Video: Isak Leivsson's Attempted Backflip on the Final Jump of the World Cup DH Track (Updated)

Sep 15, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
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Isak Leivsson attempted a backflip on the final jump of the Snowshoe World Cup track and didn't pull it all the way around, but is an absolute legend for trying anyway. Isak, we're glad you're all right.


Here’s what Isak had to say after the race.

bigquotesPretty much I decided yesterday I was going to go back after this race and probably not really race anymore, so I figured I’d try to get a race run flip before I lost my chance. Kinda called it out before going back to look at the jump, so by the time I scoped it out and saw how flat it actually was, I’d already kindof commited. Convinced myself it was possible by the time practice was over so I just went for it in my race run haha. Obviously didnt work out amazingly, but I'm stoked I tried.

Filmed by @kasen_schamaun on Instagram.


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 Absolute legend alpha Chad sigma. Build your own bike, go to wc on flat pedals, qualify, flip a wooden long jump with no kick, crash like a boss get up after said huge crash and just walk it off. Grindset
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 I'd be happy with just doing one off that list!
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flag likeittacky (Sep 15, 2021 at 15:43) (Below Threshold)
 Meanwhile other WC racers on the injured list sitting and watching this in disgust.
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flag eric-knowles (Sep 15, 2021 at 16:47) (Below Threshold)
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 Maybe not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.
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 was this on his race run?
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 100% boss not another rider like him
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 That Kade double sui could also get a post dedication
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 What a legend. Isak seems like one of those riders in the Brendan Fairclough category; someone that is super fast, but has all sorts of skills and style which don't necessarily translate directly to speed, but are incredible to watch nonetheless.
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 John Legend just changed his name to John Leivsson.
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 Would've made it on the whale tail ; )

All jokes aside, fair f-ing play.
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 Todd Lyons would have pulled it!!!
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 Let’s all remember for next time that all the whining about the whale tail thing resulted in the creation of this “jump” which is/was, undoubtedly, the worst feature of a World Cup downhill in 2021.
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 But would the whale tail thing have been better? I think they just need to tape the table differently so more speed can be carried into it.
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flag curendero (Sep 15, 2021 at 20:35) (Below Threshold)
 Your Mum would be the best feature...
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 @nickgarrison: Even if they had the speed it was an ugly, il-proportioned jump. I can't say that the whale tail would have been better but it probably couldn't have been worse.
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 @nickgarrison: ya the taping made for a hard flat right that forced you to brake not far up from the feature. If the feature was down course a bit all the riders would've been able to easily carry more speed into it.
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 On Vital interview says this was his last world cup, isnt riding the next one, so thought to have some fun. Strong reminder that not everyone there races just for results and sponsorship deals. Keep it real.....
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 I don't think anybody does that. For most riders there's more money to be made outside of racing.
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 Pinkbike presenters getting in the top 40, people doing backflips on homemade bikes, Mick Hannah retiring.... the overall seems kind of boring
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 Great stuff! More racing shenanigans please!
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 510mm chainstays didnt help him here
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 100mm longer than the chainstays on my 190mm travel DH bike.
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 just wait until the UCI bans tricks(in races) under the "safety" excuse.....
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 Speed and style will get weird at that point
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 WHAT A LEGEND Lets get a peoples choice award.
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flag Matt115lamb (Sep 16, 2021 at 0:42) (Below Threshold)
 and the award for ‘The rider that’s never gunna get a factory ride if he keeps doing stupid things like this at the races ‘ goes to …….wots’s name !
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 @Matt115lamb: Nah. He's had rides, for years, Kona and Norco at least. He's DGAF on sponsorship and possibly the industry in general.
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 @Matt115lamb: he's hade 5 real bike sponsors and know has his own bike company he builds steel high pivot bikes that people seem to love
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flag Matt115lamb (Sep 16, 2021 at 16:14) (Below Threshold)
 @Timmybike: that’s good just seemed odd to do it on his race run rather than practice ! Is it just me that thinks racing is dangerous enough without someone trying to pull backflips ? Bet the track stewards weren’t too pleased !
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 Travis Pastrana pulled the same attempt with almost identical results at the Daytona supercross AMA officials were NOT impressed haha Good stuff Isak
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 Regardless this Is awesome , could have gone either way...being the way it went he handled it like a boss . Total stud... Has a multitude of talent and game for trying
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 not best feature to pull flip off IMHO, but so glad there not everyone expect to win podiums, but just have fun on WC circuit as Cedric used to do Big Grin
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 Awesome. More of this please
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 \m/ \m/
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 That one spectator who just had to stand in front of the camera during the 'money shot'.
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 There was a guy who did a backflip on WC in Lenzerhaide, yet noone talked about
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 Well, that explains his race result. I was wondering about that Big Grin |m|,
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 High pivot soaked up all of his pop… Wink
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 Well now we all know who he is, which is probably what he wanted anyway. Still insane
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 in spite of this, I don't think he's a guy seeking a lot of attention. he's off quietly doing his personal bike builds, building trail and shredding. he's a badass.
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 I think his intent was to have fun the whole way down
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 @shredddr: also winning some regional races around US
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 Big F****G Balls
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 86ed that flip
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 bad ass
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