Video: Jack Moir Rips his Trail Bike on his World Cup Training Tracks

Feb 8, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesTook My new Canyon Spectral out to one of my favourite downhill tracks that I use to train for the World Cups, to see how it would handle. Think it passed the test, although a bigger fork would've been even better!Jack Moir

Video: Matt Staggs


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 This man could ride a huffy down the Matterhorn and make it look sick.
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 Aussies for ya mate????
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 a very healthy ratio of slo-mo to regular mo in this edit.
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 wonder what it's like to be like "yeah my bike is slowing me down, not my ability"
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 Lots of people say it but for very few is it actually the case
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 The closest most of us get, is ridding to the bottom and realising your shock was locked out!!
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 I think that can happen even on an average level. Sure JM is going to be faster than you no matter what bike, but just try riding the DH racetrack in your local park with your trailbike and with a DH bike. The trailbike will clearly slow you down ( except if the trail is extremely easy).

One could even argue the lesser the skill the more the bike makes a difference.
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 When you ride a huffy
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 @optimumnotmaximum: Stop making so much sense!
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 Ask 99% of the internet.
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 Awesome to have a video with some punk rock finally, too many with wishy washy motivational music. This reminded me of 90's MBUK VHS tapes, love it
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 No stupid bullshit clickbait title or thumbnail, no long monologues to camera about how awesome he thinks he is; just some sweet riding and a nice soundtrack. 10/10 from me.
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 Tremendous! He's such a good rider to watch.
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 Whoever signed Jack to Canyon needs a raise!
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 This. He pumps out rad video content and is a top-5 level guy in both DH and Enduro, huge sponsorship value.
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 Geez, if this guy is not helping to sell more Canyon bikes, I don’t who or what will. I hope they’re treating him well because he’s definitely the business.
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 motors and batteries help sell bikes nowadays :/

I remembed back in 2019 when GT team shined in the EWS on both men and women, and they wouldn't even import these models here (there's a pretty thriving scene here). I was told in person "we can either bring a batch of Sensors and take months to sell them, or bring a container of eBikes and they're sold before they hit the ground".
Sad but true...
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 These slow mo show how precise is this guy, Moir is definitely killing it on Enduro bikes
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 1:20 was superb.
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 Me who was thinking that my wheels were already battered...feeling much better now!
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 You see, you dont need Zeb Smile
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 Ok, and now on a hardtail, would pay to see that .
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 Oi pinkbikers!!! Subscribe to his channel! Putting out free (and rad) content to shove in your face windows
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 I absolutely love the color of that bike! I personally love the bold and brash colorways... black is timeless, but other options are great!
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 Best video I've seen in a while! Great tunes, awesome riding and super well shot, can actually appreciate how fast he's going which is hard to capture
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 Damn that was so sick. What sort of camera you shooting with James?
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 Well that was fast! Maaan and look at the dust! Haven’t seen dry trails since 6 months - and not living in the uk
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 So, can someone please explain why everyone needs a fork with 38mm stanchions? Looks like a small 35mm Pike trailfork holds up rather well!
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 cept his big ol quote beneath the video where he says it would have been better with a bigger fork...
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 You buy the bike for how you wish you could ride
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 You don't NEED it, but it's nice. I just moved from the 35mm MRP Ribbon to the 37mm Manitou Mezzer, and the difference i noticeable. Maybe it is because the MRP had some issues, but there is a clear difference in feel when cornering and riding tech.
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 @stiingya: And a reply to a similar comment that he thought it would be safer too!
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 Dude is built like an Ent! Definitely one of my favorites to watch
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 His last two edits have gotten me so pumped, like old skate videos.
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 raddest style
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 Jack can you please do a POV of Pegasus, Burnt Symbol & Wild Turkey. Grazzi Hafna.
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 And Passenger!
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 Frigin momo, every single video is bangers... now i wanna spend my life drinkin beer..
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 I LOVE watching guys MY HEIGHT slay. Greg Minaar and now Jack! new hero! Makes that 29er look RIGHT!!!
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 Parts of that look a bit like awaba, but i haven't ridden there for at least 6 years
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 Wow that´s warp speed!
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 Strong and composed
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 Anyone got a wrench for Moi Moi? He's officially too loose...
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