Video: Introducing BBT Technology - Upgrade Your Bluetooth Drivetrain Technology

Apr 1, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

Tom is back, and this time with arguably the most significant technological advancement of the modern era. Sit back and watch for a glimpse at the life you could be living. Do it for a better you. Move over Alexa and Siri.

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 I was going to have Tom do a 'We're removing the paywall bit' but figure it was too soon... Be safe be well, Incognito Robin
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 H H H H tht wld b grt, tsd scks ss
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 Pinkbike’s commitment to this day every year is unmatched.
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 If you remember the actual "pink" year or upside down year those were commitments!
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 hopefully something special for Friday Fails...
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 @SATN-XC: check
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 @initforthedonuts: that’s my new dating app for all the Tinder dropouts
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 @samnation: The year they turned it into a My Little Pony website.
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 Two things I trust: 1) LimeWire 2) BBT technology
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 My local bikeshop did a very similar April's fools on me today: my e-bike motor failed because a sensor is dead, so they charged me $30 to update the firmware of the motor to see if it fixes things (spoiler: it won't). Ah what a time to be alive...
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 I lost it at the Toaster hahaha
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 “Huh, Arkansas” gold from the start
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 Why is it that Arkansas isn't like Kansas and why isn't Kansas City in Kansas?
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 @handynzl: and why do you guys have no sand on your sandwiches?
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 @Mac1987: the same reason why there’s no C in Sea
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 @Mac1987: oh there was plenty of sand in my sandwiches at the beach....
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 @handynzl: Aussies always make more sense (until they don't, but love you guys for both)
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 @Mac1987: Was it the flag or the nz in his username that didn't give you a clue?
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 @commental: it was the booze
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 @commental: I like Kiwi's just as well though Smile
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 @Mac1987: Haha, fair enough, I've also been guilty of commenting whilst intoxicated on occasion. I'm also a big fan of Kiwis. I like them even more now they're letting me visit their great country again.
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 LimeWire and frustrations over expensive kitchen appliances that still require some sort of manual labor... I love how this sketch doesn't give a fuck about anyone born after 1990.
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 AXS, solving problems you didn't know you had!
  • 5 0 had me at the smooth jazz and "haberdashery" integration... lol
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 “Alexa, change up 2 gears”
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 Has Tom learned nothing, subscription models are the future. Plus head over to pornhub for more creative uses of electronic shifting.
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 I thought that they where getting rid of vowels.
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 Jason Hoyte would be very proud of this rendition
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 Is this compatible with the Banex Faecal Shield?
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 an actually good use for AXIS
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 OK, and?

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