Video: Into the Gnar with Yoann Barelli on a Janky Old Hiking Trail in Mexico

Jan 15, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesGuys, I'm so pumped haha !!!

I've been riding here in Mexico for a bit more than 10 days now, doing my first real rides, and I'm unlocking my skills again. It's a long process but the joy I get when I get beyond my fears is unbelievable!!

I'm far from being back at 100% - I have a sharp pain inside my knee that makes taking too much risks and emergency moves very unpredictable so I'm still on the defense riding. You can totally see it in the video, but I'm pumped. That's where I'm at today and I'm ok with it. Just enough to give you a rad episode of Into The Gnar, just enough to share what I love with you and this brings a big smile on my face.

In this episode, I went off the beaten path and I found an old hiking trail that's not on Trailforks, but I'm going to fix it and make it rideable and put it on trail forks.

I really hope you will enjoy this episode as much as I did filming it and editing it.

Have a good one guys and I'll see you soon.

Yoann Barelli


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 If you guys ever wondered how does the letter Ñ sounds in spanish, Yoan is giving a prime example with Into the Ñar.
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 I think it's a reference to a previous video he made that he called "into the kneear" because of his knee injury
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he said it this way before his knee injury
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 @sean-rankin: French pronunciation of gn.
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 I wish my aggresive riding to be as good as his defense riding
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 Can Millennials watch a 30 minute edit? asking for a friend
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 I'll wait for someone to go a 5 min reaction video, then I'll also know how to feel about it.
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 ok boomer
  • 8 11
 @tempest3070: GenX but thanks for proving my point snowflake
  • 17 0
 @owlie: claiming generational superiority in a comment about the length of a YouTube clip.. power move
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 you're question was to long. didn't read.
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 @Dogl0rd: not superior, we just had books printed on paper.
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 @Dent: you’re to was too short
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 It feels like a birthday when a new episode of Into the Gnar drops. Happy to see Yoann recovering and stomping the janky stuff. Now, how to get down for his clinic????
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 @yoannbarelli Man, your reaction at 15:30 to "feeling" your knee gave me goosebumps. Been through that rehab and the mental/physical game of getting back on top of your bike and strength. The fear of a setback or re-injury can be pretty terrifying. Stoked to see you're getting back up to speed quick though!
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 Catci are the only way to prevent French lines.
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 Yoann is a vibe
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 Had the same surgery when Yoann did and none of the post op athletic braces have any impact protection over the knee cap so I took an old knee pad, cut the back and zip tied it to my brace. Just thought you might want to do the same since I saw your naked knee cap...
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 "I'm far from being back at 100%"
For what it is worth from an older weekend warrior who just simply really loves riding, injured or not, your videos are very entertaining and I really appreciate your dedication to continuing this project and sharing your adventures. Thank you.
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 This dude is 100% personality. I'm not sure how much I learn from his videos and SoMe, but he definitely leaves me in a good solid happy vibe afterwards!
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 Awesome and inspiring video for me. Broke my collarbone riding through a rock garden last weekend. I cannot wait to get back but I hear there will be a "spooky" feeling when I go back and try to ride the same area again. This video gave me an idea. Thanks!
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 Come on Yoann, you`re not reasonable with your shitty knee, Dr Wisdom doesn`t like it...

Thanks for that edit anyway. I love this kind of terrains. It reminds me so much the Zona Zero around Ainsa in Spain: dry, dusty, rocky, tricky, gnarly, physical, technical, risky, terribly addictive!
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 Yeah Yoann!!! So stoked to see you back on the trails and into the gnar! Your videos are by far my favorite content on PB, they are both entertaining and educational, I have been able to improve my technical riding by applying your insights. Thanks for the inspiration, all the best in 2020!
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 Watching someone ride in sunny and warm Mexico while I'm looking outside at -27*F. Not priceless (as I look into tickets and bike freight to Baja)..
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 Great to see you back on the bike @yoannbarelli Thanks for another episode of Into the Gnar. Your breakdown of a trail has helped me become a better rider and I love the honesty and stoke you bring to riding.
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 huge vert there, mountain tops to the beach in one shot. heli biking or some tough uphill trail building from the pass. So cool to see there are more trails here now
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 remember folks, get that balls cable up!
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 “Biking is RAD.”
Well said. Keep up the good work and thanks for the tips.
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 COOL Looking trail, how many punctures?
More fun in Mexico than DC at this time of year
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 Did you say Piss out ?cause if you did I agree with you ,and I like that kind of riding ,stressful but at the same time so peaceful cause almost nobody wants to ,good luck
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 unique soils brings unique vegetation for some unique riding xD beautiful shots of cacti and other plants not really seen in southern california
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 Joan please this is no time to F**up your knee again.
Wait until the season has begun. Smile
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 Stop trying to make "Janky" work. Wink .JK, love this video. Bucket list item to go riding with Yoann.
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 Yoann is truly one of a kind. Be good to your knee, Yoann!
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 Great to have Yoann back making videos, love them.
How many times did he say:

Those strava lines too.
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 Tac, Tac Meister. Welcome back to the Gnar Yoann,
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 Did you burp at 21;42??? Ahahahah french class right here ^^
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 Damn, is that even a bike trail? Props to Barelli's skills.
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 The image quality is amazing.
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 Way to GO Yohan...Biking is RAD...keep those videos coming!!!
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 Tack tack tack tack tack tack
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 So good to see him back! Into the JANK!!
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 did he say smooth line on this trail? Not for me, an XCer MTBer
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 FF helmet save lifes #ripjordie
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 Is it just me or did he twist his bars at around 1:27 into the video?
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 Into the kneeeear
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 Stop Jankin me
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 sounded like mooncake
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 I'll take it.
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 Smelly Barelli
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 Twist knee and Yelli

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