Video: Inside Specialized Racing - Red Bull Joyride 2015

Aug 20, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  

In this episode of Inside Specialized Racing, we head to Whistler to follow freeride mountain bike wonderkid, Nicholi Rogatkin, as he takes on the biggest event of the year, the Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx. With his focus now shifted to the dirt, all eyes, including Martin Söderström's, were on Nicholi and his deep pool of tricks. And needless to say, with a comfortable second place in the overall, he didn't disappoint the massive audience. Watch out for some massive cash rolls, triple tailwhips, a foot-plant 360, and plenty more moves that'll blow your mind.


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 The careless attitude is the best thing about him. He doesn't give a shit about what people say and does what he wants/rides the way he wants. Boss
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 I am such a Nicholi Rogatkin fan now. He has it all, the talent, the attitude. He rocks!!!
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 Nicholi does tricks on features that others would never even consider!
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 Seriously! Whip to bar boner log, cash roll, triple whip, front flip no hander onto the cabin.. SO sick!
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 Because he crashed in his first run, his second run was still his safe run .. can't even imagine what he would have done in his second run if that first run would have worked out for him! :o
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 He would have won.
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 Hate not seeing Söderström riding the events the last year or so. Hoping he heals up 100% and is back out there next year. He was always the one giving Brandon a run for his money. Cool to see his teammate Rogatkin try to fill in that role for him.
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 To top it all off he fixed his own flat!
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 Rogatkin needs to learn oppo's then he'll be unstoppable as long he does clean runs! He's got age on his side to nail them.. (well if you think about it Semenuk won Rampage at 17 o_O)
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 Sure that would raise his scores, but I honestly think he doesn't care. Only thing on his mind is to do the gnarliest, hardest, most enjoyable to watch tricks possible, which makes him so unique on the scene.
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 I'm pretty sure he did opposite tailwhips in his run.
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 Haha you're right. Watched it again and it's an OPPO whip to bar on the boner log and also an oppo whip on the drop.
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 actually he is shit footed so those are his regular whips
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 I think he's goofy footed so everything seems opposite.
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 Yeah you're right guys.
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 I really like the way Nicholi pushes his riding. I'm really glad that he and Martin seem to get along and maybe ride together. What Nicholi said about him was so true and I really miss his riding. Martin throws down hard and is so smooth.
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 Looks like a session or two on step downs is all he needs to get the top of the podium.

I thought he was going to take first place until that final backflip. Banger banger banger banger banger... backflip? So close. So so close. Just a matter of time, I'm sure.
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 missing some paul genovese scenes here Frown but man nicholi is nuts !
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 Best cork 7s in the game! Beauties to watch!
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 I have to say, Rheeder has some damn nice cork sevs to. The way he turns the bars into his lap.
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 this kid is amazing i hate to see all the negativity towards him look how smooth he can land these huge tricks. not many people were hard on greg watts ever and rogatkin has more style and bigger tricks than greg watts. he is so young imagine when he is like 24 guys!
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 If you're not first……… you're last
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 Why didn't Andreau Lacondeguy compete this year? Was he hurt?
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 he didnt compete since 2012.
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 He has caught some sort of disease, think it's called Mad FEST disease.
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