Video: Into The Gnar is Back for Season 2 - Yoann Barelli Rides 'The 'Stache' Black Diamond Trail

May 15, 2020
by Yoann Barelli  

You've been waiting for a long time, Into the Gnar is back! Today I'm taking you down "The Stache" black diamond trail in between Pemberton and Whistler. This trail is pretty short, easy to access and will blow your mind with its movement of terrain and flow. So good! So pumped to be back on the bike and feeling great guys.

On another note, I'm finding more and more garbage on the trails and this really bugs me. Please don't litter, pack back your garbage with you and dispose of them how you should do. If you are out there riding and enjoying nature you should also try your best to preserve it.

Be ready for more episodes coming up soon and the full run of that trail with my buddy Audric (en Français) haha!!

See more of my YouTube videos here.


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 When I clicked on this I thought „hey cool maybe I can learn something“ and then the first f*cking thing he does is a high speed endo switchback.

Love the series, glad to see you back in action 3
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 Haha yeah that was f*cking fast!!! :O I just started the video but put it on pause to comment it! haha
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 LOL! It's Yoann. Wink
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 Just remember to dada dada peef-poof and you'll be fine!
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 lol - he said, start in a parking lot. You'll be surprised how natural they feel on some sections once you are comfortable doing them...YB definitely has it down to a science, love to see that, motivates me to try to be creative and attempt to incorporate more stuff like this in my riding. next level
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 We want Jaxson, the trail dog!
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 Hey Yoann

Mt Bikers dont drink Budweiser ;-)

Probably those dirty hikers hahahahaha
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 Prolly those damn deer poachers, would be my guess. Yoann, you look hale hearty , and well-met. Just don't jack that knee.
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 At 19:30 he said that he wanted to brake there to slow down.... It's funny because 20sec later he had already forgot and barely touch the brakes, only to not accelerate! Like wtf! looll
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 'that was fun-knee' = I "almost ate sh*t" or "ran into something"
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 Hey Yoann, how long did it take you to get your cardio back after the knee injury ??
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 Glad you're back!! I missed these.
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 "f*cking Budweiser"-love it
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 YES!!! We missed you!!!
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 Sausage Egg McMuffins.
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 Haaaa. Hâte de voir rouler audric également.
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