Video: Ion Introduces New Scrub Flat Pedal Shoes

Mar 16, 2020
by ION Surfing Trails  
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Press Release: Ion

Developing new shoes is like ever improving your favorite recipe – the base stays the same but you keep fine-tuning the ratio.

True to Ion's perfect mixture of grip, durability, usability and style the flat pedal shoes keep evolving. The main ingredient called Pin Tonic 2.0 comes now in a more delicious version to satisfy all those riders hungry for endless runs all day long.

The new outsole profile features positive threads in the forefoot and heel area for perfect traction while pushing or carrying your bike.

The negative profile, on the other hand, offers the perfect grip and space for the pins while riding. On top, the Suptraction rubber sole got a stickier rubber compound. As grip is just a part of power transmission the very front toe area features a lower shape to get maximum contact on the pedal.

These flat pedal kicks feature protection against rocks and roots in the toe area and protect your ankles on the crank side.

We stay true to our defining values of shoe design – it's the shoe's DNA.

Discover the full story and collection here:


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 I'm looking forwards to the positive review
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 ugly shoe trend has invaded MTB. or has been.
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 @chyu: it never left
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 hopefully it gains a few electrons then
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Mountainbiking IS the ugly shoe trend.-
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 @chyu: Woooooooosh
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 @chyu: Okay, my first reaction was the same. Then I thought about what they would like wearing them for riding, and they actually work. The colours are muted and they would look totally fine in whatever dirt environment we ride in. They actually work for me. Would love to see the review on the fit and soles.
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 @chyu: Gramps old kicks, must wear with plaid kit and Fedora.
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 I reckon that was a better video for promoting Norco than it was for shoes.
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 Most of us flats users want to know how sticky the soles are. This can be shown by having a rider blast through rock gardens and repeated smaller jumps and transitions.
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 @rrolly: they should’ve done the jog onto a wooden decking and if you go flying whilst your feet don’t, they’re sticky enough ! It wasn’t funny for me !
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 There's a lot of space on the soles for pins to not find rubber, unless you're running mega long pins. FiveTen don't look like Vans underneath and for very good reason.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Mar 16, 2020 at 2:53) (Below Threshold)
 Fivetens have very soft, rather unique rubber. I tried a few other shoes and if you don’t have 5.10 rubber you have to solve it with pockets. There is a reason why so many BMXers, dirt jumpers and street riders use Vans and it’s not just the cool factor. They want a bit less grip. But just making flat sole without adequate rubber is a miss. You may as well use cheap noname skate shoes from Wallmart. 5.10 quality has gone down, the undersole is thin, they go apart quickly and for some dumb reason refuse to make inside ankle cuff. Perhaps the only choice for riding fast in the woods but they kind of lost me for skatepark/DJ
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 @WAKIdesigns: +1, Also for riding hard surfaces less grip great as i found out that jumping of the bike when not landing something is scary with five-tens. The foot sticks to the surface and knees dont like and stuff..

It´s not like vans are slippy or anything but that initial "bounce-slip" that happens with harder sole rubber is really noticable when it´s missing and I need that to not kill my joints in "almost crash" scenarios.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Mar 16, 2020 at 4:59) (Below Threshold)
 @feeblesmith: are there any Vans with a rather stiff undersole? My feet don’t appreciate too soft shoes
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Vans pro skate shoes are stiffer than regular ones,they use a proper shock absorbing sole and they also made a line of bmx specific shoes that are stiffer than the pro skates - ty morrow and dandois signatures i think

Newer Model year Five ten regular freerider is a bit better made than before but they're not as wide and way too stiff for anything but DH, f*ck all pedal feel
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 @WAKIdesigns: I think stiffer insoles could be the ticket, orthotics are easy to get.
From last year and many to come I ride the cheapest vans hi-tops I can get on clearance (current ones were £20) and one up composites. Unbeatable combo to me.
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 @dovbvsh66: unfortunately I need lots of stiffness, My feet get fkd rather quickly, especially in the skatepark with landings to flat.
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 @ismasan: thanks, i’ll see those BMX shoes.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I have a pair of Vans SK8 Hi Pros which I use casually. Whenever I try them on the bike I'm amazed by how grippy they are with the hard-ish rubber negative waffle sole. Way grippier that my old GR7s and almost as much as my Impacts. If the sole wasn't as flexible and if the uppers had more toe protection I'd use them for trail riding
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Vans Warner mtb shoes.

Discontinued unfortunately.-
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 @DutchmanPhotos: I'm surprised Adidas doesnt just slap a set of S1 soles on a set of Gazelles and sell millions. Felt blue or black with tan 3 stripes and I'd buy em.

Would care less if the sole were out in 3 weeks. I'd be the coolest sneaker whore on the planet.
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Not in love with the color but for $55 I'll give them a try.
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 @WAKIdesigns: check out etnies jameson mid crank. Mine are holding up well. Stiffer than vans, but not super stiff or anything. They also have the marana mid crank which is stiffer again
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 @Civicowner: this looks really good. Toebox of Vans is not that friendly my big toes, but Etnies have always fitted me perfectly.

Huge thanks guys!
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 @WAKIdesigns: Love em. Wear my non crank maranas daily and my jameson cranks for mtb
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 @Civicowner: which ones are stiffer then damn it? Big Grin
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 @WAKIdesigns: Havent ridden the crank maranas, apparently they are stiffer than the regular ones. Regular ones are stiffer than jameson crank
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 The sole looks more promising than the last iteration. I think the negative spacing is the key if you can’t have the sticky 5.10 rubber
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 Which brand is next in terms of grip if 5.10 is best? How do the Shimano's Michelin rubber hold up?
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 Like my raid amps, the rubber isn't as good as 5-10. I'd say adequate rather than amazing. The fit (for my rather narrow feet) is so much better that it more than makes up for it though. These look like a good iteration on the raid so as long as fit is similar I'll fork out for them when the time comes.
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 The overall feeling of them is just so comfortable & nice. Already made use of the protection features plenty of times haha (I used the previous model Raid Amp II). Also I never slipped of the pedal and they still look quite good even after a season of riding.
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 Last ion shoes that my mate bought were son shitty designed that they ripped through they vent holes forming ion logo on the first rides. Ion no thanks. I’ll rather cover my 5-10 sole holes with 50€ bill notes and waste less money
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 Interesting that have new shoe, but video could have more to do with the product!
Dumb marketing?
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 What an edit for a new shoe....really enjoyed it, thanks.. Love the colourway...will try some out when my FiveTen's die a 6 month death which they're about to
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 Perfect name for a flat pedal shoe
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 MADEIRA!! \m/
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 To me, this whole "still nothing better than 5.10's" issue is moot.. when Unparallel debuted their 'Dust Up' and 'Westridge' shoes we finally got what we were waiting for; stickier soles than even 5.10's Mi6 compound and better durability. Also have a lace cover which really helps snug things down. I am in no way affiliated with the company, I was just one of the guys who blew out his 5.10's in 6 months of riding and wanted something better... and found it!
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 These look great for hiking and pin grip. I'd be curious on pricing though, can't find anything, even on the website.
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 They’re selling for €150 in Europe.
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 These look good! Learning from Vans on how to form undersole.
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 looks like the old sombrio profile which was prety good, just the rubber was not there (as usual)
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 I want my Bata Bikers back!
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 Ion just joined the ranks of Northwave...
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 Best F@%$ing shoes eveeer!!!
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 Sick SOMBRIO logos embedded into sole bottoms.
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 Grip compared to 510?
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 again no lace cover...
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