Video: Jack Moir Hits Warp Speed on Wild Enduro Tracks

Apr 12, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesStaggsy with another sick edit! This time swinging off the back of the trail rig on the fastest tracks that we have. The Spectral held up to the abuse just fine.Jack Moir

Video: Matt Staggs


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 We could use much Moir video's of Jack - he's flyin'!
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 Jack could use some acetone to remove that punter as KINGS logo from his awning.
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 Absolute FILTH. There is my speed, then a local legend speed, then the speed of Moir. I imagine trying to keep up with this would result in almost certain death
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 ZEB Sales were on the up til Jack shows the world what a PIKE can handle
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 In one of his youtube comments he says that he wants the ZEB, just can't get one from RockShox right now. The bike industry is nuts at the moment
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 Dude makes this look so easy. I imagine shredding this hard has to feel amazing!
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 DAmn. Can't wait to see how Jack does this year.
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 There is only two kinds of riders in this world:

Crazy fast, brilliantly smooth, completely down-to-earth Aussie guys

Everybody else.

Well played, Canyon!
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 Need a video check of that camper
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 Me: sees a random mess of rocks and ruts, no possible line.
Moir: jumps over the whole thing at Mach 6.
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 It’s pretty awesome to see Moir shred these trails that many people would hate on.
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 Wow this insane
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 Well. That was pretty spectacular.
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 I'm starting to feel like I am the only one if the world who is bothered when people put their solo bike on the outer of the two racks.
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 Is he on a Pike?!
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 PinkBike commenters - "but my Pike isnt blurry enough, I need to upgrade to 38s!"
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 Precision on line-choice rarely comes out in video, but that line transfer at race speed from 1:47-1:50 was sick.
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 This is what I think I look like jibbing around diff lines on my locals....
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 I don't think abuse is the word for it, that bike was being punished! But it ate it up. Crazy riding!
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 The ending was sooooo DITRY. The rut hops had me going
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 came here to say the same thing.
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 Is a new strive coming or are they going to race this bike I wonder? Pike up front and all, like back in the day!?!?
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 Clearly it doesn't look very fast at all, we need a new version that's 0.4° slacker
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 No stevoo? Jokes aside, great riding Moi!
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 another Steveooo super fan Big Grin
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 What a sick enviable speed. What a perfect control at 3:05!
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 hope he gets a win this year! top bloke
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 I have ridden these trails many times. I think I am fast. But I am not.
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 Jack can make a landing out of pretty much anything
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 Brixton!! And guitars!! \m/
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 Nice vid, make me want to ride some rutted out fire trails and try my luck, at much less speed.
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 He has such a beautiful style. So graceful and so pinned
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 Brixton in the MTB game? I hope so...they would put out the best looking gear for sure.
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 Put Jack on fantasy team... check! Shredding!!
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 2:02 ftw
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