Video: Introducing the Pole Enduro Race Team

May 3, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

The Pole Enduro Race Team burst onto the 2019 EWS season with their daringly different bike design. The EWS caught up with team riders Leigh Johnson and Joe Nation to discover what it's like to race a bike with such long and slack geometry - and have a legend of the sport Matti Lehikoinen as Team Manager.

Video: Enduro World Series

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 When you're on the pole has anyone ever tried to shove dollars down your pants?
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 On a Pole, yes. But we usually get €
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 Top ten Finnish in Madeira without a doubt
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 Probably top five Finnish in Madeira
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 Sorry, but Joe is injured and will not race Madeira, so, on the contrary, no top ten for sure ...
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flag WAKIdesigns (May 5, 2019 at 4:57) (Below Threshold)
 With that amount of hype it should be 1st by 10 minutes for a parapelgic
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 @WAKIdesigns: that's the amount of time my wife beats all the other lady Racers by except she rides a Kona and I forbid her to get on the pole.
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 @oldtech: ......I’m always begging mine to get on the pole.....
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 Good luck Pole Racing! Stoked to see another high calibre team in the mix.
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 “We’ll get there faster if we take it slow”
-Pole Race Team
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 Sorry but an average rider here did destroy two frames in one year. OK they replace it but that's not an option if a company is talking so much about their manufacturing process, blames carbon as a shit material and can't even make alloy frames that Las a season.
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 "Lasts a season" sorry my German phone sell check is not daccord with writing English comments.
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 @Chridel: give us proof mate or shut up.
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 @Chridel: for example, I could quite happily go on a forum and complain that Evil bikes supplied a bike they claim you can strap a downhill fork to. And yet, after a mere 290km of riding average trails with no big jumps, the seat stay developed a crack. I can show you photos. Don't get on a forum just to damage the image of a bike brand. There are people who work for these companies that have mortgages and families.

It's like me saying that because you're clearly a defective human being your mum must have beaten you with a Kermit the frog toy. And there's actually more evidence to support that claim than the evidence you supplied claiming that two of Pole's bikes have failed. So please, shut your clacker or pony up some evidence.
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 @danlovesbikes: Well, it kind of says something that I peraonally know this case he is talking about. I don't know his agenda, but he or hia mate has been served with newer versions of the product as for warranty as fast as possible. By saying "an average guy," it does not mean anything how soon or slow you can break something. It is matter how you handle the product. Often beginners are breaking stuff even faster. On this case, the fault was us, and we offer a replacement frame. From the beginning, we have stated that the process is new and our warranty will be most generous with the frames. We are confident in our system, and we have changed the structure probably five times after the first model, and now we have a boltless frame design that is even more reliable.

Please watch the video and see what our boys have to say about the reliability.
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 @danlovesbikes: I do not like your tone.

@polebicycles: it's cool that you are not hiding that case, hopefully the never versions will last.
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 @Chridel: Well, we don't have any reason to hide our mistakes but raging about a failed frame online is not very cool. Also, we have started to replace the frames that are from the first batch. We handle our warranty cases and that should be it. The Machine has gone through several new revisions after the first models and we have improved our production a lot since the start. Now we produce our frames without the bolts and only bonding which is even stronger than with the bolts. Everyone should know that it's nobody's interest to have a product that fails. It is not a good business and it's in our interest to replace the failed product.
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 What helmets are those? It looks like a new full face from Sweet Protection.
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 sweet protection arbitrator
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 "measure the performance by timing" aka bikes equivilent of "tuned on the nurburging"
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 Leigh Johnson flying the flag for Wales...go on son!
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 they will for sure be in Pole-position in Madeira
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 Heal up soon Joe!
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 Sooo what do you ride?

I ride a pole...

How it it?

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