part of the whole picture.

Innes was at the peak of his game when he decided to take a step back from World Cup racing. After a 3-4 year hiatus to BMX and Photography, it was time to reignite an old flame.

Presented by Radon Bikes
Filmed / Directed / Edited by Max Rendall
Additional footage from Tom Caldwell & Glen Thomson.
Featuring Phil Atwill
Photography by Innes Graham

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 I don't watch many videos in full, I did this one. It's not all about the riding, let's see the personality behind the rider. A great watch and yes everyone was rooting for Peaty, but we were all happy you won at Bala that weekend. National Champs is 11/12th July, same track, bring your semi-slicks!
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 Mad props for everything you have done for racing in the UK. I was actually racing myself at Bala in 2016, by far my favourite track I've ever raced. I made sleeper to shed light on "Slept on" stories, this was the top of the priority list but there are so many... im story chasing and you will have a tonne of them, I'd be interested in working together in the future. Big up!
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 It's all a double edged sword. If you get sponsored it's normal to be required to race or compete at pro or semni-pro level. If you change discipline it's normal to loose old followers and gain new ones. As long as you like riding bikes do it. But remember that any passion you take from hobby to job will eventually feel like like that 9 to 5 grind.
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 Couldn't agree more. 10 Years ago I started working in the the bike industry and the level of riding has plummeted year on year. I still love bikes but it's just not the same anymore....
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 People > products. Stories > Generic edits. If you want to see more from us then support us by subbing the YouTube / following on social platforms. That way we can keep working with brands to create content people actually want to watch. Thanks everyone!
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 Okay, so I’m older than the average pinkbiker, I remember a time when there was no internet and sports were seen in person or on the tele.

The idea that people have “followers” on social media is sad.

People, you all need to wise up and realize this is an illness.

Don’t spread the illness, don’t be one of the sheep.

Ride because riding makes you feel good.
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 You could catch up with Rat boy and 50/10 brigade. Its all about fun on two wheels!
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 I think this is only a matter of time my friend!
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 you forgot to reduce your fractions. that would be rat boy and the 5 brigade.
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 Really cool to see the riding style of someone who was a WC pro turned BMXer back on an MTB. Often times you will see someone with a street BMX background on an MTB, and they will have a huge amount of skill, but body position and certain DH-specific things will look a bit 'off'. With Innes it's a super unique combo of BMX influenced position with absolutely brilliant downhill riding technique that I've never seen before!
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 Best "bike" video I've seen in ages. So refreshing not to just see...well.... more bike vid stuff!
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 Facts! The scene needs freshening up.
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 The level of technicality he's reached on a Bmx in such a short period of time is insaaaane. Just goes to show what a natural talent on a bike he is.
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 Awesome video to watch. Mad props to Radon for hooking up Innes with a rig without any expectation of racing or results. I'd love to see Innes racing DH again, having him Reece and Greg all flying the saltire on the world circuit would be sick. However, I'd be even more stoked to know that Innes is having fun and feeling content within himself. Life sucks when pressured into doing shit you aren't loving or passionate about.
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 I can never go on a ride without someone offering to sponser me, but I just keep turning them down cause I don’t want it to turn into a job. I guess I could try to stop slaying trails on the daily, but what fun is that?
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 I always wondered were innes went.kudos for sticking to your guns.manon did the same.racing and pressure doesn't always suit everyone.
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 amazing video , real emotions , real life experiance and showing how injury or any other dificulty in life can change the way you see things..
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 This is awesome, great perspective on it all. Keep happy lad!
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 So so good. Such a good headspace to be in, more up and coming riders need to see this.
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 Success is subjective, people think results are the only path to 'success'. Placing too much value on external numbers doesn't lead to long term happiness, everyone should be looking harder for a process they love more than an outcome they want. Thanks for tuning in bro!
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 OMG with the Vans "Daammn Daniel"
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 Vans and Dickies getting it up in here haha, no sponsor.
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 WHAT a cool dude and WHAT a sick video
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 Great watch and great bike handler, if it ain’t fun it ain’t worth doing, so true!
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 So Radon sponsors to ex world cup racers now. I wonder if he will create more content than Manon
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 Wow I wish picking up bmx was that easy for me, been struggling the last few months. What a beast, quite an inspiration this video
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 Wow! Still fast and skillful on a MTB.
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 Gid Vid.
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 does the bikes ken
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 3 years without mountain bikes. Worse than 3 years of celibacy.
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 so good! thats just so good. good for you for choosing the right thing for you Smile
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 WOW... ride MTB like that after 3 year layoff...good luck in the EWS..oh yeah you kill it on the BMX Smile
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 Are we actually saying, “em tee bee” now? I see MTB and say “mountain bike.” Em tee bee is just as many syllables and sounds dorky, but they put “an” before it, implying that this is what we’d say.
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 Then how do say "bmx"? because saying 'bicycle motor cross' out loud is not something one should to in public.
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 @dirtyburger: bmx is half as many syllables as bicycle motocross, as skelldify said, mtb is the same number as mountain bike
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 Sory( i have girl friend Innes)
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 His name Innes, man????
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 in scotland it is a mans name aye ;-)
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 @pixord: innit
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 lovely job,enjoyed that.

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